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CBD Cigarettes in Germany

23/08/2022 3 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
23/08/2022 3 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

CBD-Oil, CBD capsules, CBD Fruit gums, CBD Gel … The CBD portfolio grows and thrives and für every taste there is something. When one thinks of cannabis, the plant from which CBD is extracted, the association with a joint inevitably arises for many – and yes, you can also buy CBD to smoke in the form of CBD cigarettes.

Maybe überkommen you now the following questions: What are CBD cigarettes? What is their effect and how is inhaling CBD different from other forms of ingestion? What is the difference to hemp cigarettes or cannabis cigarettes? And are CBD cigarettes legal in Germany? We guide you through the CBD cigarette 101.

What is CBD and what happens when you inhale it?

First things first: Why should you be able to übuy CBD to smoke at all? What are these three letters all about? CBD stands for cannabidiol and describes one of the 100 different cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Although it sounds like a chemical substance, CBD is a completely natural active ingredient


And what für one! &Uml;via the so-called endocannabioid system, CBD can positively affect our health and, among other things, inhibit inflammation, pain and calming effects. At the same time, it – does not have an intoxicating effect, unlike THC and the cannabis joint – mentioned above.

CBD can be swallowed (for example, in the form of capsules), üabsorbed through the oral mucosa (for example, as CBD-Öl), üabsorbed through the skin (as part of cosmetics) or just inhaled. With inhalation, you benefit from a particularly good bioavailability, which means that the active ingredient quickly reaches where it releases an effect.

CBD tobacco versus hemp tobacco – what is the difference?

What are CBD cigarettes – anyway? With the terms hemp cigarettes and cannabis cigarettes also buzzing around the web, this can cause confusion. What is the difference?

With Öl, things are crystal clear


CBD-Öl and hempöl can be clearly separated: Hempöl refers to öl that is pressed from hemp seeds. This usually contains no CBD and also no THC. CBD oil is any oil that contains CBD, i.e. that is extracted from the leaves and petals of the cannabis plant. Cannabis oil, on the other hand, is not so clearly defined. Here you should always look at the ingredients, whether and how much CBD and THC are included.


… but what about tobacco?

Now, however, we do not want to smoke Öl. Tatsächlich we should do that also in no case, because thereby können combustion substances can develop, which are carcinogenic. Instead, the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant are used directly to produce CBD tobacco. So hemp seeds are out of the running.

A clear distinction between CBD tobacco, hemp tobacco and cannabis tobacco actually does not exist. Therefore, if you want to buy CBD for smoking: Always pay attention to the ingredients and especially to the THC content, because that can put a spoke in your wheel according to the law.


Are CBD cigarettes legal in Germany?

The CBD legal situation in Germany is still somewhat chaotic. Cannabis and the majority of its products fall under the Betäubungsmittelgesetz, which means they are illegal. The exception is products from European commercial cannabis cultivation, which are guaranteed to contain less than 0.2 percent THC. Most CBD products are thus 100 percent safe.

However, here comes the dämpfer für all who have already looked forward to their first CBD cigarette: Since CBD cigarettes have a THC content of about 1 percent, they are illegal – at least in Germany.


CBD cigarettes simply roll yourself?

Whoever thinks he or she can circumvent the ban and simply roll CBD cigarettes themselves, must now be very strong. Here, too, the law throws a spanner in the works: to make CBD cigarettes, you need CBD blisters, but only products that can be ruled out for abuse for intoxicating purposes are allowed. Unfortunately, according to the legislator, this abuse cannot be ruled out in the case of dried blüten. While smoking itself is permitted, possession of the flowers is not.

Buy CBD for smoking – the safe alternative


The safe way you take by giving a wide berth to CBD cigarettes in Germany, whether purchased, imported or home-rolled. If you don't need to travel to Switzerland to enjoy CBD tobacco – because it's legal to buy there – we still have an alternative for you: With our CBD Vapers you can inhale CBD and do so 100 percent legally. Time to take a breath!

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