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CBD Diffuser Pens

VAAY CBD Diffuser Pens

The CBD diffuser pens for inhalation are using elements of aromatherapy as well. The CBD pens only contain CBD, terpenes and coconut-based MCT oil for gentle and intensive absorption.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Diffuser Pen

CBD products are now available in abundance. CBD oil and CBD diffuser pens are among the most popular products. We have compared the two:

When it comes to the speed of the effect, the diffuser pen is clearly ahead. Through inhalation, you feel something of the potential effect practically immediately. Not even CBD oil can keep up. It is a bit slower on the way and can unfold its effect after about 15 to 60 minutes.

On the other hand, the effect of the CBD diffuser wears off after about 2 to 4 hours, while you can benefit from CBD oil for up to 6 hours. You can find out more about the effects of CBD in our overview.

To steam or not to steam?

That is the question here ... because the diffuser pen is the undisputed leader in feeling, of course. While the CBD oil can be dosed exactly to the spray puff and can score with its longer effect, we love it just as much to celebrate now and then so really nice vaporizing. This is possible both alone and in a group and is wonderfully suitable as a ritual for the end of the day. Or at the weekend. Oh, what are we saying, actually always.

Vaporizing is not your thing? Then you can of course still fall back on the classic and buy CBD oil or order CBD oil. Perfect for trying out is the CBD oil 5 percent, while the CBD oil 10 percent is ideal for all those who already know their perfect dosage. The 10 percent CBD oil has the advantage that you have something from the bottle longer.

Fortunately, in case of doubt, you don't have to choose between CBD oil and CBD diffuser: Depending on the situation, both can have their great appearance.

What other alternatives are there to the CBD Vaper?

While some like the mild, slightly earthy taste of CBD, it's not for everyone. So, if you want to benefit from the potential effects of CBD anytime, or don't like the typical taste of CBD, you could buy CBD capsules instead.

Got a thing for the sweeter side of life? Then you could combine the pleasant with the useful by checking out our CBD Gummies with real licorice - they can not only soothe your stomach, but also taste delicious on top.

But of course, we don't just want to grate licorice here: The gummies also contain high-quality hemp extract and can therefore also accompany you in just about any situation in life.

A pampering program for your body

Sometimes you just want to let things go and treat your body to an all-round relaxation program? We feel you - and that's why we have developed our CBD bath bomb. All you have to do is slip into the pleasantly warm bath water and indulge your senses.  The bath bomb not only contains real lavender flowers, but as a further highlight unfolds its nourishing shea cocoa butter core, which contains 100 milligrams of purest CBD. Once it emerges, you can gently spread this wonderfully nourishing mixture on your skin for a perfect bathing experience.  Can you feel the velvety texture melting onto your skin, leaving your skin completely soft and virtually transporting you straight to the ultimate state of relaxation? If, like us, you're already in a warm bathtub, our CBD cosmetics page is definitely worth a visit.