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    Our best selling CBD products are perfect for your everyday life, whether you want to RELAX, RECOVER, or get some hard-earned SLEEP.


    All of our CBD oils and hemp- and CBD products contain the unique VAAY product formula with the best parts of the cannabis plant. Ideal for any time of the day.

    • All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories. This enables us to guarantee a high quality, which can also be recognized by the certifications.
    • Our products are manufactured in the EU.
    • All VAAY products meet the legal requirements and are below a THC content of 0.2%.
    • We at VAAY attach great importance to sustainability. Therefore, our products also contain natural ingredients.
    • All our products contain full spectrum hemp extract.
    • Behind every outstanding product is an extraordinary team. We at VAAY are believers. In the middle of Berlin, we have assembled a team of extraordinary researchers, developers, physicians, entrepreneurs and other employees who work together on new formulations and products.

    • We at VAAY take product safety very seriously. Therefore, we have our products regularly checked by certified laboratories and also publish the results of these analyses in our quality promise and laboratory results.

    • At VAAY we try to be different. We pay a lot of attention to the needs of our customers and try to develop the right products for them. At the same time, many people work completely transparent and are in constant communication with the authorities to further improve the access to CBD and hemp products.

    • We at VAAY asked ourselves exactly the same question and therefore commissioned a survey. The result was that the majority of German CBD consumers use CBD for the following purposes: Pain relief (47,6%), relaxation (42,1%), general well-being (39,7%), sleep aid (31,1%), against inflammation (22,6%), muscle relaxation after sports (8,5%), promotion of concentration (6,1%) and 14,5% use CBD for other purposes.

    • Like other cannabinoids, CBD acts upon the body's own systems to effect change in the brain and body. Roughly speaking, CBD seems to be responsible for fine-tuning major bodily systems and processes by dampening or inhibiting extreme chemical fluctuations. Scientific research thus far has shown that CBD can be used to treat rare forms of childhood epilepsy such as Dravets or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. There is moderate evidence that CBD can also be used for pain relief and some evidence that it can be used to promote sleep and relaxation, as well as reduce stress, anxiety and skin irritation. However, more clinical studies on humans are required in order to draw any further conclusions about the use of CBD in these exciting areas of potential.

    • CBD is often taken in the form of CBD oil. At VAAY, we package our oil in convenient and discreet spray bottles. The CBD oil is sprayed under the tongue and is left there until it’s completely absorbed by your mouth. As your body digests the oil, you’ll likely start to feel its effects in 15-30 minutes. Most CBD oils tend to taste grassy and hemp-like. However, if that’s not your style, you can try our different flavoured CBD sprays or have a go at our popular oil-filled hemp capsules with extra high bioavailability, or experience a healthy taste explosion with our hemp vitamin gummies. For those who are particularly keen on remedies to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, our hemp sleep spray with melatonin might be right up your alley. Our CBD pens are a reliable option for those periodic pick-me-ups throughout the day. They come in four flavours and release a delicious vapour that lets you inhale CBD safely and effectively through your lungs in a matter of seconds. CBD can also be used topically. This is where we really spoil you with options, like our CBD sports gel (with cayenne, eucalyptus and menthol), CBD massage oil (with ginger and jojoba) and our CBD Lavender Bath Bomb (with real lavender flowers).

    • It depends... There is no general dosage recommendation for CBD, so experimentation is your best bet here! A rule of thumb for starting cannabinoids is to "start low, go slow!" In other words, start with a small amount and then slowly increase the dose by small increments over time until you’ve achieved the effect you want. Stick to our recommendations to stay on the safe side: It is important to pay close attention to whether or not (and how) the CBD oil starts to work for you. Because that feeling can differ from person to person.

    • All of our CBD oils are made with MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides oil) from coconuts and high quality, broad-spectrum extracts from European hemp plants. This means that in addition to CBD, our oils also contain many other beneficial components from the hemp plant, like other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. We also package our oil in convenient spray bottles to make application as easy and discreet as possible. Our oils are available in concentrations of 5% CBD (10ml or 30 ml sized bottles) and 10% CBD (10ml sized bottle). Not a fan of hemp’s nutty, grassy and slightly spicy taste? No problem, our CBD oil mouth spray is also available in herbal, mint and lemon flavours. Not your cup of tea either? Then you might want to try our oils in capsule form, with your choice between capsules containing 10mg and 20mg of CBD. Lastly, you’ve got our hemp vitamin D spray. In addition to containing 3% CBD, this spray also features an extract from the schisandra power berry, vitamins D and E and turmeric... What more could you want? Except maybe… Our CBD massage oil! While it’s technically still oil, of course it’s only intended for external, topical use on the body. (This one’s not meant to be ingested!)

    • In short, we recommend you pay attention to four things: safety, type of extract, consumption preference and quality.


    Our CBD and Hemp products have been created so that you can use them at the different moments when you need them.

    • "I sometimes take the drops with hemp extract from VAAY for sleep problems when I am very agitated or stressed."
    • "What I have discovered for myself, besides therapies like acupuncture, meditation and a specific diet, is CBD oil."
    • "Everybody needs a timeout. Especially after a long and exhausting day or workout, I use CDB often to calm down & to relax my body."
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