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Find the most popular VAAY CBD and hemp products. Feel it like others are feeling it.

Which is the best CBD oil?

Basically, the answer is quite simple: The best CBD oil is the one that is best for you.

This is also the reason why you can buy several different CBD oils from us - in compliance with the highest quality standards. There is the CBD oil 5 percent, the CBD oil 10 percent, but also our CBD oil with vitamin D ... oh yes, and our special CBD oil with melatonin of course.

Well, can you guess which of the products is one of our most popular CBD oils? In fact, it's the sleep spray with CBD oil + melatonin. And of course we are even more pleased that this is one of the best CBD oils for you and that we can accompany so many of you into a restful night.

The best CBD oil: The inner values count

There is a lot of work behind it to hold a premium product in the hands in the end - this is anything but a coincidence, but a science in itself.

On the one hand, there are the ingredients of the CBD oil, which of course form the absolute basis. That's why we source our hemp exclusively from hand-picked suppliers from European commercial hemp cultivation. This is the only way you can hold the best CBD oil in your hand instead of a cheap isolate - and benefit from its concentrated power.

In addition, we ensure not only first-class quality, but also ensure that the prescribed guidelines for CBD products in Germany are met.

How much hemp is in our CBD oil?

To produce a vial of CBD oil with 10 percent, you need almost a whole kilo of fresh hemp plants - 800 grams, to be exact. Accordingly, the CBD oil with 5 percent concentration is made from about 400 grams of fresh hemp. So there's a lot of plant power in those little vials. 

And then comes the complex production, which is not insignificant if you want to produce the best CBD oil. In order to preserve as many of the valuable terpenes as possible, we have opted for a process in which the extraction takes place particularly gently.

Why we can do much more than CBD oil: Our CBD Vapes

Without a doubt, we are as proud of our CBD oil as only parents can be of their children. Nevertheless, we are also aware that depending on the situation, other CBD products can also be very practical. That is why we have developed variants for you for every situation in life:

In addition to our CBD oils, the CBD vaporizers also seem to be very popular with you. And we understand you well: Hardly any CBD product can be celebrated as wonderfully as our CBD vaporizers. They are also the fastest and most effective way to get CBD into your body. And to make sure there's something for everyone, we offer our CBD vapes in four different flavors: Mint, Lemon, Fruit and Herbal.

But it's not just our CBD vaporizers and CBD oils that you seem to really dig: The CBD Gummies and the CBD Sport Gel also seem to be very popular with you. So you are active, but still have a sweet tooth and like to indulge yourselves? We think that's basically likeable.

Stay cool with CBD Sport Gel

Is a cool-down routine also an integral part of your post-workout routine? After all, this is the start of regeneration - which is essential so that you'll be fit and able to perform again the next time. It's not for nothing that we learned in gym class how important it is to run out after a jog. A gentle stretching session of about 5 to 10 minutes can also be easily added to any type of training session.

The CBD gel from our Recover range can fit perfectly into your cool-down routine. Thanks to CBD, it could relax your stressed muscles and have a pleasant cooling effect thanks to menthol.

CBD Cosmetics: Our bath ball for ultimate relaxation

With our CBD Sport Gel alone we could not leave it with our CBD cosmetics of course: Therefore, we have also developed our CBD bath ball for relaxation. Especially in the cold season you can get a special benefit. Simply let it bubble away in the warm bath water and watch how it exposes its shea-cocoa butter core, which also contains 100 milligrams of purest CBD.

Tip: Treat yourself to a soothing massage with the cocoa butter with CBD and let the cream act on your skin for about 5 minutes so that it can optimally unfold its effect. By the way, the CBD bath ball is also ideal as a gift.