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Trouble falling asleep at night? Are your thoughts always racing  when you're lying in bed? Bring some peace and relaxation to yourself by integrating our VAAY hemp sleep products into your evening routine! 

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Glide to sleep with melatonin sleep spray

Do you know the feeling when you turn from left to right and back again at night because your thoughts are racing relentlessly and you can't fall asleep? We do too and therefore know from experience that this is an absolutely unpleasant feeling. That is why we have developed our hemp spray for sleep. We humans need our sleep just as we need our nutrition, for example. It is an important part of our lifestyle and helps us recharge our batteries for the day. The problem is that many people sleep too early, too late, too little - or simply badly. The result is that we are less efficient in our daily lives and cannot enjoy our free time to the fullest. This applies equally to all people. It is therefore only logical that sleep is now receiving more and more attention when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. After all, healthy and sufficient sleep should promote well-being and health. When it comes to sleep health, we also can't get around the hormone melatonin. This is why hemp-based products like our Hemp Melatonin Sleep Spray are attracting a lot of interest. Because in combination with melatonin, users attribute many positive effects to such products, including an improvement in sleep quality.

Currently, however, only positive reports from users can be referred to melatonin sleep sprays, since studies have not yet been able to prove any sleep-promoting effect. Nevertheless, it is precisely these testimonials that are driving the hype we are currently experiencing around hemp.

A relaxing evening with CBD products

In addition to a hemp spray for sleeping with melatonin as a natural sleep aid, you can integrate CBD products into your evening routine beforehand. Thus, you contribute to your holistic relaxation with breathing exercises or a small yoga or stretching session before sleep. Melatonin helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. The positive effect occurs when 1 mg of melatonin is ingested shortly before bedtime. However, if you are looking for CBD products for daytime, you can choose the classic CBD oil or reach for CBD cosmetics. CBD vape pens for inhalation may also suit your taste.

Effect: How fast does melatonin work?

If 1 mg of melatonin is ingested shortly before bedtime, it helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Thus, the application of a melatonin hemp sleep spray in the mouth provides a quick effect. In our vaay CBD store we have hemp sprays to fall asleep with melatonin for you on offer. Nevertheless, we would like to briefly note that this is not magic that will send you to the realm of dreams with a flick of the wrist. After all, we are always talking about gentle, natural ingredients here.

Is melatonin dangerous?

The effect is possible because our body's sleep-wake rhythm is regulated by the sleep hormone melatonin, which, by the way, is also produced from the happiness hormone serotonin. If melatonin production falters due to external factors such as stress, worries or blue light from screens, you may have problems falling asleep. However, you can compensate for this by taking melatonin. This way you give your body the signal to slowly fall asleep. Therefore, melatonin sleep spray is also an excellent product for your evening routine and equips you for moments of balance and well-being. When used properly, a melatonin sleep spray is anything but dangerous. On the contrary, it might even help you get to sleep more easily.

How to use the hemp sleep spray from vaay

By the way, at vaay we combine hemp and melatonin out of conviction. The mix of hemp seed oil and melatonin allows both the body and the mind to come to rest. They are the perfect ingredients to gently help you fall asleep. For this reason, our vaay SLEEP SPRAY is the ideal product for your evening after a busy day. Optimally, you apply the hemp spray to sleep 30 minutes before bedtime and keep 1 spray under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Hemp spray for sleeping: an experience for all the senses

You want to come down after an eventful day in any view? Your companion: the vaay sleep spray with hemp and melatonin. Valuable, cold-pressed hemp seed oil serves as a carrier oil for a unique symbiosis of essential sweet orange and peppermint oil and thus enables a well-rounded application experience.

Hemp sleeping spray with melatonin: how much does it cost?

If you want to buy a melatonin spray, one question is often the price. What exactly a hemp sleep spray with melatonin costs you, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and always results from a variety of factors: Where is the hemp sleep spray manufactured? What safety standards are adhered to? What ingredients and quality are used for the hemp spray? This is only a small excerpt, as all questions here would go beyond the scope. Our vaay HANF SLEEP SPRAY for example costs less than 30 €. For that you get the best of the hemp plant with hemp seed oil in combination with melatonin and essential oils - and all that in handy mouth spray form. Melatonin hemp spray for sleeping is manufactured in the EU. All products are additionally laboratory-tested, as safety and high quality are our top priorities. Of course, such aspects have their price. In return, however, you get excellent quality when you buy the Melatonin Sleep Spray.

Pharmacy, drugstore or online: Where can you buy melatonin sleep spray?

If you are looking for a melatonin sleeping spray to help you sleep, you can look for a melatonin hemp spray to sleep in the pharmacy, specialty store and drugstore. However, it is often easiest to buy directly from a German manufacturer. For example, if you are looking for CBD Frankfurt, CBD Düsseldorf or CBD Stuttgart because you live in the respective city, you can browse our online store. However, if you live in Berlin, you should simply stop by our vaay store in Berlin-Mitte. There you can get inspired so you can get a feel for the prices and get professional advice about CBD products and sleeping sprays. Maybe our CBD Oil 10%, CBD Oil 20% or CBD Oil 30% would be something for you if you are looking for an everyday companion.