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Hemp sleep products with melatonin

Trouble falling asleep at night? Are your thoughts always racing  when you're lying in bed? Bring some peace and relaxation to yourself by integrating our VAAY hemp sleep products into your evening routine! 


You want to use CBD for sleeping, because you are more interested in a general relaxation effect? First of all, it depends on how concentrated your CBD is: For CBD oil 10%, the dosage for sleep disorders will of course be different than for CBD oil 5%.If you are a CBD novice and don't know your exact dosage yet, we recommend starting with CBD oil 5%. Start with one spray before bedtime and increase to two sprays if needed, which equals about 15 milligrams of CBD. The CBD oil 10 percent you can dose even more sparingly: In the long run, you could get by with just one spray.

CBD for sleep disorders

Oh yes, that wonderful in-between state between sleeping and being awake, when we turn over once again in the morning to sink back into our mountain of pillows and blankets with pleasure ... If this idea makes you want to snuggle right back into your bed, you are not alone.

It gives us energy to not only be focused in our jobs or studies, but most importantly, to enjoy the Quality Time we value so much - whether alone or with a few loved ones.

So it's no wonder that the topics of CBD, sleep, and melatonin keep us so busy and we'd like to provide answers in this regard. While everyone seems to have their very own secret tip for better sleep, it is not uncommon for CBD to be high on many people's minds at the moment for sleep disorders. In this context, one hears again and again about CBD sleeping drops or CBD oil for sleeping. However, further studies that prove an effect beyond doubt are currently not to be found. You can find more on this topic in our magazine. 

Does CBD oil help you fall asleep?

There are studies in which a sleep-promoting effect of CBD was observed. In a study from 2019, for example, sleep quality improved significantly in 2 out of 3 patients in the first month of the study. However: the effect diminished again in the second and third months. Habituation effect, placebo or the relatively small doses used in the study - the exact reason cannot be clearly identified. Methodological deficiencies could also be the cause, as is so often the case in underfunded cannabis research. Outside of clinical research, there are numerous congruent reports from users who have had good experiences with CBD in terms of sleep. Even if no clear statement is permissible from a scientific point of view so far, the available results and the numerous reports from users make it seem not completely far-fetched that CBD could indeed contribute to a higher quality of sleep.

A study in the U.S. found that sleep scores, including sleep quality, improved in 48 (of 72) subjects within the first month after treatment with CBD. However, the values fluctuated over time. Therefore, more studies are needed to find out if CBD positively affects sleep in the long term.

If you would like to incorporate CBD into your evening routine and make your own experiences for your sleep quality, then different products can come into question for you.

If you are looking for a CBD product that you can also use during the day, you should probably go for the classic and buy CBD oil. Here you are then only spoiled for choice between the CBD oil 5 percent, the CBD oil 10 percent, the CBD oil 20 percent and the CBD oil 30 percent.

Of course, you are also completely free to incorporate any other CBD product into your evening routine. If you want to buy CBD capsules, we recommend our hemp-based capsule variants, which you can benefit from just as well.

In addition, hemp gummies as a little good night snack could become your favourite in the evening - before brushing your teeth, of course. Besides vitamin B6 to support the body's melatonin production, they also contain other B vitamins and other valuable ingredients.

However, if you are purely concerned with a restful sleep and a pleasant night's rest, we as a manufacturer can recommend the use of our hemp and melatonin products without hesitation. You can use these hemp sleeping drops as an alternative to CBD sleeping drops and similar products if you suffer from sleep problems.

The ultimate sleep hack: a warm shower or bath to help you fall asleep

Are you a hot shower person? According to a study, this might not be such a bad idea in the evening, as it might help you fall asleep. When you warm your body from the outside, it cools itself down and you automatically get tired afterwards. So not only could you fall asleep faster, but you could also increase your sleep quality and avoid CBD sleeping drops. Pretty smart, right?

We won't be told twice, especially since a warm bath alone is already an absolute pampering program for body and mind. Admittedly, it doesn't have to be a bath every evening, especially during the warm season. But when we do treat ourselves to it, we want to make something special out of it. After all, a ritual around the bath is somehow part of it, isn't it?

So turn on some relaxing music, dim the lights or light some candles, lay out a cozy towel and turn your home into your very own little mini spa in no time.

Our CBD bath bomb: A round thing that has it in itself

What else could round off the perfect bathing experience? We have an idea: Our CBD bath ball not only contains real lavender flowers, but also gradually releases a core that has it all.

The nourishing shea butter cocoa nucleus contains 100 mg of the purest CBD, and its silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture makes it perfect for slathering on during your spa bath. This way you can fully benefit from the pampering effect of the CBD bath bomb.

If this has made you curious, we can assure you that we don't let ourselves down when it comes to CBD cosmetics. So take a look, scroll through our site and let yourself be inspired: We're sure you'll find the right thing to transport you to other spheres of relaxation.

Exercise before bedtime?

You're more the active type and wonder if you should still exercise before bedtime? That's exactly what some researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich asked themselves. In a meta-study, they evaluated 23 studies on the topic of exercise before sleep.

The scientists could not come to a clear conclusion for or against exercise before bedtime: Neither could be linked, at least to a robust degree, to better or worse sleep.

Means for you: Listen to your body and do what suits you and your daily routine. If you have the urgent need to exercise in the evening: Go for it. If you are so diligent, you definitely deserve

reward and special care - and here you might also find what you are looking for in our CBD cosmetics. 

After sports: CBD meets menthol

After sports, for example, our CBD gel is ideal for pampering your stressed body and possibly incidentally stimulate regeneration through a massage. Simply massage the gel into the affected areas and feel how the gentle massage can already notice an initial relaxation.

Of course, CBD Sport Gel can also be used at any other time of the day to provide a perfect end to your sports session. Of course, if you're more of a fan of working out in the evening, we hope it can also help you switch into rest mode afterwards - and sleep like a baby. Of course, if that doesn't work, you can always resort to drops to help you fall asleep.