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CBD Öl Online kaufen von VAAY

Our CBD oils are perfect for the care of the oral mucosa or as a soothing massage to relax body and mind. Besides many positive characteristics, our CBD oils contain broad spectrum hemp extract exclusively grown in the EU.


CBD oil from VAAY as a buy recommendation!

Our CBD oil performs very well in the test of CBD360*. Overall, the CBD oil is atestiert by us a high quality, different flavors, fair price. This makes it a real recommendation to buy from CBD360. But take a look for yourself.

*CBD360 is an affiliate partner of VAAY, but tests our products independently.

cbd öl kaufen vaay

Why should you buy CBD oil?

Our 5% and 10% CBD oils are perfect to support relaxation rituals and at the same time nourish the oral mucosa. Other CBD oils like our skin and massage oil can be used for soothing massage, muscle regeneration and relaxation of body and mind. In addition to many positive properties, our 5% and 10% CBD oils contain exclusively broad spectrum hemp extract grown in Germany and are also manufactured in Germany. So you can always rely on the high standards and best quality.

cbd öl kaufen


CBD sprays and CBD oils from VAAY you can use with a clear conscience: The hemp plants that are processed for our CBD oils come from Germany and are thus subject to strict guidelines that apply to cultivation. When it comes to other ingredients, you are also on the safe side with VAAY: Our CBD oils consist of 100% natural ingredients. When you buy CBD products from VAAY, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the planet.By the way: You do not only benefit from our quality promise when you buy our CBD sprays or CBD oils. Of course, it also applies to the VAAY hemp supplements, our CBD cosmetics by VAAY and VAAY CBD pens.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD, like other cannabinoids, acts through this endogenous system. Roughly speaking, it is responsible for the fine-tuning of other systems and processes and mostly its effect is inhibitory.


So far, research has focused mainly on the sleep-promoting, relaxing and pain-reducing effects, such as migraine or headaches, the influence on skin health and the effectiveness in stress and anxiety disorders. There is already research on all these exciting areas; however, it is often not yet so conclusive that general statements can be derived from it.


Generally, CBD is considered to be very well tolerated and side effects are rare. However, you should find out ahead of time if you have any concerns. This can take place in an article about interactions and side effects - but the best option is to talk to your doctor.

How do I take CBD?

CBD is often taken in the form of CBD oil. At VAAY, we package our oil in convenient and discreet spray bottles. The CBD oil is sprayed under the tongue and is left there until it’s completely absorbed by your mouth. As your body digests the oil, you’ll likely start to feel its effects in 15-30 minutes.

Most CBD oils tend to taste grassy and hemp-like. However, if that’s not your style, you can try our different flavoured CBD sprays or have a go at our popular oil-filled hemp capsules with extra high bioavailability, or experience a healthy taste explosion with our hemp vitamin gummies. For those who are particularly keen on remedies to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, our hemp sleep spray with melatonin might be right up your alley.

Our CBD pens are a reliable option for those periodic pick-me-ups throughout the day. They come in four flavours and release a delicious vapour that lets you inhale CBD safely and effectively through your lungs in a matter of seconds.

Which CBD oil concentration is best?

It depends... There is no general dosage recommendation for CBD, so experimentation is your best bet here! A rule of thumb for starting cannabinoids is to "start low, go slow!" In other words, start with a small amount and then slowly increase the dose by small increments over time until you’ve achieved the effect you want. Stick to our recommendations to stay on the safe side: It is important to pay close attention to whether or not (and how) the CBD oil starts to work for you. Because that feeling can differ from person to person.


For thousands of years, the hemp plant cannabis has been used in natural medicine - its extracts were already appreciated by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Today, VAAY offers you high-quality, elaborately processed and carefully tested CBD oils, which carry the best of the hemp plant as an essence - including flavonoids and fragrant terpenes. Our CBD oils are available as a practical CBD mouth spray or as CBD massage oil.


Almost all of us could use more relaxation in our hectic everyday lives - and what better way to do that than with a soothing massage? The skin is the largest organ of the human body. So how about pampering your partner with relaxing touches using our high-quality CBD oil?
In addition to the natural active ingredients of the hemp plant, VAAY CBD Massage Oil contains nourishing jojoba oil and warming ginger essence. Give your muscles a rest after sports, pamper your skin after showering or enjoy a massage with your loved one by candlelight and soft music.

For relaxed everyday moments - your CBD spray always at hand

So that the VAAY feeling always accompanies you on the go, our CBD oil is also available as a practical spray that fits in your jacket pocket or handbag. So you have your CBD spray always at hand - convenient, discreet and in seconds. Another advantage: Thanks to the spray function, the CBD oil is optimally distributed in the oral cavity, which is why it is particularly well absorbed through the oral mucosa.

Buying CBD Online: What should I look out for when shopping online for CBD?

In short, we recommend you pay attention to four things: safety, type of extract, consumption preference and quality.