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Recommended for experienced CBD users

After our popular classics in the strengths 5% and 10% in the form of a mouth spray, we finally have the stronger versions. From now on, you can also purchase 20% CBD oil and 30% CBD oil in our shop. Both vials come with a pipette so that you can dose the CBD oil perfectly according to your personal wishes. So you can drip single drops into your mouth. Drop, drop.

Our cannabidiol oils contain the full power of nature

You can use all CBD sprays and CBD drops from VAAY with a clear conscience: The hemp plants that are processed for our cannabidiol oils come from Germany and are therefore subject to strict guidelines that apply to cultivation. When it comes to other ingredients, you are also on the safe side with VAAY: Our products consist of 100% natural ingredients. When you use CBD oil from VAAY, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the planet.


Highest quality is our top priority

At VAAY, we work with biologists, doctors and researchers to make the best product for you from high-quality active ingredients. We use broad-spectrum hemp extracts grown in the EU and have all our products regularly analysed and certified in the accredited TÜV laboratory. So that you can start your day relaxed with VAAY, we publish our TÜV analysis values and show you the high quality of our products.

VAAY is the leading provider of CBD oil and CBD fruit gum alternatives in Berlin and throughout Germany.