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CBD acts anti-inflammatory?

04/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
04/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

Forget Battlefield and Call of Duty: As soon as a potentially dangerous intruder - be it a splinter of wood or a pathogen - bring your body in danger, your body is such a complex defense processes in motion that the most experienced commander could stand aside only with his mouth open ,

In such a defense reaction is your body including the stress hormone cortisol ago. Also fever or fatigue are sometimes the less pleasant side effects of its immune response. And yet this well, uh, saved us many times before the ass life than we can count.

But the line between protection and self-destruction may be fine. That's why we take, for example, antipyretic drugs when the feared harm is greater than the benefits.

And then there's the instances in which your immune system begins to helicopters and suddenly constantly at war. Sounds unhealthy it is. Actually occur chronic inflammation associated with many diseases and are suspected to favor them.

Fortunately, we have a say but might also have a say in the matter. In addition to medication, other anti-inflammatory substances can ensure that our immune system gets a breather.

The fact that cannabis can often shift down a gear the human body, we know. But could CBD have on our immune system a similar effect?

At a glance: Helps CBD in inflammation

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