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CBD Survey: Who is it interesting for?

CBD Umfrage: Für wen ist es interessant?
With its diverse properties, the hemp plant is considered a pharmacological powerhouse. One of its active ingredients is cannabidiol - often abbreviated as CBD. Unlike THC, however, it has no intoxicating effect whatsoever. But what do people know about the cannabinoid? Who already consumes it? And who is potentially interested in it?
A representative survey commissioned by the Sanity Group sheds light on this. It surveyed 1004 people of all genders between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 2021.

What is CBD: Little knowledge, much curiosity

First of all: In fact, almost half of the respondents (45%) considered CBD to be an intoxicating substance. Only 33% knew that the active ingredient cannot induce psychedelic experiences.

A relative minority had already had their own experience with CBD products. The most popular here was oil, or capsules: 14% of respondents had already taken them. However, at 27%, more than a quarter could imagine using such products in the future. Cosmetics and care products with CBD content had already tried with 12% more than every tenth before. The dosage form that sounds most interesting to the "inexperienced" seems to be tea: A full 28% of this group would be open to trying a cup of it. However, only 12% had already done so. In the cosmetics cabinet it would have nevertheless gladly 23%. Flowers would be tested by 15% - but only 9% had already tried them. E-cigarettes with the active ingredient had already been consumed by 8% - and 10% were interested in principle. Food supplements with CBD sound exciting for 18% - but only 7% had already tried them. Animal products such as dog relaxation snacks bring up the rear. Altogether it can be stated: The interest in CBD products seems to be fundamentally much higher than the previous consumption.



Interest in cannabidiol is outpacing current use - but there is still a lot of education to be done to help people correctly classify the compound and its potentials

People who have had to resort to cannabis for health reasons have more experience with CBD

37% of respondents would be open to CBD products if they had related medical conditions

Learn more about the history and uses of CBD here.


What forms of CBD are available?

CBD is produced both organically and synthetically. It comes in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils or isolates, and is found in a wide variety of products: From dietary supplements to cosmetic items.

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