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CBD products may be available in pharmacies or in various online stores, but actually products like CBD fruit gums should not be available for purchase in Germany at all, as CBD has only been approved as a cosmetic in this country so far. This means that CBD may not be sold as a dietary supplement or food and may not be advertised as such. Accordingly, CBD fruit gums or gummy bears are actually not freely available for sale, regardless of their effect. But there is a legal alternative: hemp fruit gums, which are sometimes additionally mixed with vitamins.

The CBD Hype

Since medical cannabis has been legalized and CBD has been approved as a cosmetic in Germany, CBD and especially CBD products have become very popular. Since these products are said to have many positive effects, they now come as CBD oil, CBD gel or as CBD fruit gums, although the latter is actually not allowed, because they are not a cosmetic product.

CBD, like THC, is a cannabinoid that can affect our bodies, but it is not intoxicating. Lawmakers do not want parts of the cannabis plant to be ingested because the risk of intoxication is too high for them, even with CBD products, although many manufacturers adhere to the strict THC limit of less than 0.2% THC and regularly test their products.

Hemp vitamin gummies and other products with hemp.

Gummy bears with CBD or hemp extract are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but children should still keep their hands off them! Precisely for this reason, many manufacturers rely on a neutral product presentation, so as not to create the impression that these are regular fruit gummies for children. In addition, different vitamins B6 and B12 are often added to hemp vitamin gummies to provide additional support for the immune system and nerves. However, the most important component is usually the hemp extract, because hemp is also otherwise a real superfood! Hemp contains vitamins, a lot of vegetable protein and valuable minerals, and all without THC.

What are the benefits of CBD fruit gums and hemp vitamin gummies in general?

The CBD products available on the market can be used in different ways. There is the option to let products, such as CBD drops and sprays, work in the mouth, apply them to the skin, or inhale them. However, if you want to eat or swallow your CBD product, you have to resort to products that do not contain CBD. CBD is not approved as a food supplement in Germany. Products with hemp extract from hemp are a good and legal alternative.


Relaxed through everyday life with VAAY Relax products

When you want to take a break, it's best to create small islands of relaxation to breathe deeply and unwind. Our VAAY Relax products will help you do just that. For oral care, for example, we have our VAAY CBD Oil 5% and CBD Oil 10% mouth sprays.

Exhausted muscles after sports? Our hemp & CBD products can provide relief.
We're also here to help you relax and unwind after a hard workout. If you're looking to cool down your burning muscles, our VAAY Recover hemp and CBD products are ideal, as the other ingredients nourish and strengthen your exhausted muscles.

Get to sleep easier with hemp & melatonin
And what if you can't fall asleep at night because your thoughts keep going in circles? Then it's best to rely on ingredients like hemp and melatonin, which help you fall asleep and stay asleep. In this case, you should try our CBD oil sleep products, such as our sleep spray. Let's go to the dream world!


Where are CBD fruit gums available?

Buying CBD products is not very difficult anymore. You can now find them in the drugstore around the corner, at CBD retailers in cities like Berlin and Hamburg, in your favorite supermarket or at the online retailer you trust. Such products are also available in pharmacies. Nevertheless, there are significant differences in price. This often depends on the quality of the ingredients and the amount of CBD or hemp extract used.

Discover the high quality ingredients of our hemp vitamin gummies

If CBD drops or hemp capsules are not for you, our VAAY Hemp Vitamin Gummies might be. They contain the valuable vitamins B6 and B12, which support the normal function of your nervous system, as well as a healthy immune system and strong nerves. In addition, we have spiced up our gummies with the subtle note of real licorice. Licorice soothes your nervous stomach and makes our fruit gummies a unique taste experience. In addition to these ingredients, our hemp vitamin gummies, unlike other CBD gummies, are also vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free.


CBD Gummies at a top price-performance ratio.

The quality of our ingredients is of course reflected in our price. You will probably find cheaper CBD products and CBD fruit gummies online. However, with us you get the excellent quality at a fair price. We work together with doctors and researchers to offer you only top products with high-quality active ingredients. Because we want you to be able to enjoy our hemp vitamin gummies not only easily, but also carefree in the office, during sports or on the couch at home.


What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is exclusively extracted from commercial hemp plants and therefore contains less than 0.2% THC. Although the hemp plant has been used in medicine for centuries, research regarding CBD is still in its infancy. However, it has been scientifically proven that the cannabidiol has no intoxicating effect.

Is CBD allowed in Germany?

Yes, CBD is now permitted in Germany. However, CBD products may only be produced from commercial hemp with a THC content of less than 0.2%. In addition, the products must not exceed certain limits. However, CBD is not permitted as a food supplement in Germany.

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