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CBD and curcumin: Good allies?

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The dark season is not always easy - and certainly not 2020. At the annual flu paranoia this year joined the diffuse fear of a more or less unknown enemy ... As if it were not hard enough, his life in a way to lead, the one who is next to a good conscience, because you always like eats his vegetables and the illusion that a minimum level of control to have whether it now a hit or not.

One approach to try more and more people, is the targeted use of supplements and nutritional supplements that will deliver exactly what the body needs just. Sounds logical, right? Especially herbal essences are very popular. Ginger for example, has blossomed from an insider tip to mainstream weapon in the biological fight against colds all kinds.

The plant from which the substance is produced, at issue today is sort of a cousin from the good old ginger . Turmeric

Because of its bright yellow color and its characteristic taste is turmeric already an integral part of the curry spice blends. The curcumin extracted from him but has a lot more up their sleeve!

Like curcumin arises, why and how it can be used in addition to a delicious meal and if / how it can be combined with cannabidiol (CBD) , you can find out here.

What is curcumin?

Curcumin is to be exactly one intense yellow (some walking towards orange) plant compound, a polyphenol to which (also called lat .: Curcuma longa turmeric) from the rhizome of the turmeric plant is recovered.

What is curcumin used?

Through the intense yellow color and its floral origin curcumin is often used as a food coloring. You can find him under its technical name 'E 100' z. B. rice, margarine, jam and mustard. The fabric is just as the main carrier of the typical aroma emanating from turmeric and is also used as such as a spice and flavoring agent. As already indicated, it is a major constituent of many curry powder.

But as interesting as it may be all - for us is curcumin interesting mainly because of its prominent role in traditional medicine of China and India. There he is already, according to sources, for more than 2000 - 4000 been an integral part - and also in this country, he enjoys because of its many positive characteristics of a steadily growing fan base


How curcumin traditionally used?

In folk medicine, such way. As in Ayurveda, turmeric paste for treating eye infections, to enhance wound healing, for the treatment of bites (!), Burns, acne and other skin diseases is used. In another form turmeric is also performed for rheumatoid arthritis (wind) smallpox, urinary tract infections, liver ailments and for the general strengthening of the body into the field.

However, you have to do it again quite clear that these folk naturopathic applications there are no reliable data.

The 'Golden' milk , in this country still more of an insider, not only tastes really good, but belongs in far eastern cultures long been standard repertoire when it comes to home remedies. It is for there. As women to strengthen after childbirth or supportive enough for coughs and respiratory problems. , Indigestion, hyperacidity, bloating, ulcers and even with dental disease - take note - to alleviate the hallucinatory effect of hashish is the yellow root there traditionally used.

Because ought to one or the other what it be for that! That's not escaped modern science ...

What does science to curcumin?

Even modern science has not escaped this broad national medical use. So there is in recent years more and more studies on curcumin - with promising initial results


cell culture and animal studies provide a surprising abundance of evidence of positive effects that could result from curcumin, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and chemopreventive properties.

Again, it should again be noted that cell culture and animal studies can only supply the first clues. Transferability to humans is by no means guaranteed.

One of the most frequently studied in human clinical trials properties, the anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective include (cardioprotective) effect of curcumin. Final and generalizable findings are so far but not before.

Conclusion: Modern science is catching up slowly. Very slowly, but early signs suggest that one or the other traditional use could get from curcumin from this side support.

Black pepper may increase the bioavailability

For cannabinoid Kenner old hat: The bioavailability of phytochemicals - ie the proportion of the relevant material which finally reaches the bloodstream after shooting - is not always ideal. Does not matter; for CBD there for the liposomal formulation and curcumin: black pepper, or more precisely the material contained therein piperine


The can, as has been observed in studies with concurrent use bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2000% (yes, two thousand percent!) increase. So always nice spice


Why do we Kurcurmin use

Although modern science has not yet found out whether and if so to go out which health benefits of curcumin - the wealth of folk medicine traditional knowledge and the fact that turmeric still plays there before quite a prominent role, has made us curious , And along with what science currently has to say about it was that enough to reissue cause for us these old classics in a modern form for you. Speaking of which ... Keyword classic revisited - there was still something ...

how useful is the combination -

CBD and curcumin?

All very well, curcumin seems in any case 'ne very fine thing to be. But how does it look with the combination of cannabidiol, so CBD, and curcumin? About the great properties of CBD you have probably already read plenty here on our side. If not - here you'll find:

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