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How does CBD actually feel?

29/07/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann
29/07/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann

To describe how CBD feels to someone who has never tried it before is not that easy. How do you explain to someone what a walk on the beach feels like? Especially if this person has never experienced it himself? And what makes it so difficult?

Very simple: there is no frame of reference.

How does CBD feel, what effect can you expect from CBD oil and is there even a "typical" CBD effect?

If you really want to know, you should try it yourself!

How does it actually feel to be you?

Too abstract? Well, then describe briefly how it feels to be you. Is that possible? Sure: "Left foot hurts, a bit annoyed because of constant rain, slight hunger" etc.

These are all "facts" of your perception and thus always relative, never absolute. How exactly all this feels for you, how much you really suffer from this shitty weather, etc., your counterpart will never be able to really understand.

Experience is always individual! How you experience something depends not only on the situation itself, but also on the experiences and expectations you bring to the situation.

It's all about your experience!

And that's the same with CBD: It's all about your experience! And even if we could describe it to you in detail (which we can't do...) - should we even do that? Wouldn't you rather be open for what really happens - how you experience CBD? We will make it easy for now and tell you first how CBD does not feel:

How CBD does NOT feel

Perhaps it is easiest to start with what you cannot expect from your CBD experience:

  • You don't get high!
    Bitter disappointment for some, necessary reassurance for others: CBD is not exhilarating - if that was your concern, we can give the all-clear at this point.
  • This also means that CBD will not cause you any problems in drug testing and you will be able to drive legally.
  • From CBD one notices "nothing at all is at least claimed here and there. So leave it alone? Or could that, on closer inspection, be a key to understanding the effect?
  • Maybe CBD is not so much about what is added but what is left out.
So maybe it is more about how CBD does not feel.

    Lightness = the absence of heaviness

    Say you have a hard day and take CBD. Does CBD now give you super powers that let you master everything playfully? Probably not.

    Do you still find it easier, because you don't let yourself be driven crazy by the many challenges of everyday life? Possibly!

    So what difference does CBD make? Maybe CBD just gives you some lightness. And lightness is hard to pin down linguistically - except for the lack of heaviness.

    Or you can't sleep: Your thoughts have developed an undertow that simply carries you away - head cinema. At some point you realize that half an hour has already passed again, and that you should have been asleep long ago ... and on you go.

    If CBD is not a switch that just lets you fall asleep, how could CBD feel in this situation? I don't know. It certainly doesn't feel like this pull.

    And probably you can see where this leads to: CBD does not feel like your aching knee, even if it does not make the pain go away. It does not feel like a rainy summer Sunday, even if it does not make the clouds go away.

    Sometimes something is missing, sometimes something is too much

    Sometimes it is not about what we think we need - sometimes it is about leaving something out. Not thinking about what I am missing at that moment. To let fives be straight. To relax. Just to come down.

    CBD & ASMR

    Everything too vague? Cool, if you're more the hands-on type, we happen to have just the thing for you.

    Ever heard of ASMR? Another one of those things that could be put down on paper in a wordy and scientifically sound way, something like this:

    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR for short, describes a feeling that is usually perceived as pleasant and is often described as a tingling sensation. Typically, it begins on the scalp and then moves down the neck and spine ... and so on.

    Again, the description of the experience cannot possibly replace the experience itself. And we at VAAY like experience. At ASMR as well as at CBD.

    The VAAY-Experience

    But enough words. Put on your best headphones, maybe treat yourself to one or two pumps of CBD mouth spray, find a nice spot and then click on one of our ASMR videos that we have provided for you, sparing neither expense nor effort. Don't think about what to expect, just take it with you and dive into the experience - The VAAY Experience.






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