You've never scored so easily before:
The vaay club

How to collect points

And these are the rewards
you can earn


How do I collect points?

That's a long list: Points are awarded for having a birthday, visiting the website, following us on Instagram, creating an account, shopping at the vaay store, and rating the vaay store. Take a breath. Even more points for recommending vaay to your friends, signing up for the newsletter, writing a product review and everything else we just forgot.

Where can I see my score?

Just log in to your vaay account, click through to the vaay club page and if our website programmers have got it right, you will find your score there.

How can I redeem my points?

Under "Rewards" on the vaay club page you will find all the products for which you can redeem your points. To add one of these products to your cart, you must be logged in and already have a paid product in your cart.