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Make your sleep a priority.

Why melatonin?

The natural hormone is involved in the regulation of your sleep-wake cycle. As little as 1 mg of melatonin helps shorten your time to sleep (1). Melatonin also helps to reduce your subjective feeling of jet lag (2). | (1) Melatonin helps to shorten your sleep time if you take 1 mg of melatonin shortly before going to bed. (2) The positive effect is achieved if you take at least 0.5 mg of melatonin shortly before going to bed on the first day of travel and on the first days after arriving at your destination.

Sweet orange and peppermint essential oil

Natural essential oils provide you with the best of both worlds with the gentle sweetness of sweet orange and the wonderful freshness of peppermint. They provide a wonderfully soothing taste experience and make the vaay hemp sleep spray the highlight of your evening routine.

They are complemented by the best of the hemp plant - as one of the oldest proven cultivated plants in the world, a real all-rounder. For centuries it has been used in the production of food. In our vaay Hemp Sleep Spray, 100% virgin cold-pressed hemp seed oil serves as the carrier for the natural essential oils.

Get your sleep

"There can be many reasons why you can't find your way to sleep. The carousel of thoughts doesn't want to stop spinning? Are you struggling with stress? Or is jet lag getting to you? We all know the nights in which we sleeplessly turn from one side to the other. When we fall into a deep sleep, exhausted, the alarm clock pulls us out again far too quickly.

Yet sleep can be so different - so gentle, so warm, so pleasurable. And it naturally influences how we feel the next day: How we see the world, the people around us and the challenges ahead.

You can get to sleep faster thanks to the natural sleep hormone melatonin. It is contained in the vaay Hemp Sleep Spray. Its fine spray contains notes of sweet orange and peppermint essential oils, making it a natural addition to your evening routine."

Sleep: The most beautiful triviality in the world

"Eating healthy or exercising - it's not easy to do something for your health on the side. Except for sleep, which not only feels good, but is also extremely healthy. A classic win-win situation, isn't it?

During sleep, not only are cells renewed, but toxins are also removed from the body and the metabolism is regulated. Wounds can heal, muscles regenerate, the immune system is strengthened and the brain processes information so that memories are formed and our psyche can recover. Good sleep not only helps you to remain productive, but also prevents premature mental and physical aging processes. Restful sleep is essential for your brain - and it puts you in a good mood."