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CBD and alcohol

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Beer on wine, let it be - wine on beer, I advise you. It's just a shame that our ancestors hadn't yet discovered the qualities of cannabidiol for themselves. Otherwise, we guarantee they would have given us some advice on how to tolerate CBD and alcohol.

As CBD gains popularity, the question of how CBD and alcohol drinking get along is not so far off: does CBD make us drink more or less? How do CBD and alcohol get along? And how much CBD should I actually put in my beer funnel? (A little fun on the side.) As you can see, there are questions upon questions... and luckily, we've got some answers ready.

CBD and alcohol: A lot helps a lot?

While alcohol can reduce inhibitions, CBD is also considered to have a tendency to promote relaxation. But that's pretty much it for similarities.

Some studies showed that the relationship between the amount and effect of CBD follows a bell-shaped curve: The potential effect first increases with dose, but then drops off after a certain amount. For comparison, this is roughly like drinking so much alcohol that you end up almost sober again. It is therefore in the nature of things that a building, excess-like effect as with alcohol by CBD is hardly possible.

The tolerance of cannabidiol estimates the WHO generally as good and also an addiction potential does not recognize it here. Since too little is known about possible interactions, however, it may be that, for example, CBD and alcohol reinforce each other in their effects.

Cannabier: The symbiosis of CBD and alcohol

Yes, we also had to read twice first. In fact, there is now a product with the resourceful name Cannabier (from cannabis and beer, of course). However, this comes mainly from the U.S. and Canada spilled over to us. Since there is no mention of cannabis in our purity law, we are tough: it should not be called beer in this country.

Besides this less scientific experiment, however, there are also real studies that deal with the combination of CBD and alcohol. For example, cannabidiol could curb the effects of the latter - and possibly even reduce its consumption.

CBD and alcohol drinking: what the studies say

In a systematic review, researchers examined the results of twelve studies on alcohol and CBD. These were primarily studies on rodents as well as cell culture models. In both cases, they concluded that CBD can have a neuroprotective effect against the harmful effects of alcohol on the hippocampus - the area, in other words, that controls our affects and, above all, our memory.

In this context, the researchers described the lack of addictive potential as well as the generally good tolerability as an additional plus point of the cannabidiol. However, similar studies on the possible mitigation of the negative effects of alcohol by CBD in humans are not yet sufficiently available.

Another study explored the effect of CBD on alcohol-dependent rats, which were given CBD gel on their skin every 24 hours for seven days. CBD weakened the addictive pressure (also called craving) without producing a habituation effect or sedative effect. Although CBD was detectable in their system for only another three days, the attenuation had an effect on addictive behavior for up to five months.

CBD and Alcohol: Enjoy with Caution for Now

Little is yet known about any interactions of CBD and alcohol. Initial animal studies do suggest that CBD may mitigate addictive behaviors and protect the brain from the negative effects of alcohol on the brain. Still, we should wait for more results before making a clear recommendation to combine the two.

Even if CBD does mitigate the negative effects of alcohol, of course, that's far from a free pass for funnel drinking. At best, the CBD will make you more relaxed anyway, and you won't need as much of the really hard stuff.

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