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CBD and massage oil: The perfect dream couple

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We have thought long and have come to the conclusion: There really are few things better match than CBD and massage oil. Imagine that you put after a long, demanding day your attention fully to your physical and mental health. What is better and more relaxing than a massage? The there's of course to the specialists in the massage studio, but actually it is much more pleasant to stay for it in your own home. It's not so complicated to acquire the basic massage skills themselves. So you can enjoy with friends you share with your partner * in relaxing or a home spa day. CBD offers to become an integral part of your massage ritual. The skin is the largest organ of our body. We often forget - and do not care about whether we are doing well. benefits from a soothing massage routine not only your mind but also your skin.

So sit back and learn more about how your body and your mind by CBD massage oil benefit.

The massage ABC

, Also you will ever enjoy a massage come

Sure. There are a large number of different types of massage - but they all have one good massages in common: Due to different mechanical stimuli connective tissue and muscles are affected positively. The effect applies not only to the treated area, but the whole body and the psyche. A massage the hands, fingers, elbows and sometimes even knees or feet are used. A good massage helps to relieve pain and tension, they can prevent sore muscles - and it can help to relax and unwind. For many people, massages are an integral part of personal self-care routine. Is there anything better than a relaxing massage? Yap: a massage with oil CBD



Okay, this article here would become a book when we enumerate all the different massage styles and would describe. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the most popular massages.

Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is what is known commonly as classic massage. This style is quite easy to learn for beginners and is suitable for everyone, from infants to the elderly. The Swedish massage is characterized by rather gentle touch. usually massaged back, shoulders and neck, legs, feet, arms and hands as well as desired face and head. Here, suitable oils are used. Your partner or your partner exerts gentle rhythmic touches and movements of this , the body and mind relax. If you suffer from tension, but rather prefer light massages,

should try the Swedish massage.

Sports Massage

quasi the direct opposite of the more gentle Swedish massage. For many top athletes and professional athletes, the sports massage is one of the recovery program after intense workouts and before and after competitions. A sports massage is often used selectively on areas that are particularly trained and claims, or if you are predisposed to repeated injury or discomfort in specific parts of the body. A good sports massage helps you to stay flexible or to become. applied directly after a hard workout, a sports massage prevents muscle. So you can train again and work on your performance faster.

The Sports massage is for use mixture of techniques such as kneading, longitudinal and transverse cuts and patting. In general, you put in a sports massage more pressure as one example, in a Swedish massage, so they may well be perceived as intense.

Trigger point massage

In terms of intensity, the trigger point massage is similar to a sports massage. However, to be massaged specifically so-called trigger points, in this massage technique and thereby dissolved in the best case. With trigger points to individual muscle tightness, which are often very painful referred. can the trigger point massage people with those symptoms help. Trigger points are typically caused by too little exercise or repetitive movements or by stress.

In a trigger point massage is over a certain period of time targeted pressure exerted on the affected muscles. The goal is to stretch each muscle and return him to the mobility. Among other things, the thumb and index finger technique or the pressure-motion technique can be used.

Indian head massage

Indian head massage is probably one of the oldest massage techniques at all - it was already in India 1,000 years ago practiced as part of Ayurvedic medicine. The name says it all: This massage mainly head, shoulders and neck are treated. With mainly circular motion acupressure points are activated. Unlike the other massages, which we have already presented, the head massage can even sitting down and performed fully clothed - so it's perfect in between for the short relaxing break. A good head massage relaxes, soothes and distributes stress. It can relieve tension headaches and is even positively affect hair growth.

Thai massage

This type of massage differs significantly from the previously presented. Even if you are the person being massaged, you have an active part. You can watch a  Thai massage  best thought of as a combination of passive yoga poses and acupressure . It is based on ancient Buddhist roots. During treatment, the therapist * in (or your partner * in) guides you through different passive yoga poses and exerts targeted pressure on different body locations. Besides the application of pressure (also called Walken) targeted stretching exercises are used. A Thai massage is always done in bekleidetem state. A session can be a very intense massage experience. It is not very complicated, the massage practice using literature and videos to learn. The important thing is that the person who massaged, is aware and recognizes when a movement can cause pain. Done correctly can relieve a Thai massage pain and make the body generally more mobile and flexible.

massages - such as body and mind benefit

There are a number of reasons that speak for integrating massage into your personal wellness program.

Regular massage can for example help:

  • to lower blood pressure
  • reduce
  • Stress and anxiety
  • to improve circulation
  • increase
  • the physical flexibility
  • to improve the main image
  • to heal
  • injury
  • reduce
  • sleep

What is CBD?

We have already mentioned CBD and CBD oil in this article. But what's CBD actually ? CBD is of course an abbreviation, the long version is cannabidiol. Cannabidiol - or CBD - is contained in cannabis plants. CBD is one of the 100 different cannabinoids that occur in the hemp plant. CBD is because of its potentially positive effects become a popular natural ingredient used in beauty and wellness products.

Important: Different as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a CBD) another occurring in cannabis plants cannabinoid no high-making effect. No product containing CBD, makes high you!

CBD-oil is extracted directly from the plant and then usually diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

What makes the massage oil of VAAY so special?

CBD oil ensures that your massage is more enjoyable. It softens the skin and massage oil better distributed. We at VAAY have a special CBD skin and massage Öl designed for you. Jojoba oil, almond oil and ginger essence give our massage oil a particularly soothing scent. In addition, it contains 200 mg of natural CBD from natural hemp extract and is perfect for massages after sports or for relaxation as well as an alternative to body lotion after showering. For applying just the oil with light circular movements, apply to clean skin. The oil is enough to be applied gently to twice daily. However, using it ever when your skin is attacked or you have open wounds or abrasions.

The aroma

A nice massage at  candlelight  after a long and tiring day is a beautiful idea. More enjoyable and comfortable it is, if you can pamper yourself in such a situation not only touch, but also by matching flavors. If you use our CBD skin and massage oil, scented terpenes are released. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that occur naturally in cannabis (and many other fragrant plants). The wonderful flavors are noticeable when the oil is massaged into the skin. There are many different types of terpenes that produce natural scents, such as pine terpenes (you have it guessed) produce the smell of fresh pine. The terpene linalool turn promises a soft, floral scent that is similar to that of fresh lavender. These fragrances can create a heavenly relaxing atmosphere. You can take your brain with some practice even train on it: After a certain time, it combines the smells automatically with relaxation and you can more quickly come to rest whenever you perceive the scents


value giving ingredients

We've already discussed that are included in addition to CBD jojoba oil and almond oil in our massage oil, but why? It's simple: The two natural oils harmonize particularly well with CBD and can positively affect your skin as health.


Our jojoba oil is produced in North America. The jojoba plant thrives especially in harsh, desert climates that are extremely inhospitable to most other living things. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant. jojoba heavily moisturizing, so it is often used for skin care , The oil forms a protective barrier on the skin and so includes the moisture. Jojoba can help heal skin infections and alleviate irritation and has an antibacterial effect.

almond oil

almond oil is the perfect complement to jojoba oil and has very similar potencies , Almonds the seeds of Prunus dulcis tree, even Mandelbaum way, are called. read correctly, the seeds. Almond trees bear fruit that look like a peach when they are ripe. Almonds contain many nutrients and fats, making them potent small energy bombs. Of course you can also nibble on the delicious almonds, to get to the good ingredients - or you take them on through the skin. Almonds have been used for centuries to heal wounds before skin care and.

almond oil is also used as well as home remedies for annoying stretch marks after pregnancy and smaller for the treatment, still fresh scars. Contained in almond oil vitamin E helps to better retain moisture and regenerate the skin.

Ginger Essence

In addition to the two super-oils from almonds and jojoba contains our massage oil warming ginger essence. Ginger can promote microcirculation (the activation of even the smallest blood vessels), resulting in a warm and relaxing feeling spreads on skin and body and dead skin cells are removed. This heat can also help to improve your sleep and soothe your body and your mind.

How CBD can positively affect your well-being

skin problems

CBD will be awarded a number of positive active forces. CBD due to its potential ability to to reduce sebum production of the skin, for example as anti-acne -means be used. It is known that excess sebum can aggravate an existing acne suffering because the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes particularly well with sebum. The bacterium makes for inflammation and pus formation, for example in the form of so-called "Rückenakne" in which part of the entire back is covered with inflamed pustules. Regular gentle massage with the VAAY CBD skin and massage oil can help to alleviate the symptoms and help to bring the skin back into balance.

As part of a  2006 published study that were  in 14 patients, at itchy, some weeping, unpleasant skin diseases suffered (pruritus, lichen simplex and prurigo) the effect, that investigated locally administered topically CBD. 86.4% of subjects * in have felt a reduction of itching. These results suggest that CBD is particularly effective when it focuses is recorded in the appropriate places on the skin. There are also a growing number of studies on the possible antioxidant effects of CBD on human skin. Thus came a  study from 2011  to the conclusion that CBD might to can help to stimulate the growth of skin cells. This suggests that CBD can contribute to a younger appearance. The increased production of skin cells can minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, be some investigation evidence that CBD can potentially provide relief for complaints such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. A successful symptom relief brings not only a medical relief for those affected, it can generally significantly improve the quality of life.

Many skin diseases can mental stress be exacerbated as psoriasis, eczema and even acne. Stress can cause the itching is even more unbearable, which in turn increases the discomfort.

The good news for sufferers: The combination of a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep and exercise and a balanced diet, supplemented by regular CBD massage can help relieve stress and to find the peace that the skin needs to be to regenerate.


We are probably all permanent in search of the perfect night's sleep. Finally, a healthy sleep schedule for our overall well-being is crucial. According to the National Sleep Foundation people need an average of eight hours solid sleep a night to function at an optimal level. There are many factors that can adversely affect our sleep health, such as environmental factors such as noise, an uncomfortable mattress, a smartphone that distracts us, lights, and much more. Other factors that we can rob sleep, are anxiety, worry and stress. If you suffer from insomnia and regularly awake at night lying to wake up to the morning totally whacked, you know we what they are talking. Sleep disturbances affect the long-term well-being, the resilience and the concentration. Sleep disorders are, moreover, often no short occurring problem, but toll on individuals often for years. That is why sleeping pills are often no real help, as they provide a remedy only occasionally and for short periods. Sufferers therefore often look for natural, gentle methods that provide relief in the long run - and the regular restful cap of sleep. There are a lot of natural products, like melatonin sleep sprays, that can help you fall asleep.


massages can be quite a sleep, relaxation aid. CBD has to strengthen the massage the potential to the relaxing effect, it suggests several studies. study in 2019, has dealt with the question of if CBD can improve the sleep of patients and sublime anxiety diminish. The study involved 72 people attended. 25 people from this group suffered from severe insomnia and 47 had diffuse anxiety. The observation period of the study extends over a month and the participants took 25 mg CBD capsules per day to himself. The results speak for themselves: 66.7% of the participants said better and deeper sleep, and 79.2% had their fears better hide before falling asleep, resulting in a significantly better sleep experience.


The term " CBD against pain" was very much in recent years in Internet searches frequently entered, the interest in natural ways to treat pain increases. There are always more people who CBD oil in their healthy lifestyle have integrated and used CBD against pain. Studies have shown that CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of people. This system was first discovered in the early nineties, researchers investigated as THC. The ECS is physical for maintaining and regulating functions such as appetite, memory, mood and sleep is crucial. Your ECS is active even if you take no CBD to you. There are two major endocannabinoid receptors: the CB1 receptors are located in your central nervous system, and CB2 receptors are located primarily in your peripheral nervous system. can endocannabinoids (cannabinoids naturally occurring body) bind to these receptors and possibly analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects cause. In a study published in 2020 evaluated several clinical studies on the subject were examined "CBD for pain" and noted that further research must be done to be able to make clear statements. However, the evaluation also came to the conclusion CBD for people with chronic pain potential.

If your muscles are particularly stressed during exercise can cause microscopic damage to the muscle fibers that make the muscles stiff and obviously hurt. A sore muscles after a hard workout is absolutely normal and no cause for concern. He shows you the contrary, how hard you trained. Serenity, a cooling ice pack or a massage can help. Try it for your next workout but just once with a strong sports massage with the VAAY CBD skin and massage oil , so you can the annoying pain fail or at least reduced


Integrating massages with the VAAY CBD skin and massage oil into your daily life

Hear easy on your body and its needs in deciding when and how often does a CBD massage for you sense. We have a few examples and suggestions gathered here for you.

  • the VAAY CBD apply confidently regularly You can massage oil, for example for skin care after showering: Regularly every day. The valuable components soothe your skin and supply it with moisture - and counteracting such as an acne. Your skin will thank you for the daily care of our CBD massage oil.
  • As a special reward: Some people consider a massage with massage oil CBD as something they indulge in special situations or with which they reward yourself. For example, on a day or on an evening together with familiar friend * inside or the partner / partner. A mutual massage can be an intimate experience and strengthen your interpersonal intimacy.
  • After the workout: The regular sports massage with the VAAY CBD massage oil can you help prevent sore muscles and relax and feel comfortable you after training.
  • After Yoga: After a yoga session you are usually relaxed and entirely up to you. Why not continue to savor that sweet state with a CBD massage? Our massage oil can also complement each Thai massage session perfect.
  • To calm: Daily life often leaves us no escape - he's just stressful. A massage with massage oil CBD can you help to cope with particularly stressful or distressing moments and to calm down, for example, before an important meeting or presentation and focus.

Whatever form you prefer: Each massage can positively affect your body and your consciousness. It is worthwhile if you einplanst you individual time window for such a relaxing time out in everyday life. With the VAAY CBD skin and massage oil you can perceive it even more intense. Try it! :)

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