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CBD acts anti-inflammatory?

30/04/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
30/04/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

Forget Battlefield and Call of Duty: As soon as a potentially dangerous intruder - be it a splinter of wood or a pathogen - bring your body in danger, your body is such a complex defense processes in motion that the most experienced commander could stand aside only with his mouth open ,

In such a defense reaction is your body including the stress hormone cortisol ago. Also fever or fatigue are sometimes the less pleasant side effects of its immune response. And yet this well, uh, saved us many times before the ass life than we can count.

But the line between protection and self-destruction may be fine. That's why we take, for example, antipyretic drugs when the feared harm is greater than the benefits.

And then there's the instances in which your immune system begins to helicopters and suddenly constantly at war. Sounds unhealthy it is. Actually occur chronic inflammation associated with many diseases and are suspected to favor them.

Fortunately, we have a say but might also have a say in the matter. In addition to medication, other anti-inflammatory substances can ensure that our immune system gets a breather.

The fact that cannabis can often shift down a gear the human body, we know. But could CBD have on our immune system a similar effect? ​​

At a glance: Helps CBD in inflammation

  • What are the signs of inflammation?
  • Acute and chronic inflammation
  • Help anti-inflammatory agents at cold?
  • Does CBD anti-inflammatory? What science says
  • CBD: A possible hope against inflammation
  • FAQ

    What are the signs of inflammation?

    The following five signs are considered to be typical signs of inflammation:

    • heat
    • erythema
    • swelling
    • pain (To be able to move as the inflamed joint worse)
    • disturbed function

      Not always, all five cardinal symptoms be present during inflammation. If even none of these points occurs, it is called a "silent inflammation". About the inflammation in the blood, inflammation may be, however, often be detected early.

      Acute and chronic inflammation

      inflammation, caused by diseases, you realize often through the "itis" at the end. Bronchitis, cystitis (bladder infection) or gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) is probably among the most common of these species.

      If the inflammation chronic, is your immune system is virtually in constant stress. Of which the airways are affected, for example, asthma and arthritis joints. Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease that both acute and chronic can also occur.

      But even without a disease, the level of inflammation may vary in our bodies: Studies have shown that physically fitter people generally inflammation lower level code as those who are less fit. Here, a low inflammatory response that is actually still below the limits, a risk factor for may have cardiovascular disease to be.

      Help anti-inflammatory agents at cold?

      In a cold, the immune system triggers in response to the excitation of an inflammatory response to defend against him. But exactly this reaction also leads to all the symptoms that give us time and time again so much joy:

      For a sore throat often an inflamed mucous membrane in the throat is responsible. When cold is often a swollen nasal mucosa the cause. If inflammation of the nasal mucosa also transferred to the sinuses, leading to the unpleasant feeling of pressure in the head.

      As we know, the inflammatory response to a certain extent is necessary. And yet targeted measures can provide the much desired relief us.

      That's what often contain hydrocortisone for example nasal sprays. This is nothing other than the synthetic form of cortisone - the hormone produced by our body to inflammatory reactions in to get a grip. It inhibits inflammation and reduces swelling to be finally you breathe freely again.

      Today we also know that old home remedies like warm milk with honey or herbal teas to take effect, among others, by its anti-inflammatory effect.

      Does CBD anti-inflammatory? What science has to say

      Additional Help Protect from nature might of CBD, a non-psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant come.

      Italian study the cannabinoid explored this same in two ways: You examined both inflamed bowel segments of mice and intestinal biopsies of people with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. While the researchers treated the mice directly with CBD, they were limited in the second part on the removed cells.

      In both cases, they were able to observe a positive effect, which can suggest that CBD may have anti-inflammatory. According to the scientists CBD therefore probably provides a promising new way to treat inflammatory bowel diseases.

      rats with arthritis externally-applied CBD gel significantly reduced the swelling of the joints. Depending on the dosage could also notice a decrease in inflammatory markers.

      And even with Alzheimer's, it is believed that inflammatory processes - more specifically Neuroinflammationen - play an important role. CBD was in a study on mice code in the correct dosage in a position comparable neuroinflammatory reactions significantly weaken.

      There are a total cannabidiol to the current state of research, unfortunately, only animal studies or in vitro studies in the test tube and it is still unclear to what extent the findings can be transferred to humans.

      However, the results so far give hope that the CBD from cannabis anti-inflammatory effect and thus could provide for a variety of diseases relief. So you could CBD, for example in the form of CBD oil stand for colds aside.

      CBD: A possible hope against inflammation

      • Inflammation is normally part of the normal immune response of your body but
      • Very strong or chronic inflammation may adversely affect
      • inflammation play a role in a variety of diseases, from colds about arthritis to asthma
      • Numerous indications make it that CBD may have anti-inflammatory
      • studies in animals and in vitro suggest a future use of CBD hope in inflammatory diseases


        What's CBD code?

        CBD is not psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant. According to WHO, it is considered not dependent making. Cannabinoid are said to have many positive effects on mental and physical health, which are repeatedly confirmed by field reports.

        What causes CBD?

        research give evidence of a potentially anti-inflammatory, sedative and anxiolytic effect of CBD oil code. In addition, the cannabinoid has probably an influence on the perception of pain.

        There are a few side effects and interactions of CBD oil known .

        How do I take CBD oil?

        Give the desired amount of drops with the pipette under your tongue. . Tip: Make the best front of the mirror to count better to

        to keep

        Try not to swallow the oil directly, but 1 to 2 minutes under your tongue. When absorbed through the oral mucosa, the CBD oil it acts faster and has a higher bioavailability may.

        Shop in our Guide to dose of CBD oil pure to everything to learn more on the correct use.

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