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CBD OIL 20% | Natural Terpenes 20 | 1.000mg

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This 20% CBD oil contains 2000 mg of CBD to regulate your oral hygiene, delicious smelling terpenes and MCT oil from sun-kissed coconuts. Fits in any pocket. Is for always and everywhere. And just a few clicks away. Since it's been claimed that the world doesn't belong to the hesitant, that really only leads to one conclusion: our CBD Oil 20% doesn't belong in just any pocket, it belongs in your pocket. Here's another wild thought: the oil is the ideal gift for all and sundry. No waiting in line at all. Outstanding, don't you think?


MCT oil, hemp extract (rich in cannabinoids and terpenes).


Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Keep out of reach of children. Oh and please store dry, cool, away from light and shake well before use. That's it.

Laboratory analyses & certificates

In diesem PDF findest du Zertifikate zur Cannabinoide & mikrobiologischen Untersuchung

CBD OIL 20% | Natural Terpenes 20 | 1.000mg
CBD OIL 20% | Natural Terpenes 20 | 1.000mg
CBD OIL 20% | Natural Terpenes 20 | 1.000mg
CBD OIL 20% | Natural Terpenes 20 | 1.000mg
no animal testing
lab tested
all products are tested
no additives
only natural ingredients

What and for whom is our CBD oil 20%?

Your CBD oil 20% regulates your oral hygiene, smells beguiling and is pampered with the very best ingredients. Plus, the effect of sunlight refracting in the glass is beautiful when you pile 50 vials into a pyramid on a summer day. What else? Is it too strong, are you too weak? This is, excuse our Norwegian, flower entwined bullshit. Which CBD oil is right for you is purely a matter of feel-good. We advise CBD beginners to first try the 10% oil and then slowly feel their way forward.

How to use it?

Whenever you feel like it, open your mouth, drop 3 drops onto your tongue with the pipette, move the oil around in your mouth for about 30 seconds, then spit it out. You can also dose your CBD oil according to your personal preferences. You can find out how to do this and everything else about taking and dosing here. Our CBD oil works directly on your mucous membranes and maintains your oral hygiene. One drop (approx. 0.05 ml) corresponds to 10 mg CBD.


What does the 20% in CBD oil 20% actually mean?
The indication 20% refers to the concentration of CBD in the oil. With CBD oil 20%, you get an oil with 20% CBD content. This corresponds to a total amount of 2,000 mg of CBD per 10 ml vial. So the oil with 20% CBD differs from an oil with only 10% CBD in the amount of CBD it contains. Mathematics can be this beautiful.
What percentage of CBD should a CBD oil contain?
Just try it. CBD beginners we advise to start with our CBD oil 10% and then feel your way to the oils with a higher concentration. The question of the CBD oil 20% dosage, i.e. how many drops of the 20% CBD oil you can entrust to the inside of your mouth, is also quickly answered: We recommend 3 drops (1 drop =0.05 ml: 10 mg CBD) per application.
Is CBD oil 20% vegan?
Yes. Apart from a little bee help with our bath ball, the entire vaay range is vegan.
Can you take the oil and participate in road traffic?
Yes. Because CBD is not intoxicating, nor do the stress-reducing and calming properties that so many attribute to the cannabinoid cause you to lose control in traffic because of CBD. Furthermore, CBD oil is allowed in Germany if it has a THC content of less than 0.2%, which is good for all vaay enthusiasts, because each of our products always stays below 0.1% in terms of THC content. So your driver's license is safe in every respect. Your inner balance too, as long as you don't get upset about the compact car driver in front of you with a hat and a tailgate clog.

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