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Press Contact

Mr Thilo Grösch
Sr. Communications Manager | Public Relations
📧 Email: |
📞 Phone: +49 30 80093764
🔗 Get in touch on LinkedIn
📬 Sanity Care GmbH | JĂ€gerstr. 28-31 | 10117 Berlin, Germany

Agency Germany:
StilgeflĂŒster – Agency for Communications (Hamburg)
Malin Graumann | 📧 Email:
📞 Phone: +49 40 2093482380

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Finn A. HĂ€nsel, Founder

"We are so awake and overstimulated that we long for calm. VAAY stands for a healthy lifestyle, away from the hectic daily routine, the pressure of self-optimisation and performance enhancement towards deceleration and inner balance."

"Our goal is to unleash the full potential of the cannabis plant and explore and harness other cannabinoids besides CBD in the future."

VAAY to watch, listen & read

For more from VAAY, check out YouTube, Spotify and our Online Magazine:

VAAY on YouTube

What is CBD? How does it get into the VAAY products? Find it out on YouTube!

VAAY on Spotify

On Spotify, we regularly create playlists, e.g. for meditation or falling asleep.

VAAY Magazine

How does CBD act on skin and what is Nano-CBD? Find out more in our magazine!