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CBD flowers: Are CBD flowers legal in Germany? (Status: June 2022)

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What happens when I smoke CBD flowers?

Why can smoking CBD flowers feel different for everyone?
Is it legal to smoke CBD flowers in Germany?
Buying CBD flowers in Germany: legal or illegal?
CBD flower smoking vs. vaping

The CBD wave has long since overtaken Germany. Hemp seems to be everywhere - from CBD gummy bears to CBD sports gel to perhaps the best known representative, CBD oil. So why don't we just make it easy on ourselves and smoke the CBD flowers ourselves?

You probably already suspect that we can't easily replace tobacco with CBD flowers when rolling. Even though the general CBD legal situation in Germany gives us hope by now, CBD and our state are still not the best of friends.

So yes, it is complicated. So you don't even have to dig through the legal muddle, we've summarized our assessment of the legal situation of CBD flowers in Germany in a compact way. And - because it's you - at the end we'll present you with an option to play it safe.

What exactly CBD is, however, we explain in our "What is CBD" article, so feel free to take a look there as well.

CBD flower effects: what happens when I smoke CBD flowers?

Spoiler: First of all, not that much - or not nearly enough to warrant raids and house searches. But that's just our humble opinion. And while we're at it: This entire article cannot and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice.

Provided the flowers are made from European commercial hemp and do not exceed the permitted THC content of no more than 0.2 percent, it is virtually impossible to get high from smoking CBD flowers. So, what's the point?

You may become a little more relaxed by smoking CBD flowers. However, the effect of CBD can be different for everyone: While some will notice something after the first CBD session, others will only feel an effect after a few times.

Basically, by inhaling CBD you benefit from a particularly good bioavailability. In fact, inhaling CBD is the fastest way to feel an effect. A potential effect can be virtually instantaneous and last from 2 to 4 hours.

Why can smoking CBD flowers feel different for everyone?

Among several other factors, the effects of CBD depend in no small part on your overall physical condition. If you're wondering why the effect doesn't work for you, you should definitely check out our article on 5 reasons why CBD doesn't work.

In the end, you have to find out for yourself how CBD flower smoking feels to you. Some use it to have a relaxing evening with their friends. There it can be the icing on the cake that provides the extra portion of relaxation and well-being. Others also like to fall back on the potentially stress-reducing function in everyday life. Don't worry: According to the WHO, CBD is not addictive.

Is it allowed to smoke CBD flowers in Germany?

Well, the effect is all well and good, but the relaxation effect is gone pretty quickly if you get in trouble with the police. Here we have some bad news for all of you who are flirting with smoking CBD flowers:

Cannabis and the majority of its products still fall under the Narcotics Act. The fact that some CBD products, such as CBD oil, are allowed at all is thanks to an exception. Accordingly, products from European commercial hemp cultivation are permitted if their THC content is guaranteed to be below 0.2 percent and if their misuse for intoxicating purposes can be ruled out.

CBD flowers fail on the last point: According to the legislator, this misuse cannot be ruled out for CBD smoking products made from dried and crushed hemp.

Thus, the state does not make a big difference between CBD flowers and cannabis. Accordingly, smoking CBD flowers is allowed, possessing them is not.

Just as with cannabis, however, criminal prosecution can be dropped for small amounts. In Berlin, for example, the public prosecutor's office is encouraged to drop the case if the amount is less than 10 grams and there is no danger to others. However, the regulations vary from state to state - on the page of the German Hemp Association you can find an overview of the amount of "small quantities".

Buying CBD flowers in Germany: legal or illegal?

Neither the distribution of CBD flowers to the end consumer nor the importation by private individuals from abroad is allowed. The fact that CBD flowers are sometimes even available in one or the other big city kiosk is merely tolerated.

The situation is similar when you buy CBD flowers online. Even if the CBD flowers come from European commercial hemp cultivation and the THC limit of 0.2 percent is not exceeded, the shipment can be intercepted by customs. Again, it depends not least on the quantity and the discretion of the competent authorities whether prosecution will be initiated.

CBD flower smoking vs. vaping

We summarize: Even though the last word is certainly not spoken yet, you should rather not buy or smoke CBD flowers in Germany at the moment. Other CBD products like CBD oil or CBD capsules are a practical solution to benefit from the effect of CBD legally, anywhere and anytime.

But you don't have to give up inhaling either. After all, we wouldn't be us if we hadn't come up with a solution for this: With CBD Liquids, as they are contained in our CBD Vape Pens, the legislator is fortunately more benevolent. The sale and consumption of CBD liquids, with a maximum of 0.2 percent THC of course, is 100 percent legal in Germany.

So you want to play it safe and still not give up inhaling CBD? Then you are well advised to use our CBD vape pens. Legally, they are watertight - and you benefit from the fast effect of CBD. We wish you happy vaping!

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