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    Our best selling CBD products are perfect for your everyday life, whether you want to RELAX, RECOVER, or get some hard-earned SLEEP.


    All of our CBD oil and other CBD products are available in our CBD shop and are based on the special VAAY product formula using the best parts of the hemp plant. As a result, you go through the day feeling calm and balanced. You can discover our VAAY formula here.

    • We are excited about our products - you will be too! Try our CBD. If we're wrong, the bottle is on us. Find out more about our money back guarantee in the FAQs.
    • All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories. Through this we ensure high quality.
    • Our entire supply chain is located exclusively in the EU.
    • All VAAY products meet the legal requirements and are below a THC content of 0.2%.
    • We at VAAY attach great importance to sustainability. Therefore, our products also contain natural ingredients.
    • To unlock the full potential of the cannabis plant, our CBD oils contain the entire cannabinoid profile of the original plant.
    • Behind every outstanding product is an extraordinary team. We at VAAY are believers. In the middle of Berlin, we have assembled a team of extraordinary researchers, developers, physicians, entrepreneurs and other employees who work together on new formulations and products.

    • We at VAAY take product safety very seriously. Therefore, we have our products regularly checked by certified laboratories and also publish the results of these analyses in our quality promise and laboratory results.

    • At VAAY we try to be different. We pay a lot of attention to the needs of our customers and try to develop the right products for them. At the same time, many people work completely transparent and are in constant communication with the authorities to further improve the access to CBD and hemp products.

    Take your VAAYzeit

    Create small islands of relaxation in your hectic everyday life. Because in order to give our best day after day, we need small breaks of relaxation.

    • The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that have been discovered in the cannabis plant so far. By the way, a particularly well-known cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike this, however, CBD has no intoxicating effect, so it does not make the user 'high'.

    • Yes, products with CBD are legal and freely available in Germany. However, there are some important points to consider. For example, CBD is not approved as a dietary supplement, so CBD oil and co. may not be swallowed. In addition, the products must not exceed a THC content of 0.2%.

    • There are several options for the use of CBD. It is not possible to clearly determine which form is best. Various factors play a role here. The answer to the question is also simply a matter of taste or type. Some users like to resort to pens, others rather to oils. The latter are particularly popular and are available from VAAY as sprays or drops with a pipette. By the way, these sprays and drops are available in different versions and flavors. In addition, you can also find gels or massage oils with CBD and the delicious hemp vitamin gummies in our store - browse around and find your favorite product.

    • This question cannot be answered so easily and sweepingly. The effect of the various products with CBD is often different for different users. For one user, the effect is faster and more intense, while for another user, the effect is significantly lower. Accordingly, no clear dosage recommendation for CBD can be given. You should therefore slowly approach the products and the dosage suitable for you. You will also find a note on the recommended use on the packaging. The motto "start low, go slow!" applies - so start with a low dosage and cautiously! By the way, the practical sprays from VAAY are easy to dose and use even for inexperienced users. More detailed information on the correct dosage and recommended daily dose of CBD can be found in our related blog article.

    CBD - what is it exactly?

    CBD is an abbreviation and stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of more than 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L.) by researchers to date. Probably one of the best known of these cannabinoids is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which you may have heard of. Both CBD and THC are derived from the cannabis plant, but they differ significantly in some areas. One major difference, for example, is that CBD, unlike THC, has no intoxicating effect. The accessibility of the substances also differs greatly: while possession and trade of THC are illegal in Germany, various products containing CBD may be sold - as long as they have a THC content of less than 0.2%. If you want to learn more about the similarities and differences between CBD and THC, you can find a more detailed article on the topic here.

    Variety of products with CBD - what is there and what is legal?

    In principle, various products containing CBD may be circulated and used in Germany. However, as is often the case, the devil is in the details. We have already pointed out one important point: The THC content of the products must not exceed a limit of 0.2%. In addition, over-the-counter CBD products are not approved dietary supplements - these products are therefore not intended for consumption, may not be declared as food under any circumstances and should not be swallowed accordingly. You can find out more about the legal situation in Germany in this article, and if you would also like to take a look at the bigger picture, you can find a compilation of the legal treatment of CBD in Europe and worldwide here.

    Something more concrete, please! Forms of CBD

    That was all rather theoretical and went too fast for you? No problem, let's make it a little more concrete and solve the confusion. In the following, we will briefly introduce you to some processed forms of CBD in more detail and will also go into the questions of effect, legality and application.

    Popular and the basis of many other products: CBD oil

    The CBD oil - not to be confused with hemp oil, which you may already know from the kitchen! - is probably the best-known CBD product in Germany and also forms the basis for many other articles with CBD. A CBD oil is usually a carrier oil (for example, high-quality MCT oil) that is combined with CBD extract obtained from useful hemp. It is often offered in a drop or spray variant. However, there are many other possibilities here, for example, further processing into a CBD massage oil or combining it with other valuable ingredients. Depending on the type of processing, the form of application and dosage also differs, of course. The reasons for use and assumed effects are diverse, CBD oil is used, for example, against migraine, arthritis or for relaxation.

    Easy handling: CBD drops & sprays

    We had already pointed out that CBD oil is particularly common in the form of sprays and drops. Both variants are characterized not least by their uncomplicated applicability. Users can thus conveniently carry the CBD with them and easily dose it. Usually, in the case of a spray, the CBD is introduced into the oral cavity by pumping, while the drops are dripped into the mouth with the help of a pipette. The CBD oil then remains in the mouth below the tongue for about 30 seconds, so that the ingredients can be absorbed through the mucous membranes. However, it must not be swallowed, as CBD oil is not an approved dietary supplement.

    Not permitted in Germany: CBD fruit gums

    This circumstance is also significant for another product: CBD fruit gums. The distribution of this CBD form, reminiscent of gummy bears and similar sweets, is not permitted in Germany for precisely this reason. All those who were looking forward to a little snack of this special kind, however, do not have to be too disappointed. There are great alternatives, such as sweet treats based on hemp instead of CBD. These are also available completely legally in Germany.

    CBD flowers & CBD weed: What else is it and is it allowed?

    The terms CBD flowers or CBD weed are commonly used to refer to certain parts of special hemp plants that are characterized by a particularly high CBD content and at the same time contain very little THC. The CBD flowers can then be processed into other CBD products, but sometimes they are also smoked or used to brew a tea. However, the trade with so-called CBD flowers or weed is illegal in Germany. In principle, there are special cultivars of commercial hemp that are characterized by a particularly low THC content and dealers of CBD flowers sometimes also state that the THC content of their CBD flowers is below 0.2% and that they are therefore legal. However, these claims are very questionable and problematic. The actual THC content of the flowers can hardly be determined - especially when they are smoked. In this respect, abuse and use for intoxication purposes cannot be ruled out with CBD flowers - even if the flowers come from rather low-THC commercial hemp.

    The VAAY CBD Shop: Buy cool products conveniently, safely and legally

    Now you have a first overview of cannabidiol, its origin, possible effects and uses as well as questions of legality and scientific research. If you have further questions or want to deepen your knowledge, just have a look at our blog. Here you will find many different exciting articles on topics related to CBD, cannabis, legal issues, etc. Feel free to browse through the articles and get a lot of helpful information, for example about the cultural history of cannabis, the status regarding a possible legalization of cannabis in Germany and the fascinating story about the meaning of the mysterious number code 420. Speaking of browsing: If you're looking for CBD cosmetics and the like, check out our VAAY CBD store. Here you will find a variety of great hemp and CBD products such as CBD oil, bath balls with CBD and hemp capsules. So you can save yourself the hassle of going to your local CBD store and simply order conveniently and legally online. From our home base in the German capital Berlin, we will gladly send the products to your home.