Sport is healthy before going to sleep?

Ist Sport vor dem Schlafen gesund?

Maybe you know the feeling that your to-do list is pretty full on many days - whether with work or family obligations. You do your utmost to also accommodate the regular sports program in your busy schedule, which eventually falls mostly on the late evening. But then you hear, can promote that sport before going to bed sleeping. What now? renounce the exercise or continue to train in the evening and sleep for worse?

Good news: You can relax. In circumstances it is even possible, you can sleep better through sport . However, while there are some important things to consider - and that these and other helpful tips for the movement in the evening we ask you before in this article


Articles: Sports before sleep

  1. Is Sport before sleep good or not?
  2. What did your chronotype to do with sports goodnight
  3. What do you think the sport before going to sleep?
  4. type and intensity of your training code
  5. How does yoga to sleep?

    Is Sport before sleeping well or not?

    The fact that regular exercise is generally healthy, is beyond question. We are strengthening our heart and circulation, promote blood circulation of our bodies and train us ideally even better posture and deeper breathing in. Sports can also help reduce stress and freizukriegen head. Although many people can be accommodated in the evening because of work days their sports program - thanks to long opening times of gyms and online programs is but usually not a problem. And when we want a clear head more than to go to sleep at night?

    After an intense workout, the body needs but a little time to get back "shut down" . This means above all that heart rate code and breathing return to normal and the entire system to rest comes. Since the idea is obvious that sport is not the best choice in the evening before sleeping. So now what is true?

    Whether nightly sports help for sleep or they may even worsen, depends on at least three things:

    1. your Chronoyp
    2. your own attitude towards sport
    3. the nature and intensity of your training

      Let's look for a closer look at.

      What did your chronotype to do with sports goodnight

      Have you ever from the "circadian rhythm" is one? This is the natural sleep-wake rhythm, which controls when we feel tired or perk. This rhythm looks for most people something like this:

      1. After waking increases our energy level slowly until we reach a first power-up (10-12 pm).
      2. After the first high following the first low, also known as "lunch Deep" (about 13-14 pm).
      3. Next, increases our energy levels back slowly until we reach a second high (increase starting around 15:00).
      4. Finally, we are tired after the second high and fall asleep (from about 21 pm).

        Perhaps you have now noticed that this rhythm does not exactly fit for you. Here the exciting chronotypes come into play: So-called "larks" are in fact already in the morning awake and may have their first high, for example, already experiencing around 7 or 8 o'clock. "owls" are, however, all the morning is hard to use, experience but also after midnight high phases that are completely incomprehensible for larks. Most people are mixed types, but there are clearly distinct types.

        What does the chronotype now for the sport before going to sleep? Clear that you as a lark, which is at nine o'clock in the evening really tired, not necessarily at 20.30've still like sports - and this keeps awake you may unnecessarily. An owl, however, which still has to get out early in the morning because of their jobs, can benefit themselves Černý is the chance again so right at nine, so they do come at a reasonable time to rest.

        So you see: it sports the evening before sleep is good for or interfere, can be very individual. Ideally, try on you several times and lead diary of when you could not sleep well and when. Let's look at the second important point. your own attitude towards sport

        How do you stand the sport before going to sleep?

        You can use the same port unit at the same time and complete under the same conditions and still achieve two completely different sleep results. The important question here is: How do you feel regarding your sports unit


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