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Prevents us from sleeping blue light?

03/03/2021 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
03/03/2021 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

smartphones have sooo many benefits: We can read at night in bed without disturbing adjacent beds, we can fall asleep to the favorite music and even without an additional alarm. But how was the same with the blue light while sleeping? Is it true that the phone will list the bed to sleep? And what can we do ourselves to get better rest? We've dug ourselves for you by current studies and compiled the answers.

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  1. Even while sleeping, the mobile phone is always near
  2. Poor sleep by blue light?
  3. Better sleep without a mobile phone and Co.

    Even when sleeping, the mobile phone is always nearby

    It is no longer uncommon for people with the phone asleep - it replaces precisely what was formerly the crime series on TV or the romance in the evening. The mobile phone use has grown rapidly in recent years - the number of sleep disorders as well. No wonder that a link is suspected. is claimed again and again that the blue light us from falling asleep prevents . But what does science say?

    Meanwhile, some research diligently over the use of digital media in connection with the quality of sleep. In fact, seem to people who use the mobile phone just before falling asleep to enjoy a less restful sleep . This is indicated, for example, a Norwegian study out in almost 10,000 young people were asked about their use of mobile phones and their sleep quality.

    Belgian study confirmed the results of the first study for adults: who used the phone Before sleep, stated once both asleep later worse. However, valid for both studies: The information on sleep quality were obtained using questionnaires. The answers of the participants are subjective so and therefore distort the result.

    Another shortcoming of both studies: apply no statement as to whether the insomnia triggered by the phone itself .

    or none of this - an exciting conversation via WhatsApp, mobile phone radiation, an exciting game that potentially harmful blue light: Finally, the reasons could be varied.

    A little light (no blue!) Tried a swedish-American study code to get into the thing: here was investigated whether the phone by the bed sleep due cause of radiation could. And indeed: The study group that a radiation of 884 MHz - according to typical cell phone radiation at the time - was exposed slept, a late and poor through. However: The study included 35 men and 36 women took part - it is therefore of limited significance and also over 10 years old


    Secured appears: In addition to the phone to sleep, promotes sleep. The reasons, however, are more difficult to detect and not clearly documented. Let's take a closer look at one of the most common suspects. the blue light to make it difficult to sleep at night

    Poor sleeping by blue light?

    Is Blue light harmful? To answer this question, we must first know what blue light at all is - it does not look necessarily namely blue from. A quick trip back to the physics classes: light is composed of different wavelengths - longer and shorter - and the blue light is more short-wave and energy


    Blue light in itself is not harmful - at least not in moderation. Indeed, it is even part of the sunlight, and we all love our extra dose of vitamin D code, right? Artificial light sources also contain blue light - cell phones, LEDs, and other screens, for example. However, we believe these screens usually closer to our face when we get to the sun, and also the concentration of blue light may be higher.

    Of particular interest is: Our brains can not distinguish our tablets easily between the blue light in sunlight and the blue light. The blue light contained in daylight, affects our circadian rhythm - this is a sonorous term of art-night-day rhythm describes ours. Means: the dwindling daylight signals our body that it is time to sleep. To this end, with increasing darkness including the "sleep hormone" melatonin code distributed.

    The important question about blue light and sleep is now: Causes artificial blue light that less melatonin paid and our body thinks it's day - which is why we sleep later or worse by ? The answer is a Finnish meta code that almost in 2019 130 scientific articles auswertete. The result: Those who exposes himself to the evening for two hours blue light, actually suppresses the production of melatonin - but only for about 15 minutes. So it seems as if blue light prevent us from sleeping , but the negative effect remains current knowledge is limited.

    So clear blue light before sleeping? Not quite: Even if the blue light is not spoken definitively guilty, it may be worthwhile to go to sleep without a mobile phone


    Better sleep without a mobile phone and Co.

    First of all: A good sleep hygiene code works better without a mobile phone. Because: It might not be necessarily the blue light that interferes with sleep, but mobile, tablet & amp; Co. dealt in many ways - and not always sleep-promoting way. If you have read this code for better falling and staying asleep our all-Guide, you know that there relaxing when Sleep is all about to come to rest.

    That's what is difficult when we fall asleep with the phone. Because in the virtual world expect the following:

    • E-mail messages that remind us of pending tasks and thus trigger stress
    • games that lead just before sleep too excited
    • chat or voice messages that may be conflicted
    • calendar entries that trigger the thoughts carousel
    • other activities that we keep alive and thus shorten the duration of sleep

      A quiet place to sleep, a rite of passage and gentle relaxation before bedtime can make it easier for you well on and stay asleep. Maybe you want to save to the relaxed Vaping to settle and the day you a time to reminisce. Or you discover the classic of sleep-promoting food code that can be used for generations as a home remedy for sleep .

      Conclusion: In terms of digital technology, the science is still not quite sure. Nevertheless, you can even do a lot to enjoy relaxing sleep. Thus, even if does not bring up the blue light to sleep - try but once out, put away the phone before going to sleep


      More ūüĎČ code on the topic and routines for better sleep and here to the CBD Shop. ūüĎą

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