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should try five reasons why athletes CBD

22/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
22/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
For many top athletes has long been clear: CBD can be a huge help in the regeneration of muscles and joints after a hard workout or a very-demanding game. Who sports at the highest level drives knows how important a good rest for the success of the training sessions. For it is only in the regeneration phase, your body can become stronger and faster and achieve the hoped-for progress.
In the US, the potential of CBD for athletes is already known and some sports federations allow the intake of CBD already or are about to change their rules. The NFL, for example, decided in early 2020 that players who tested positive for cannabinoids, are no longer suspended games. The UFC code allows their fighters now to use CBD before and after the fighting.

In 2017 was also CBD banned from the list of doping substances World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed . In its pure form, anyway. Cannabinoid-containing cannabis products (ie z. B. also CBD containing full or broad-spectrum extracts) are not allowed as before. Since then, athletes can, their associations be governed by the rules of WADA, using the CBD as an isolate - at least outside of the competition.
FIFA also is subject to these requirements.

why could CBD be interesting for athletes

1st CBD and stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of good performance. constant stress is considered the most widespread disease of the 21st century and can mitbedingen a whole range of other diseases. If you have a sporty performance at a high level or just your personal best time in the hundred-yard dash beat like, will most likely not matter if you're from it stressed.

Some scientific studies indicate that CBD can help us relax. This is because that cannabidiol some important functions in our body regulate can or influence. These include the inhibition of cortisol secretion code or the lowering the adrenaline level code. Here it is important to note that many of these studies have been carried out on animals or with few human subjects. However, the results can transferability well at least not seem impossible to man.

For athletes it is extremely important that right balance between high intensity during training and rest in the recovery to find and for one or the other CBD can thereby be of great benefit.

second CBD and inflammation

inflammation include for many athletes to everyday life. Whether overused joints or muscles when you play regularly, you had a sports-related inflammation. If you do not get this under control, it can become chronic and lead to lasting pain, sickness and weight gain.

By the way, are inflammation also one of the biggest obstacles to a quick recovery . Normally there help only longer periods of rest or anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent. but which may partly have nasty side effects.

This is also the reason why CBD in recent years among professional athletes in the US gained more and more popularity has. Because according to a overview study from 2010 cannabinoids may be "strong anti-inflammatory agent", the "cell proliferation, suppression of their effects by inducing apoptosis, inhibition of cytokine production and induction of T regulatory cells (Tregs)" exercise. But even if it sounds phenomenal - many of the underlying data are derived from animal or in vitro studies. The portability, so that all this holds true in humans is, therefore, still not given. Learn more about whether CBD Anti-inflammatory effect code.

third CBD may have a pain-inhibitory

The analgesic effect of CBD was already in a number of studies examined and many people take it already for this purpose. At this point, however, it is important to emphasize that CBD is not approved for pain relief. The study location is as far from being as clear as it would like to have many and we can therefore be no clear recommendation to do so.

In theory, at any rate CBD binds the body to CB2 receptors, which help the immune system among other things, in setting analgesic processes in motion . It is therefore suggested that CBD suppress this effect by pro-inflammatory hormones and can thus relieve inflammation-related pain.

4th CBD and sleeping

As mentioned earlier, good sleep is extremely important, whether for amateur runners or athletes. CBD may possibly signaling the body's "Tired maker" adenosine < / a> amplify and thus the falling asleep easier and for better and more restful sleep care . And if that is so, this could of course then also longer recovery for your muscles, your immune system and your musculoskeletal system mean.

Who for hours ensure plagued lying in bed often and every embarrassing situation since the third grade is experiencing, which could potentially also from the potentially anxiolytic effect of CBD benefit - and thus sleep calmer and more relaxed. This would then also benefit your brain, because good sleep promotes mental resilience - an important component of physical performance . Anyone who has ever tried to run a marathon knows: The fight is 20% physical and 80% mental


5th CBD and muscle relaxation

Anyone who has made at least once in a lifetime sport, knows the feeling of strained muscles after a little too hard training session. The good old muscle soreness. Here, too, CBD could possibly help. CBD may namely have blood circulation promoting effects and thereby increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles. This helps the strained muscles to relax faster and solve problems.

CBD also appears (better known as GABA) to have an impact on the function of γ-aminobutyric acid. γ-aminobutyric acid docked in the body of the GABA receptors and thus reduces the excitability of nerve cells. CBD enhances this effect appears to code and could thereby < strong> muscles help support relax and the body to come to rest. There is also studies that suggest that increased GABA uptake may distribute growth hormones code what the muscle building also would benefit.

We would in any case highly recommend you your weary bones and aching legs troubled times vigorously with our VAAY rub CBD active gel!


So you see: buy CBD can for any athlete, whether professional or total beginner, be a good choice. But as always with CBD also occurs here on your own body and your endocannabinoid system (ECS) . Check it carefully and touch you slowly ran the perfect amount.

Last also a important note for athletes, have to undergo doping tests: THC is still prohibited in all sports federations. Eighth reason always make sure that the actual THC content of the product that you use, is 0%. The legal limit for THC is indeed quite low at 0.2%, but it can not be excluded that such even extremely small amounts of THC are taken up by sensitive drug testing.
For our products we guarantee you that the THC content is at most 0.01%.

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