The Chinese organ clock: All in good time

chinesische organuhr vaay besser schlafen vaay

If it happened to you before, that you have become awake at night 3-4 am, so completely without bad dreams and without an alarm clock? Did you every now and again this sleep? Waking up at 4 am has been a major fixture in your sleep cycles classified? Your Organuhr sends his regards.

Restless sleep can have many causes and one of them is related to the theory of Chinese organ clock. This says that our body follows a certain biorhythm and our various organs are always at a specific time most active. Responsible for this is the life energy, "Qi".

What is behind this "qi"?

The principle of Chinese organ clock is based on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an ancient healing art from the Far East. Surely you've heard of qigong and acupuncture, the pillars of TCM are and have now also established in the West. In fact, the TCM of five sub-sectors; Acupuncture and Qigong each describe, as the herbal medicine , for example, a part of the European medicine occupies .

In TCM it is believed that in us and all around us there is an energy - said Qi. At best, this energy, it can, however, stalled flows. In the human body it moves on invisible energy channels, called meridians, cross the all body parts. Within 24 hours, the Qi flows through each cell, which is long supplied always about two hours an organ particularly well with vital energy. Hence the Chinese organ clock, because in those two hours the appropriate institution has its absolute energy peak. 12 hours later, however, it reached its low point.

The internal clock of the organs

The Organuhr describes thus the phase in which our organs are brimming with energy and when they prefer to go to bed. To better understand how this behavior can affect our well-being and on our sleep, we look at the internal clock of the organs and their functions in detail again at.

1-3 pm: The liver (day off: 13-15 pm)

Our liver is in TCM for life - without them we would admittedly pretty duped, because it is one of the major detoxification organs. While we are at this time probably in deep sleep, the liver

operates between the hours of 1-3 pm in high gear to reduce by exogenous or useless substances and poisons.

3-5 pm: lung (day off: 15-17 pm)

In the period from 3-5 pm flows through the vital energy of our lungs, which is responsible for our breathing. Will you now and then awake 3-4 o'clock? Then you can

you imagine with what organ that may be related, according to TCM.

5-7 pm: colon (day off: 17-19 pm)

This time window is one in Organuhr the colon. In the early morning hours, he is excited the most active and the digestive tract. For those who belong to the sleep type lark and at this time are already awake, lends itself the period great for a toilet in order to help detoxify the body.

7-9 pm: stomach (day off: 19-21 pm)

The time window of 7-9 in the morning is very good for the food intake, because the stomach is here flooded with energy and digestion is in full swing. TCM recommends a warm and balanced breakfast in the morning to the life energy in this area ideal to take advantage.

9-11 pm: spleen (day off: 21-23 pm)

The spleen is involved, among others, the formation of blood cells, blood cleansing and the immune system. The body is at its peak performance, our resilience and healing break during this period records. Therefore, it is suitable to the knowledge of TCM awarded for tests or surgery.

11-13 pm: Heart (day off: 23-1 pm)

From 11-13 pm is literally the best time to pour out his heart. Socializing and talking ensure that the Qi can flow noon perfect. So the ideal time for a Mittagspläuschchen with colleagues. The rest of the heart from 23 clock also suggests that we should then come to rest at the latest - the time for emotion is over


13-15 pm: the small intestine (rest time: 1-3 pm)

The small intestine is an important organ responsible for our digestion and especially for the processing of nutrients and passing into the bloodstream or the colon. Spending a lot of energy is expended, which also means that our performance and concentration subsides. In order for the Qi to develop its full force here, it makes sense to follow his organ clock and give the body some rest. The ideal time for a power nap .

15-17 pm: bladder (resting time: 3-5 pm)

The soup coma followed by a second power-up. Our ability to concentrate, as well as physical performance increases dramatically during this phase. This energy boost tempted to rush into concentrated work. That's a good idea in itself, but to act in this period also in line with the organ clock, it is important not to neglect drinking and let the bubble work.

17-19 pm: kidney (rest time: 5-7 pm)

Our kidneys are vital because they are responsible for blood purification and detoxification. In the time window of 17-19 hours it says: do coming down and the power saving mode ready. This time is very suitable for a relaxing and a subsequent light meal. A tasty sleep-inducing meal ensures that your body can prepare for a healthy night's sleep.

19-21 pm: pericardium (resting time: 7-9 pm)

The pericardium or pericardium surrounds our heart and is therefore described in TCM as "Master of the heart". Provided that the energy can flow freely and we keep our Organuhr intact, he keeps our emotions in balance. If 19-21 pm stop off cosiness with you or you gesellst thee among family and friends, you are doing for the internal clock of your organs everything right.

21-23 pm: "triple warmer" (rest period: 9-11 pm)

The so-called Triple heater does not describe a single organ, but includes the body region to the chest, abdomen and pubic area. The responsible Meridian is responsible for temperature regulation and the free flow of Qi through all other organs. According to TCM, it makes sense at this time to let his thoughts and feelings run free and relax. Fancy a sleep ritual with our hemp Sleep Spray ? The time is now!

23-1 pm: gallbladder (day off: 11-13 pm)

Our gallbladder stores bile, which is also important tasks in detoxifying the body and takes over the processing of nutrients. To this rotation raises our sleep clock, because the heart reached here be Erergie-Low. Time for deep regeneration or in other words: Off to bed.


Better use the sleep clock

In TCM is convinced that a life in line with the Chinese organ clock can have a positive impact on our sleep - so the organ clock is sometimes referred to as a sleep clock. According to a study of DAK suffer about 80 % all working people in Germany sleep disorders and tends to increase this number. If you also belong to those who suffered and already tried everything from Einschlafroutinen , a optimal sleep hygiene , natural sleeping aids , to naked sleep (Yes, that can positively affect our quality of sleep really should!), you should your sleep clock give a chance.

We have summarized you five useful tips on how you can use your sleep clock perfect for you:

  • The liver starts at 1am their Turbo program and completed this loud organ clock at 3 am. If you sleep restlessly especially in this period, which may indicate an unhealthy lifestyle. The liver is happy when they spend less energy to break down alcohol, nicotine or high-fat foods must. Accordingly, their recommendation: Adios little wine, smoking and heavy food at night !
  • Speaking of food: Since the gastric 19-21 indicator enjoying his rest period, it is advisable to have dinner before 19 o'clock. Later, the stomach has less energy for digestion is available and the food is you literally heavy in the stomach. This can make it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Will you often awake 3-4 o'clock? Here, your lungs reports. To help her create the perfect setting for a deep, oxygen-rich breathing, you can properly ventilate or sleep with the windows open at bedtime. Give it try - maybe it helps against your sleep and waking up at 4 o'clock will soon be no more your vices .
  • An absolute no-go, if you listen to your sleep clock want: nocturnal food cravings! The small intestine runs from 1-3 pm in the power saving mode and has no nerves here for the processing of nutrients.
  • formed in the period of 21-23 hours using the triple warmer new life energy. This requires a lot of power, so turn blood pressure and pulse down a gear. This time should be used best to prepare for a good night's rest. Avoid physical exertion and emotional excitement and spoil yourself with quiet activities such as meditation or reading. The use of CBD can a wonderful contribution to the relaxation afford. If you trust the knowledge of TCM, leads a lifestyle that contributes to the flow of Qi, to health and happiness. so it can be geared to the Chinese organ clock have promising results. So far there is (still) no scientific studies that confirm the principle of organ clock, but try never hurt anyone. the energy flow freely Let in this sense! Also, the use of CBD like our CBD Gel can make a wonderful contribution to relaxation.

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