Natural Sleep Aid: What is it and what can help?

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"Three things help to bear the hardships of life. Hope, sleep and laughter." - the recognized already Immanuel Kant A Good Head - only he forgot to mention that hope and laughter come easily when we are rested properly. That's why we in this article natural sleep aids collected for you and investigated what is known about it. We throw it both a look at natural sleep aid as well as other additional sleeping aids. So can you more easily your own opinion and decide which aids are suitable for you.

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  2. Help herbal sleeping pills really?
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    When natural sleep aids are attached?

    Before you attack to (plant) sleeping pills, it is important that you out find, why bad sleep . In many cases, sleep problems have psychological causes, such as stress, the thoughts carousel in the evening or even major upcoming events, such as a test. If the causes are known and sleep problems occur only occasionally, then herbal sleep aid and other natural sleep aids can bring relief for adults.

    However, if you suffer frequently or for long periods of inputs and / or maintaining sleep , you should first consult a doctor. The experts speak of a "insomnia", ie a sleep disorder - and if the sleep problems at least three times a week over a period of at least four weeks. In these cases as natural sleep aids can often be applied concomitantly, but the medical evaluation is important. Finally, diseases such as hyperthyroidism or depression can be hidden behind sleep disorders. Even medications can interfere with sleep - the same applies to alcohol, nicotine and caffeine


    For many people are natural sleep aid a valuable alternative to prescription sleeping pills , because the latter have sometimes serious side effects and can lead in some cases even to dependencies. Also, drug interactions occur. While all this is true for herbal sleep aid, but generally to a much lesser extent. Okay, let's leave these important explanation behind us and we look more closely at whether sleep aids can help naturally to your sleep quality.

    Help herbal sleeping pills really work?

    The plant kingdom is still a big mystery for science in many ways. While number of plants are used in medicine for centuries or even millennia and its effects are known to man for a long time, but scientifically proven, these are much less common.

    There are several reasons: First, the necessary research is complex and expensive . The interest in exploring natural sleep aid, is just not all that great, especially compared to other major projects, such as cancer research. stand that scientific evidence does not mean that these sleeping pills are ineffective - and many testimonials from users seem to show the opposite - but it can not just speak of actual verified documents. A good example of current state of research is code for cannabis plant. 

    A second reason is the so-called " Entourage effect code". This technical term describes the phenomenon that certain plant compounds interact and could reinforce each other in this way. To study this phenomenon, however, is a real challenge - have so far almost 600 chemical compounds alone in the cannabis plant are detected, and since we do not speak of all possible combinations. It is therefore more research is needed, although already many positive testimonials from users indicate that herbal sleep aid can contribute to better sleep.

    In the end, are you allowed to therefore rely on your own experience. Against this background, we now ask you some natural sleeping pill before, reports the always positive.

    Known herbal sleep aid

    The following natural sleep aid you can buy in different dosage forms, such as capsules, oils, drops or tea. Frequently you will encounter on mixtures of several plants, in the form of nerve and Schlaftees. We'll make the plants still individually before, since the state of research is more advanced slightly.

    valerian as a natural sleep aid

    Valerian is considered one of the strongest herbal sleep aid and is Naturopathy since before the beginning of our era known. Its effect is comparatively well researched and is now regarded as secured, even if the study results vary over again. Thus valerian to be effective, it depends primarily on the correct dosage, you should, if appropriate, consult with a doctor or pharmacist. Before a relief of sleep problems is, however, several days or even weeks may pass.

    cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural sleep aid for adults

    cannabidiol, shortly CBD is obtained from the hemp plant. Since the human body has an endocannabinoid system is believed that CBD can interact with the system via receptors in the brain. There are now numerous reports of users successfully use the CBD as a natural sleep aid . Initial studies suggest that CBD to sleep better code, but the results are not yet clear. Cannabidiol including as CBD oil, CBD gel or in the CBD Pen code for Vapen available.

    balm, passionflower and lavender

    These three plants promise similar effects: they are soothing, sleep-promoting and relaxing effect . are popular Schlaftees, fragrance oils or capsules for oral use. The research is less advanced than in terms of valerian. So there is, for example, a study to Melissa but which has been carried out without a placebo control group. So Again, it needs further research so that a possible effect can be considered as occupied


    homeopathic sleeping pills

    With homeopathy it is similar to the herbal sleeping pills, which we have already presented to you here: Confident users strongly believe in the impact that science faces a mystery. Here, too, are you allowed to ultimately rely on your personal experience. Important: you need the support of a homeopath for the correct application. For there are certain homeopathic sleep aid depending on the situation - for example for insomnia after a frightening experience, before an exam, in grief, the brooding and so on


    Other natural sleep aids

    In addition to herbal sleeping pills for falling and staying asleep, there are many other options that you can try.

    Perhaps the interesting option is melatonin . This is a hormone that is made by the human body itself and the influences when we are tired. Melatonin can be taken but also with the food - more you learn about it in our article on sleep-inducing food code. Particularly exciting is the combination of hemp extract and melatonin, as you as our VAAY #Sleep products find.

    But regardless of sleeping pills you can do much for the evening easy to find to sleep. Thus, for example adequate exercise help ensure that you're really tired in the evening and you can relax well , Above all, we advise you to code to a good sleep hygiene to respect - you'll be amazed at what this will alone possible!

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