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Better sleep and sleep: routines for a restful sleep

12/03/2021 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
12/03/2021 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

"Sleep is for the whole person, which the raising of the clock." The already recognized Arthur Schopenhauer and brought to the point, what is more relevant in 2021 than ever: Who can sleep well, which comes not only morning lighter out of bed, but is also powerful and perhaps even healthier . Reason enough, you put together a few suggestions for good sleep for us. Do not worry, you need to meditate three hours to get better sleep. Much you can without great expenditure of time in your daily routine place.

By the way: Since the body and mind go together well known, we indulge in this article a look at both areas. So you can as needed at two different points begin to fall asleep better and improve your quality of sleep.

Why can not we sleep: First, a look into the body?

Maybe you've heard of the "sleep hormone" melatonin . Melatonin controls the day-night rhythm of the human body code, and it produces hard, as long as no daylight the retina falls. In the dark, namely the body thinks - rightly - that it was night, so time to sleep. So far, so good.

Now is possible that the melatonin levels too low it however. The possible reasons for this are many. So researchers have, for example, the so-called "blue light" suspected among other things radiated from screens and LEDs. Irrespective of the cause, can that a low concentration of melatonin lead to sleep disorders. One possible solution: products that contain melatonin code. Because melatonin contributes to a shortened sleep time in.

Better sleep without caffeine, alcohol and nicotine?

can be avoided

That sleepless nights when Omi afternoon coffee drink alone leaves, is a known wisdom. Swiss meta-code this wisdom occupied now scientifically Thus caffeine lengthened apparently the sleep and also reduces the quality of sleep. study at Florida Atlantic University showed similar for alcohol - this was especially the relaxed asleep impaired


Smoking also seems to affect all levels negatively on sleep. The investigation showed latter: sleep better and improve their sleep could only those smokers who no longer went in the afternoon and early evening at the fag. However: It went expressly to the nicotine . How about instead of relaxed Vaping evening?

again to get creative with a sofa quote - the good old Goethe had to say about the following: "Sweet sleep! You come like a pure luck unbidden, unerfleht most willingly "Meaning: The more you put pressure on you to have fast asleep, the more difficult the matter .". Ich can not sleep, I can not sleep ... "determined you know those sleepless nights when you watch, as the minutes pass on the clock display.

The solution is as simple as it is challenging: Stop trying to fall asleep. The following tips will help you , rauszunehmen the pressure and soon fall asleep well:

  • Set up your alarm clock on so that you at night can not see the numbers. So you avoid the stress, calculate the remaining sleep time.
  • If you can not go back in a short time: Leave the bedroom and get busy quiet - for example reading - until you feel really tired
  • .
  • Calm to the morning to be yourself fit with the idea that you do not necessarily need a certain number of hours of sleep. Restful sleep can be more important than the actual sleep time.

Professional tip: Recorded Sleep hypnosis you can help better sleep despite circling thoughts. Also breathing exercises or short meditations contribute to the relaxation and thus good sleep. If you experience a really sleepless night, may or CBD an option for you, a natural sleep aid. You are curious? We have 10 tips for better sleep with CBD code compiled for you.

Better to sleep through an evening routine

Morning Routine with cold shower or lemon water? Many people get really good way. In the evening, we rarely give us, however, so much attention - although a well-designed routine can help to better sleep. What is such a routine? Above all, they must adapt to your everyday life. We have a proposal for you, which you can modify any your requirements accordingly:

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