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Naked sleep: Less material for more sleep quality?

16/02/2023 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
16/02/2023 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

boxer shorts and T-shirt, comfortable Granny pajamas or sexy negligee? The night wardrobe of the sleeping population is diverse, and the least want to completely do without it: Only  about 12% of Germans sleep naked . Here are circulating on the Internet promising headlines why sleep naked on the new habit should be.

There is no doubt that Adams and EvakostĂĽm can feel very liberating, but whether sleep naked healthy for you depends on several factors. So it can have a positive effect on high blood pressure on the one hand, on the other hand also have a sub-cooling result. to sleep without clothes, can be hygienic, but cause more body odor under false conditions. Sounds complicated, but it is not: We have collected facts about "sleep naked" and summarized the Dos and Don'ts


First things first: Is sleep naked healthy


Yes, advantages, naked to sleep, there are some: Apart from the fact that one no longer needs his underwear, bare skin can provide in the Partnership for hot evenings. Whether it really affects the sexual activity of couples when the pajamas to stay in the closet, can not be proven scientifically. does it hurt the feeling of pleasure but certainly not. In addition, sleep naked healthy for mind and body, and this is true not only for couples. Why sleep naked listened to your bucket list? Here are five reasons:

Naked sleep for more self-confidence

In our performance-oriented society compared a negative self-image is widespread. Not without reason, the supply is growing at  self-care tips  in books and on the Internet, because lack of self-love and a low self-esteem not only harm the soul, but  enforce even physical health.

In a series of studies of the Journal of Happiness has been found that among the nearly 1,000 volunteers increased nudism  positive effect on their life satisfaction, their self-image and self-confidence affected . Although the study did not specifically dedicated to nudity in her sleep, but it can be assumed that naked to sleep similar advantageous impact.

Naked sleep for sleep

A sufficient sleep duration and good quality sleep is a prerequisite for a flourishing health. A restless and inadequate sleep can have serious health consequences, such as  high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes,  impaired immune function or mood disorders .

One of the key factors determining the quality of sleep, the room temperature, as this affects our body temperature.  At lower temperatures  we sleep that is best. Why is sleep naked advantageous is that we keep our core temperature low. Because if we wrap ourselves in addition to the blanket in underwear, T-shirts or cotton pajamas, body temperature rises again.

Naked sleep for less stress

For almost a third of Germans stress bad during the work of the  main reason for their sleeping . At the same time a poor quality sleep on mental and physical health affects. But can sleep naked here, if appropriate, make a small contribution in order to escape the vicious circle - if you sleep next to another naked person


The main factor in this spectacle - as should also be different there - our love hormone. Oxytocin is produced when we have physical contact, and has the advantage that the stress hormone cortisol is reduced in the body the effect. So that it can help lower blood pressure and prevent depression. While oxytocin is also produced when one perceives a touch of the pajamas, but has  Haut-to-skin contact  an even stronger effect.

When excessive stress a combination of sleep naked and the conscious use of  medicinal plants  beneficial effects have. Cannabis as can be taken against stress or for improved sleep in the form of  CBD oil.  So, before you and your partner or your partner is the next time sleep together naked, you begrudge a lavender tea and a hot CBD Bad and let the stress hormones tremble.There are many more CBD alternatives to relieve stress, so check out our CBD Shop.

Naked sleep for weight loss

We already know why naked sleep better sleep helps: The body is heated by additional clothing, and the core temperature stays cool. One study suggests that at low temperatures, increased brown adipose tissue forms, which is able to produce through the oxidation of fatty acids heat. During this process, the  metabolism is stimulated and reduced fat mass . Since obesity is a high risk for diabetes, is lowered by the fat reduction at the same time the risk of diabetes. Losing weight in your sleep? When the time not a nice side effect is the nude sleeping.

Naked sleep against infection

The previous tips suggest that sleep naked both men can be healthy for women. But for women, we have an additional argument up its sleeve: avoid sleeping nude can help vaginal infections and inflammation.

bacteria and fungi love warm and moist: Especially the private parts of women is therefore a popular destination. For this reason it is important to treat this same area a regular respite. The perfect opportunity for women and girls: Naked sleep


In this context, it can sleep naked healthy and hygienic be, however, also have unpleasant through a few simple mistakes consequences, which we want to protect you.

Dos and don'ts for healthy sleeping nude

The benefits of nude sleeping are so versatile, but is naked sleep health per se? Yes and no. For who of time sleeping in his bed linen for a long time without clothes, even that accumulate in bedding sweat, dander, hair and other excretions makes. This then leads to sleep naked no longer is hygienic and the bedroom offers a popular residence for bacteria. Accordingly, it is important to regularly refer the bed again.

Another danger of nude sleeping is hypothermia. Although a cool sleeping environment is beneficial for the quality of sleep, but when it is too cold, this can disturb sleep. A distinction is made between the core temperature of the body and skin temperature. Scientific studies available suggest that the core temperature should be low, a slightly elevated skin temperature  a good sleep but favors . Therefore, it is advisable to be careful to leave at night most of the body under the covers.

Conclusion: Drop the cases

If you are fresh Keep your bedding and you behaved einmummelst into the ceiling, then sleep naked healthy for you. can fire up especially with your or your loved one can be the full range of benefits to savor, as you warm yourself not only each other but also your Oxytocin production. A partner should not be the only reason to let the shells fall. Instead, suggest the benefits, naked to sleep in terms of your confidence out that the night's sleep without clothes part of a wonderful self-care routine can be.

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