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An entire article about the best temperature to sleep? We could see the optimal sleeping temperature but simply betrayed and be finished by three lines? You guessed it probably already: Quite so simple it is not. While there are quite concrete recommendations on what temperature should reign in the bedroom, but we are all different again. In this article you will learn how you your personal sleeping temperature ermittelst - and what you can do else for good sleep


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Product Overview: the optimal sleeping temperature

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    How warm it should be in the bedroom?

    If you have read our magazine a while, you know that we like to take a look at the science and apply studies to the theme. With respect to the optimal sleeping temperature, the research is quite limited. After all: A study showed that a higher temperature with sleep a poorer quality of sleep was associated code.

    Of course, can not be inferred that: "The colder, the better." On the contrary: ideal sleeping temperature is located in a fairly narrow range, the scientist about to settle 16 to 19 degrees Celsius . Large margin so we have not - after all, the body must with reasonable accuracy the temperature hold no wonder of around 37 degrees. However, this varies with the time of day and at night decreases down to about 36 degrees. Therefore, the best temperature is rather cool in the bedroom compared to the temperature in other rooms.

    The ideal room temperature for sleeping is chosen such that they assists the body in falling and staying asleep . Thus, the quality of sleep, which incidentally is more important than sleep duration improved. What is now the best sleeping temperature - 16 or even 19 degrees? That depends on your personal heat and cold sensation from.

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    How do you find your perfect sleeping temperature

    partners, it is often a topic of debate, what temperature should reign in the bedroom. This is not surprising, since we take heat and cold very different true - and the difference from 16 to 19 degrees can thereby be huge! The rule of thumb is: The optimum temperature for sleeping causes you're cold at night not yet gerätst sweat


    Both freezing and sweating can in fact lead to restless sleep. If you're cold , you have to a potentially cold feet, which proved difficult to fall asleep. Secondly, your body is now busy producing energy to keep warm - rest, which he really should get at night, is missing. This can result in tension, for example in the neck, be. In addition, you are looking for may be in his sleep after an additional ceiling and will thus awake again.

    Tip: If you're cold easily, you might do a warm drink and a CBD tablet in the evening well. Recommendations for a better sleep, check out our article on sleep-inducing food code. Even a warm bath - perhaps with our CBD bath bombs code? - you can make it easier to fall asleep


    Is it in the bedroom, however, too hot , the body temperature can not drop and the body finds difficult to sleep. Also in this case you may move you in addition to or freizustrampeln you from the ceiling otherwise to seek relief. Restless sleep is the result. In addition to a high temperature in the bedroom dries the body unnecessarily made, which can lead to headaches or dizziness.

    By the way: The optimal sleeping temperature also depends on the age . Older people have generally have less muscle mass. Thus, the muscles generates less heat, and the man freezes easily. So a healthy sleeping temperature can be higher for the elderly than for younger.

    These things affect the ideal temperature in the bedroom

    Even though it sounds funny: For couples, the bedroom temperature is often a compromise with obstacles. One would like to sleep in the dead of winter with the windows open, the other freezes even if there still is raging hot summer. What to do? Much can you regulate duvets, bed linen and nightwear.

    Light quilts for the summer for example, are made of linen or cotton, and help keep the body even in warm temperatures cool. thick down blankets , however, donate warmth in cold weather. Although the duvet covers are sold as summer or winter blankets, you, of course holds nothing from it, they all seasons to use: So can you find an optimal temperature in the bedroom, with which you will both happy


    The same is true with the nightwear . Cozy pajamas - for example terry -'ll help you stay warm in winter. Light cotton clothing with short sleeves and pant legs, however, are for people who are too warm at night, a real relief. Both can be wonderfully combined, so you can always reach your optimal sleeping temperature.

    tips that you can reach the ideal temperature for sleeping

    In summer, too hot, too cold in winter? With these tips you provide the optimum temperature in the bedroom here:

    1. Leave the shutters down and draw the curtains. This you prevent that the desired heat dissipates or in the room in that permeates unwanted heat from outside.
    2. Make that radiators are not blocked out. Otherwise, the room temperature for sleeping is possibly too low.
    3. shock airing Before going to bed, then close the window: In winter you prevent so that the walls cool in summer the hot air stays outside. In addition, passes through the airing enough oxygen in the room - about 160 liters a person per night needs.
    4. air in summer morning. The temperatures are still low and you can keep the windows closed during the day.
    5. way: The optimal sleeping temperature is also an important part of the sleep hygiene code. Do you want to do for good quality sleep more? Then check our Guide to better falling and staying asleep ! And maybe even code something for you. :)

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