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Good sleep hygiene: your easy way to dreamland

03/03/2021 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
03/03/2021 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

What is "sleep hygiene"? If we ask (as so often in foreign words), the wise old Greeks. Who namely coined the term "hygiene". It means something loosely translated: "an art that is conducive to health." So sleep health, in this case. Although we think related to hygiene usually rather of cleanliness, so far-fetched that is not. A healthy sleep hygiene has in fact to do with a "clean" sleep environment.

In this article It's therefore a matter as you blast a quiet sleeping environment gestaltest , which you and gently slide easily into the land of dreams can be. Do you want added to the optimal sleep hygiene before bedtime to do something for your sleep? Then also take a look at our all-round guide to better falling and staying asleep. ' / p>

The nuts and bolts of sleep hygiene: a place to sleep only to sleep

In the evening still quickly check emails, watch the favorite TV show, Candy Crush gamble, the last piece of pizza polish off ... The bed is now working, eating, chatting, watching TV and much more. In bed babies are made. The latter is still permitted - everything else is not. This is the most important rule of sleep hygiene : Use your bed only for sleeping space


Why is this important? Because our habits strongly influence us. Perhaps you've heard of the Pavlov's dog began to drool at the ringing of a bell - because he had learned that this was followed by his food. Okay, we do not drool and do not need a bell to sleep. we can condition us anyway, namely on sleep.

No matter what type of sleeper you are , your sleep hygiene can help to ensure that your body knows in advance: Aha, now is sleep. Will you take him instead at that read, worked and eaten in bed, you get used to your body from time everything again ramp up really bedtime. No wonder that sleep can be a long time coming. So if you implement only a sleeping hygienic measure, please let this be!

sleep hygiene is to feel comfortable really

should be used during your bed only for sleeping, your entire bedroom ideally a place to relax and unwind. Here, you must rely totally on your gut feeling: you bring What items with relaxation in conjunction Perhaps the fluffy bathrobe, you wear at bedtime, take CBD drops or your CBD Pen code of which you you evenings still begrudge a few puffs?

Use the color selection you can improve your sleep hygiene. Most people feel blue and green shades as soothing, deep red the other hand, as invigorating . The latter is therefore not the best choice for your bedroom. Even images with hectic or even threatening motifs and decorative objects that look very distracting find better elsewhere course.

discreet device - which has nothing to do with your work - can also contribute to your sleep hygiene. Here, too, is the motto: The fewer distractions, the better. The Position the bed is a much discussed topic. Many people feel most comfortable when they can keep the door (also with eyes closed) "in view". Others have liked a wall next to him or sleep best near the window. Here too easy: No rule always applies. The best you test out over time, which sleep hygiene rules to increase your well-being.

sleep hygiene improved thanks to Digital Detox

One of the most important tips of sleep hygiene is: waivers in your bedroom on digital devices such as:

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