Power Nap: The silver bullet for more energy in daily life

Power Nap schlafen mit VAAY

Maybe today is one of those days: You have had a short night, the alarm clock did you ripped from a deep sleep, the coffee has also tasted better before, explodes the email subject and your head too. Somehow you do not come from the curd. But no matter how your day has begun, and whether you have much or little sleep behind you: Many people of the south makes up over a loss of power felt. The stressful workday requires us a lot of energy from, and at the latest when replacing the concentration after lunch, the soup coma, longing for the cozy bed to grow.

can be a little siesta, the so-called Power Nap , remedy and you return the power that has fallen by the wayside. The timing and the setting, but also the power nap duration have this effect on whether the nap is healthy for you. We take the silver bullet Power Nap under the microscope.

Power Nap: What is the


Everyone knows the nap: As children, we all have made him and probably spared because he has broken in kindergarten our valuable Time. That a nap is healthy - for children and for adults - is in some cultures uncontroversial: an afternoon nap is or the "Siesta", the "Inemuri" and "Xiu-xi" For many Spaniards, Japanese or Chinese so essential part of everyday life as the dinner for the Germans.

But what does power nap - to German, energy-nap - exactly? Basically, a power nap, nap or nap is nothing more than a short sleep at noon or early afternoon, and at best, he makes sure that you energetic start off in the second half of the day.

When, where and how long you should nap do?


The Power Nap refers to a short nap middle of the day. Sounds only once as you could not do so much wrong here. In fact, the midday sleep, however, some factors for the effectiveness of such an important role. These include the time, the right setting and the power nap duration.

At what point does a nap sense?

In general sense a nap as soon as you realize that your performance drops by increasing fatigue. If this date can then connect more with your lunch: excellent. Most people will descend upon a surge fatigue around noon or early afternoon if they have already wasted orderly energy, but also what need for the second half of the day. study mentioning, the time period between 13:00 and 15:00. According to biorhythm is in this time window, the performance and the lowest  our need for sleep  biggest: hit, it is time for a power nap.

The perfect power nap setting

It is best to sleep in a comfortable position lying down. But since you have in the office probably not a cozy bed available and possibly no sofa, you can also wonderful sitting a nap. It is important that you support your head. Otherwise you're after power nap while fit as a fiddle, but have a stiff neck. So if you're comfortable doing it to you on your office chair, a neck pillow could prove good service.


To take advantage of the power nap fully enjoy, we recommend silence. This includes a private place, and rest in mind. A power nap is short and sweet - here work stress and worry have no place. Using breathing exercises and relaxation techniques you can stand on your mini-break the mood.

nap: How long it should be


Anyone who has ever carved daytime for an hour or longer on the ear and sleepily through the rest of the day is wavering, can probably hardly imagine that a power nap can help an energy boost. This is because the power nap-time is crucial.

As we go after only 30 minutes of sleep in the deeper stages of sleep, a power nap duration is recommended by 10 to 30 minutes. If one stays too long in the afternoon nap, you spend the second half of the day may completely whacked and as tired before.

How is it best to comply with the ideal power nap-time? Set alarms course goes on. An alternative would be to drink just before nap a green tea or coffee, because caffeine acts after about 20 minutes and keeps you from the deep sleep phase. However, both methods ignore that you never know how long it takes to get really asleep.

This is why our favorite because it allegedly good old Albert Einstein was so: holding a bunch of keys in hand or chuck it to you between the legs. If you sink slowly deeper into sleep, relax your muscles, the keys fall to the ground and wake you up again.

Is a nap healthy?

A power nap a day keeps the doctor away? Oh yes, if you are aware of the above factors, a nap can be healthy for you.

Depending on  when you're doing a nap  how long the nap lasts and also depending on age and experience of the person, a power nap can positively to the concentration and learning ability, creativity and affect memory. In addition, a study has shown with 28,571 volunteers that among those who took a nap on a regular basis, > risk of heart attack by 37% reduced. 

 Even for those who do not have enough night sleep and gotten suffer from acute lack of sleep, a nap can be healthy. For Sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system, promote inflammation and the release favor of stress hormones and insulin resistance of the cells. Comes the silver bullet Power Nap is used, it can these harmful effects undo part.

Conclusion: Make the Power Nap to your afternoon routine

If you verspürst the next time a hint of fatigue in the day, try it Just try. Take 20 minutes from your lunch break, do it yourself at home, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and slip into the turbo sleep. If it does not work right away with falling asleep or you miss the ideal power nap-time, then this is perfectly normal, because of the power nap takes practice.

Alternatively, you can try our CBD fruit gums as a relaxation aid, a tasty midday snack that will hopefully help you with your power nap.

But if you have the hang of once out, the regular afternoon nap may be healthy and stimulating for you.

Goodbye glucose and caffeine bombs; Hello power nap!

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