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Hemp fields in Germany: Our 4.20 favorites in 2021 | VAAY

Hanffelder in Deutschland: Unsere 4.20 Lieblinge im Sommer 2021

Wait a minute! A huge hemp field, just like that in Germany? Is that all right? You might think that hemp fields are a rarity in this country. But far from it! Since 1996, farmers in Germany have been allowed to grow commercial hemp. This may not exceed the maximum value of 0.2 percent THC in a laboratory analysis. Only then is cultivation legal.

Those who already see their balconies full of hemp plants must now be very strong, because there is a catch. Another restriction states that ONLY unprocessed hemp may be handled if it "serves exclusively commercial or scientific purposes that exclude abuse for intoxication purposes." To prove this clearly is not so easy. There is always a need for explanation to the police.

Are German hemp fields legal?

Many farms grow commercial hemp, which has an incredible number of benefits and from which industry then produces renewable plastics, clothing or paper. But also for our VAAY products the cultivated hemp is used like our CBD oil 10%, CBD oil 5%, CBD gel, our CBD bath bombs, hemp capsules and many more. Other farmers process the hemp on their own to hemp seeds, hemp oil or hemp cheese, which are then offered for sale in their own farm store. A new trend are hemp labyrinths, i.e. hemp fields in which corridors and curves have been mowed. In a field three to four meters high, it's fun for the whole family. Still others give hemp seminars - out of honest passion for this great plant.

We were on the road in Germany and have compiled our 4.20 favorite hemp fields for you. All of them have a little something special that makes it doubly worthwhile to stop by, in addition to seeing the wonderful hemp plants.

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With all ♥ Hempfieldlove ♥ we have one big request for you:

Don't damage the hemp fields by taking plants or running into the field, - respecting the property and privacy of the farmers*. So that we can continue to see such beautiful fields in Germany. Thank you very much! 💚
Our 4.20 favorite hemp fields in Germany

Field 1: Bayer's Franken Hemp

The Josef Bayer family is all about giving hemp a stage where it (the hemp!) can present itself in a professional, factual, informative and interactive way. Because where can you get closer to hemp than directly in the field?

During a relaxed walk through the self-picking field in Upper Franconia, you get the opportunity to experience hemp up close. At several information stations, you can find out about everything from cultivation and processing to various areas of application. In selected picking areas you can then harvest your hemp yourself.

Field 2: Kliemannsland

(The) Kliemannsland in Lower Saxony, not far from Hamburg, should be and remain a creative place for everyone, according to its founder Fynn Kliemann. Self-sufficiency and self-realization are at the heart of the concept. Kliemannsland, he says, is a "place full of colorful curiosities that make everyday life a little more beautiful, projects that bring people together and connect them in the long term. A place where you feel good and that invites you to stay. A place for everyone!"

The latest coup: the cooperation with VAAY. For this, a five-hectare hemp field is being created, which on the one hand will function as a hemp labyrinth for young and old, and on the other hand the plants are also intended for <a

VAAY products intended. A visit is therefore worthwhile in any case.

Field 3: Organic Ranch Zempow

The Bio Ranch Zempow in Brandenburg promises real countryside experiences for young and old: the multifaceted organic farm is a nature experience for stressed-out city dwellers and even offers short vacations and daycare trips. There are also Angus cattle to marvel at, as well as... of course! Hemp!

Hemp, of course, can't be missing here either. The varieties planted "serve on the one hand for grain production, especially for oil production for hemp nuts and hemp protein flour". From other varieties, leaves are harvested for tea production and extraction of the ingredient CBD, which plays an increasingly important role for dietary supplements to medicinal products. Hemp products such as hemp oil, hemp flour or hemp tea are available in the well-stocked farm store of the ranch. In addition, the operators regularly offer hemp seminars.

H4: Hemp Farm GmbH

Natural. Sustainable. Good. These are the three keywords of Hanf Farm GmbH in the south of the Mecklenburg Lake District in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Since the very beginning, in 1996, the company has specialized in the cultivation, processing and marketing of high-quality hemp products. Not least with the aim of "re-establishing hemp as a cultivated plant in Germany and Europe and integrating it into agricultural cycles". In doing so, the operators attach great importance to producing "innovative and sustainably valuable products as well as giving equal consideration to ecological, social and economic aspects".

As a pioneer of hemp cultivation in Germany, Hanf Farm definitely belongs in our top 4.20 hemp fields.

Field 4.20: Rottenkolber family

Together with his wife and four children, master farmer Franz Rottenkolber manages his farm in the Fürstenfeldbruck district with arable farming, grassland and livestock. He describes himself as an innovative farmer who likes to experiment and therefore grows the rather unusual grain variety Emmer and, since 2016, also hemp.

He is particularly fond of hemp with its valuable ingredients. The hemp is processed in an oil mill and a hulling mill. Connoisseurs from the region can then purchase the finished products, including hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp and hemp nuts.

Now it's your turn!

Do you know of a beautiful hemp field? Maybe even near you? Then send us a message on Instagram and we'll repost your photo.

Note from 11.10.2021:
Dear reader, since it's October by now, most or all of the hemp fields featured here will most likely have already been harvested. So please don't be sad if you can marvel at hemp plants at the given locations only again next spring/summer. Nevertheless, have fun reading!

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