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How to survive the Monday Blues with CBD

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Oh dear, oh dear! It's almost that time. The third Monday in January is approaching and that doesn't bode well. It's supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, - at least that's what British psychologist Cliff Arnall claims. But slow down, there is still the great song "Blue Monday" by the legendary band "New Order". But what now? Experience music history or rather crawl under the covers? We show you how to survive "Blue Monday" and get through the winter in good shape.

The formula of horror

But first back to Cliff Arnall. In 2005, he came up with a formula to calculate the - allegedly - saddest and most depressing day of the year ("The most miserable day of the year"). This may sound sexy to math geeks, but probably not to most people. And this is what the behemoth looks like:


Everything clear? Or not? Let's take a closer look at this mathematical work of art. According to its creator, the magical-looking formula contains the following variables:

  • The resolutions for the year (Q) decided on New Year's Day (and already broken again).
  • The current weather (W) including frosty temperatures
  • The bills from insurers that need to be paid (D)
  • Your January salary won't come until the end of the month (d)
  • Europeans' favorite holiday - Christmas - is over (T)
  • The current motivation hole (the "No Bock Attitude") is clearly noticeable (M)
  • The need to do something against melancholy is quasi tangible (NA)

Sounds logical at first (typical math!), but it is not. You can save yourself the math, because according to Cliff Arnall, the result is always the third Monday in January. Ingenious, isn't it? Not quite, because what appears to be a scientific formula at first glance (it looks extra complicated, who would question it?) is nothing more than pure nonsense when looked at more closely. Arnall's study was commissioned by a travel company (which we will not name here, of course), - presumably to beat the advertising drum for mood-boosting travel. And in fact, reputable studies show that the weather has virtually no influence on our mood.Not even on a "Blue Monday. And there is another problem with Arnall's "calculation": The psychologist forgot to assign units of measurement (hours, minutes, days) to the variables. And even if he hadn't forgotten: How should you measure weather in terms of a number if it's not temperature?

So: keep your head up, sunglasses on and CBD oil in your pocket. Everything will be fine!

But the idea behind the formula is also too beautiful. And there is also a grain of truth in this "logic". Summer is still far away, and so is spring. It is uncomfortable. Dark all the time. You can't sit in the beer garden. And certainly not chill by the lake. Shoes are dirty all the time. And the trees look sad without leaves. Even a day at the seaside can't really delight.

It makes us tired, listless and melancholy. The main culprit is the lack of sunshine on our skin. But we have something for you against that, too, of course.

So it might make sense to give you some suggestions to help you get through this harsh winter season. After all, it's not just the one Monday. The whole month sucks! So, here are your survival tips from the VAAY editorial team to get through all the misery easy:

Tip 1: Closeness

Spend the gloomy times with people you love. Friends, for example. After all, you can also hang out wonderfully in your heated apartment and let the streaming services glow.

Tip 2: Be hardworking

Perform well on the job. It can't hurt. And if not in January, then when? Since it's always dark and cold anyway, there's nothing going on in terms of beer gardens or parks. So show your boss where the hammer hangs. Bam!

Tip 3: Alpacas

Speaking of jobs. Now you have time to think about whether you still enjoy your job. Maybe you don't want to write articles anymore, but rather open a donut store or breed alpacas. You can at least think about it.

Tip 4: Sun replacement

What about the lack of sun tingling on our skin? It's hard to do when you're completely wrapped up. The sun can shine as it wants (as seldom as that is the case). Since arms and legs are packed in thick jackets and coats, the effect of the dear sun is not really big. The result: vitamin D deficiency, which makes us tired and sluggish. Try our hemp vitamin D oil with natural broad spectrum hemp extract. Your "Feel Good Kick" for a better start into the day, thanks to vitamins D & E, curcumin and the valuable extract of the power berry Schisandra.

Tip 5: CBD

Cannabidiol! Yes, of course! BecauseCBD has multiple properties that make us feel a little more relaxed about things. It brings us down without making us tired or sluggish. It balances us out and is pure nature. Unlike THC, it doesn't get you high, you always stay in your lane, and you can even drive. Find out how to use CBD in this article. And we wouldn't be VAAY if we didn't end this post with a surprise.

🥁 Drumroll 🥁

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