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Let CBD and music give your brain a 5-minute holiday

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Deadlines are fast approaching, your to-do list exploding, the laundry basket is overflowing, and your head is pounding ... Easy, tiger, it's time for a time-out.

Stress can make you ill in many ways. No matter how busy your schedule is, taking 5 minutes to relax is a must. And the earlier the better, don’t wait until everything gets out of hand.

We’d like to introduce you to the dream team of sedatives, CBD and music. We’ll show you how to make use of these three in combination and get your brain to go on standby.

How does CBD help you relax?

The cannabinoid CBD takes effect in the human endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous system. Cannabidiol binds with certain receptors in this system, possibly inhibiting the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

At the same time, CBD has a broad spectrum of effects“ on the body: For example, studies show that CBD can relieve pain, inhibit inflammation and lower blood pressure. In other words, it can help with physical ailments, which, after all, always have an impact on our emotional well-being. Because seriously, how well can you relax when your skull is throbbing with a migraine?

The CBD and music combo

If CBD can have such a promising effect, what's wrong with a few quick spritzers of CBD oil in the 30 seconds between customer calls? It's simple – relaxation doesn't just happen. Being able to relax requires space and time. Getting the setting right plays an important role here, and music is a great way to get your head into the right spot.

According to a scientific study conducted at the University of Marburg in Germany, music can have a stress-reducing effect. This is especially true for people who listen to music specifically to relax. In other words, your motivation for listening to music is critical. The study showed that subjects not only experienced a reduction in stress when listening to music, but they also had lower detectable cortisol levels in their saliva.

Ideas for your musical CBD journey

What music you listen to is not as important as the motivation behind it (although we’re not so sure just how relaxing heavy metal or hardcore techno proves to be).

If you need a little inspiration, check out our moodtapes. Whether you're in #sleep, #meditation or #recover mode, there’s something for every desired setting. You can, of course, just get yourself comfy and press play. But if you feel like turning your CBD-and-music relaxation session into a special ritual, we have a few suggestions:

Meditation or breathing exercises

Meditation is an effective means of winding down. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, in and out, and let your mind empty itself – wnich sounds easier said than done. But this is where the calming effects of CBD and gentle melodies come in – our Relax products, in combination with one of the #Relax moodtapes, is sure to rock-a-bye you into a meditative state.

You can also try doing breathing exercises instead of meditation on your musical journey. So-called square breathing“, for example, can help you to reduce stress and counteract anxiety, while the kapalabhati breathing technique is also said to improve the skin’s appearance.

Music and massage

You can also experience inner peace together with your partner(s), for example, with a massage. After all, CBD and massage oil are not the only perfect coupling in town – massage and music go together pretty well, too. In fact, a study shows that a massage promotes stress reduction, even after just a few minutes. CBD, massages and music all have calming properties – together, they make the ultimate chillout trio.

Music to tune out the world

We’ve all had that experience while on holiday -- just when you’ve managed to forget the outside world, you realize your holiday’s almost over and it’s time to head back into the rat race. Sometimes a 5-minute holiday is all your brain needs. So why not indulge in a feel-good ritual and take a long, relaxing bath? Paired with soothing music and our CBD bath bombs you can turn your back to the stress of everyday life. God knows, you’ve earned it!

Our magazine offers even more tips on things like a relaxing evening with CBD or a calmer everyday life for stressed parents.
But for now, take a deep breath and let your brain enjoy the holiday.

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