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Best 4.20 Calm Down Spots in Germany

09/07/2021 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
09/07/2021 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

The grass is always greener on the other side, as we all know. And while we're usually jetting around the world, we often don't even see what's on our doorstep. So we decided to change that now, and collected a few spots in Germany where you can wonderfully switch off and recharge your batteries. We hope you've already packed your backpack: clothes, a good book and a CBD product for the ultimate relaxation factor? If not, check out our CBD store. Then you're ready to go.

Calm-Down-Spot 1: A piece of primeval forest in Hainich

We start our trip in the middle of Thuringia, the green heart of Germany, where the Hainich National Park is located. With its copper beech trees, now known as the "mother of the forest" in Central Europe, it can call a closed canopy its own. Underneath, it is possible to breathe deeply in the greenery even in summer at pleasant temperatures - more forest bathing is hardly possible.

As the largest area of forest in Germany that is not used for any purpose, it is often referred to as a primeval forest, although this is not quite correct according to the definition. For this to be the case, no human should ever have interfered with nature and the forest should have regulated itself. However, since it has been left to its own devices in the meantime, it can be described as "primeval forest-like".

Another highlight as well as a change of perspective is offered by the treetop path: If you are free from giddiness, you can marvel at the canopy from above at a height of 44 meters.

Calm-Down Spot 2: The Triberg Waterfalls

Further south, in the central Black Forest to be precise, you'll find the Triberg Waterfalls. There, the water falls a full 163 meters over seven steps - which, by the way, is three times as deep as Niagara Falls. You can not only experience the water masses up close on a footbridge at the waterfall, but also get a good dose of forest air thanks to the hiking trails all around.

And by the way: The natural spectacle is at least as exciting to watch in winter when it's frozen as it is at all other times of the year.

Calm-Down-Spot 3: Lake Wagenbrüchsee

And on we go with our road trip, this time heading east to Bavaria. Get ready for a picture-perfect sight: Wagenbrüchsee, also known as Geroldsee, is surrounded by forest and mountain meadows and offers an unforgettable view of the Alps, making you almost want to pinch yourself.

At warm temperatures you can swim wonderfully in the moor lake. And if you want to make sure that you really have the lake to yourself, we recommend a trip at sunrise. The unique experience is guaranteed to make up for getting up early. But even otherwise, the view is pretty wonderful at any time of day or year.

Calm-Down-Spot 4: Saxon Switzerland and the view of the Bastei Bridge

Then inspiration for artists like Caspar David Friedrich, now instafamous: Saxon Switzerland with its sandstone towers and especially the view of the famous Bastei have fascinated people not just since yesterday. With the bridge, which was built in 1851, it is actually the first purely tourist structure in Germany. It connects the rock formation of the bastion with the Neurathen rock gate. You can get up there via the so-called Malerweg.

And even though Saxon Switzerland is no longer an insider tip, we didn't want to keep it from you here because of its unique landscape. If you are early, especially in summer, you also have the chance to watch a unique sunrise and have a calm-down spot all to yourself. During the day, however, the many hiking trails in the region are also super for coming down.

Calm-Down-Spot 4.2: The Modersohnbrücke in Berlin at sunset

After our tips up to this point were quite nature-heavy, we are drawn back to the capital at the end of our Germany trip: In the end, we are Berliners at heart.

Especially when in the summer the days and nights are seemingly endless and the sun does not set until around 10 p.m., there is hardly anything better than watching the sunset in the middle of the city hustle and bustle: You'd almost think time stood still for a moment.

Whether you're there for a first date or with friends, or you spontaneously head out on your own to enjoy the sunset with music in your ears, a CBD vaper is a must. It can definitely make the end of the day perfect - and who knows, maybe it's just your start into an unforgettable night?

Always have your Calm Down Spot with you

It doesn't matter if you just want to hit one of these destinations, even if it turns into a Germany road trip, or if you want to come down somewhere completely different: Thanks to its relaxing effect, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, can not only accompany you on the trip, but also help you switch off from everyday life at your destination. So you always have a piece of vacation with you in your mind.

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