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4:20 Biohacks that really work

4.20 biohacking cbd vaay

Well, what did you have for breakfast today? When are you like us, there were perhaps cornflakes and too strong coffee. But how about instead with a neat shot stem cells in your creaking joints? And then for a change, even a cold bath and a blood transfusion to lower your biological age?

It sounds like we've seen too many sci-fi movies with Will Smith, is now a reality: Somewhere between self-optimization and control issues, on the border of legality and on the way to cyborg experiment self-proclaimed Biohacker in Silicon Valley with microdosing and Co. If you have enough Ritalin downed did not know you went that now perhaps a little too quickly - we therefore start again from scratch


At a Glance: 4.20 Biohacks did Actually work

  1. What's Biohacking?
  2. A Biohacking instructions
  3. Biohacking Tip 1: High sleeping
  4. Biohacking Tip 2: Why HIIT is the opium of the people
  5. Biohacking Tip 3: Make yourself useful code
  6. Biohacking Tip 4: Biohacking by doing nothing ?
  7. Biohacking 4.20: The CBD hack code

What's Biohacking?

called In Biohacking, even DIY biology, is according to Dave Asprey to "the art and science, the environment around us to change and in us, so that we have full control of our own biology."

where you do not have the same as the inventor of the so-called Bullet Proof Diet, under the go hardcore Biohacker and inject you stem cells. Biohacking has in fact also a certain attraction for the mere mortals among us.

The big attraction? You do not need much more than yourself and a little motivation to achieve tangible results within a short time. How can you Biohacks really Install useful in your daily life - and what all this with CBD Find out here.

A small Biohacking Instructions: 4 tips and some change

Where a target is, is a way. As something less radical destination for your Biohacking experiment, we suggest you an alternative, the definition of health by the WHO before: According to her, these are to "physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

If can make, right?

Biohacking Tip 1: High-sleeping is the motto

  sleep is essential for our body .  (Tell me something new, Cpt. Obvious.) you are convinced that you get along with very little sleep? In fact, the range is for adults in young and middle-aged between 7 and 9 hours. You abweichst far with your need for sleep it is rather unlikely. 

Now, if you think that's bad news, you're most likely succumbed to the neo-liberal idea that sleep would not be productive. We see at this point of time longer lectures and allow you your valuable time instead productive (!) Spend sleeping.

In the long run, among others, your risk could reduce for anxiety disorders and obesity. And you're probably better mood too. As long as it does not lead in excess, so you may as much in the springs ratzen as you please, to the heart.

Biohacking Tip 2: Why HIIT the opium of the people

Whether Alligatoah us really "Do you want me to take drugs" that wanted to say? as we have our doubts. Nevertheless, we believe that sports can be a drug, and science seems to prove us right.

Of course, all the sound long-term benefits of sports promising: At a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders, we do not say no time


But let's face it - in the end we still try all just to have the best possible time and if possible not to die


sport could be the way to do both actually. Of course not to freeze to immortality, but you had to you after all the rules of cryonics. But by moving your level of BDNF, a growth factor that is mainly formed in the hippocampus increases. This is low especially in people with depression, sleep problems and psychosocial stress.

But as good sport can also do: let him stay one or more days for it sometimes. Sports Addiction is not that the truth which we have, let's say.

Biohacking Tip 3: Make yourself useful

Especially in times when we do not have much contact with people (we are the C-word does not say!) Shows how important is the connection to others. For a long time are aware of studies, according to which loneliness is as harmful as smoking.


The good news in all this is that we probably have more in hand than we think. Already in the '70s found a much-cited study today that old people who were reminded of their personal responsibility and took care of plants simultaneously, participated significantly better and more alert and active feel.

The level of responsibility can be roughly of plants about pets to increase towards children. Because you should rather not decide just for the last two on impulse, but it often also do the little things.

So maybe say hello even particularly friendly to Opi next door or put the postman a chocolate bar on the mailbox. Or do quite seriously as you would with a banana phone calls when you watching a small child. Whatever floats your boat.

Biohacking Tip 4: Biohacking by doing nothing?

From time to clean up his life, trying new things and habits that are no longer useful wegkicken, is great. But you're primarily a man (and a fairly amiable, just saying) and no operating system, which needs an upgrade.

As much as it is about control and optimization, so you need the Biohacken be sometimes can to biohacken again.

If that is too meta, which we can warmly recommend the following quote from Astrid Lindgren ". And then one must also still have time to just sit and look to himself," This once in a hammock at 28 degrees please sun, thank you.

Last but not least, we also know from experience that our bodies demand its breaks eventually clear if we do not take ourselves.

Biohacking 4.20: The CBD Hack

Whether you're in addition to hormone cocktail through sport with wonderfully relaxing CBD active gel want to indulge - or can accompany you from our  hemp Sleep spray  to sleep: We hope you have a good time doing it! Because this is finally the main thing.

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