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You need some relaxation and regeneration after a tough and exhausting workout? Your muscles are burning and nothing would be better than cooling down? The VAAY RECOVER CBD and hemp products will relax your tensed muscles and support your regeneration process.

Why regeneration after sports is the be-all and end-all?

There is hardly any sport in which you can call up your full performance from one second to the next. You always need a certain amount of time to get into your training and gradually increase your performance. In the long run, however, it is just as important to give your body what it needs after a training session. Regeneration starts with the cool down after exercise: After jogging, the first thing to do is the classic "run out", as we already know it from physical education classes at school. And gently stretching your body for 5 or 10 minutes is undoubtedly good for you after any kind of workout. Feel your heart rate slowly, but surely, normalize as you do this and you come to rest. Supportively, CBD could help you recover. You can use it not only internally, but also externally. For example, a massage with our CBD Sport Gel not only provides a relaxing effect thanks to CBD, but also has a cooling effect due to the menthol it contains. If you are curious about the gel, you should definitely take a look at our CBD cosmetic products.

What CBD products are there besides Sport Gel?

The classic among the classics is undisputed CBD oil. If you want to buy a CBD oil, however, you will find that there are different variants for every requirement and situation. What all our CBD oils have in common is their spray head: This allows for a practical and quick dosage. In terms of content, however, the CBD oils differ in their concentration - for example, you have the choice between CBD oil 5 percent and CBD oil 10 percent.  And since winter brings its own challenges, we have developed a special CBD oil for this time, which contains an extra portion of vitamin D. Added to this is an extract of the vital berry Schisandra, which is said to support the immune system and help us deal with stress, among other things. The perfect companion for the cold season.


You want to buy CBD oil? Then you should make sure that the CBD oil comes from certified commercial hemp cultivation. This is the only way to ensure that your CBD oil does not contain more than 0.2 percent THC - and that your CBD oil is legal in Germany. If your CBD oil meets this requirement, you do not have to worry about being prosecuted by the law.


Especially when you want to order your CBD oil, it is important to rely on reputable suppliers. With these, the premium hemp is exclusively sourced from hand-picked suppliers and the CBD is extracted particularly gently afterwards. Only in this way will you end up with a high-quality hemp full-spectrum extract instead of a cheap isolate - and you can benefit from the concentrated power of CBD oil.Once you have made the choice for the manufacturer, you are spoiled for choice between the different concentrations of CBD oil: There is "CBD oil 10 percent" and "CBD oil 5 percent". So while one CBD oil contains 10 percent CBD, the other CBD oil has 5 percent.