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New items

Discover the latest VAAY CBD and hemp products. Can you feel it?

VAAY is always good for a surprise

It's guaranteed not to get boring with us: Here you'll regularly find new products and can always discover innovative products.

We give your proven favorites a new polish by offering exciting variations of our classics. But there's also no shortage of completely new and innovative products in our store - and we're at least as proud of our limited editions.

If you want to buy our classic the CBD oil, you not "only" have the choice between the CBD oil 10 percent and the CBD oil 5 percent, but you can also benefit from always new flavors, such as lemon, thyme and mint essence.

The most exciting CBD novelties

Especially with our cosmetic cooperations you can always be surprised. Whether hemp candle, hemp tea or a sustainable soap for hair and body: There is something for everyone.

For example, the Berlin Craft Edition, which was created in cooperation with Berlin craft artists. Many more collaborations are to follow, with which we would like to support charitable causes, among others.

The mixture makes the difference: Our new sets

Especially recommended are our sets with CBD cosmetics. So if you want to buy our all-time favorite CBD oil, and also try a few other CBD products, you get the sport gel and the CBD bath bomb here directly in addition - in a stylish toiletry bag of course.

Whether you want to pamper yourself or give a loved one a treat is entirely up to you. In any case, the CBD sets can be a real boon for body and soul.

How do I find the right dosage?

As a CBD novice, we would recommend you to start with CBD oil 5 percent. Try it first with one spray and decide after a few days if you want to increase the dosage to two sprays or if you are already satisfied with the effect.

If you already know the ideal dose for you, you can also switch to the CBD oil 10 percent if necessary and possibly even have longer something from your bottle. What both CBD oils have in common, besides their premium quality, is their practical dosage thanks to the spray head.

Should I use CBD internally or externally?

That depends on what you want to achieve with the use of CBD. In any case, both are possible, so you can use CBD both internally and externally.

The best way to do this is to browse through our store. There you will find out which CBD product is best suited for your needs. For internal use, for example, we have the super practical and delicious CBD Gummies on offer. If you prefer a neutral taste, you should probably buy the CBD capsules.

For external use of CBD we offer our CBD cosmetics. Here you can discover our CBD Gel or our CBD bath bomb.