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Hanf-Wiki:  Alles, was du über Hanf, CBD & THC wissen musst

Here at VAAY we see our task not only to provide you with our high quality CBD products but would also like to inform you about the topic CBD. If you yourself are interested in the topic of CBD, its effect or CBD-oil experience of other users, then you are exactly right in our Hemp Wiki. Because we provide you now with the Key Facts about the valuable components of the hemp plant and how we use them. From our guide here you will reach also to all the major sub-themes of our hemp-wiki.

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cannabis vs. hemp - What is the difference here?
What's CBD?
endocannabinoid system: What is the and why do I need this?
CBD vs. THC - know the differences
terpenes and CBD - only smell or helpful for aromatherapy?
CBD Legal position - Sun rules German laws your CBD consumption
Does CBD intoxicating?
CBD oil vs. hemp oil: What is the difference code ?

Cannabis Hemp vs. - What is the difference here


So that we can get into the topic makes sense, we must first clarify a few terms. Of the hemp plant probably everyone has already heard. Their characteristic fünfblättriges Leaf has established itself as a worldwide symbol for marijuana. Plant is not the same plant, so we have to distinguish within the plant genus of hemp. When the speech of intoxicating grass is, the income of THC heavy cannabis sativa plant so are meant their ingredients fall in Germany under the Narcotics Act. Doctors can prescribe the THC-containing flowers now in certain diseases. but if we are talking about CBD hemp (or industrial, commercial or hemp), then allow the plant subgenus is meant whose THC content is below a value of 0.2%. Such a value is neither exhilarating nor other effects on who target consumers of THC-containing cannabis. these plants

At the same time have a high CBD content.

Hemp Hemp is not the same!

Let's look at this plant a little more closely. For hemp, we differentiate between male and female plants. The female plants produce during its heyday resins leaves and flowers. are the cannabinoids, including the CBD in these resins.

Already in the cultivation process different specifications here are used, depending on whether it is medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Nutzhanfpflanzen from which CBD is to be obtained, usually grow in fields. There is talk of industrial hemp, since this plant is not only the active ingredient is extracted CBD. The plant is used for all sorts of other purposes. Hemp fibers can be used for textile manufacture. There are ways to help insulate homes. The seeds themselves can be eaten as a delicacy or processed into oils. Already today there is this Nutzhanfpflanzen in Germany huge acreage. Since these do not manufacture intoxicating THC, they can be cultivated in Germany by corresponding farmers.

Already in the cultivation's significant differences

In contrast are the cannabis plants that are able to produce high amounts of THC. These plants are used exclusively for use in the medical cannabis field. We are talking about the heady brother of CBDs to it worldwide Kiffer have apart. Build this grass at her, put her on monocultures purely female plants. The plants produce more flowers and more so resins. Finally, also have this goal to multiply by seed production. The THC hemp farmer deprives the female plants that possibility. This then produce these ideally more flowers and more active ingredients. These varieties should be used only with special permission and under special security conditions.

So if you hear the future terminology hemp, you know that it is not immediately assimilated with drugs and Co. We are talking about the original plant, has the different sub-genres. has the aspect is that the Leaf as a synonym for the stoner culture established, it makes us today, of course, much more difficult to extract hemp from its sleazy corner. The practical guide to Cannabis Hemp vs. we tell you the topic again at some length, if you are not yet sufficient, the information here!

What is CBD?

Now you know already that the hemp plant has different varieties. What interests us here is the so-called fiber hemp or industrial hemp that no intoxicating effect has, but at the same time produces the desired of us CBD. But what's CBD exactly? CBD is the same as a so-called cannabinoid THC hemp plant. And one of the cannabinoids, which can interact with our body's endocannabinoid system. What is it and how it works, we'll tell you in the next part of the wiki. We remain times briefly in the CBD: CBD may have anti-inflammatory and relaxing as the active ingredient. We are talking about an all-rounder that can be docked to different receptors to support the body's system. Just this CBD we set example for our products as our Sportgel code, the Badekugel code, mouth spray or our CBD oil a


endocannabinoid system: What is it and why do I need the


Now we have to just drift off into Scientific. The so-called endocannabinoid system we are talking about a part of the human nervous system. This has endogenous cannabinoids. We are talking about the so-called endocannabinoids. You can dock different receptors in your body. These receptors are found for example in your brain, your immune system, your circulatory system and also in your gastrointestinal tract.

endocannabinoid system

This system regulates a variety of processes and ultimately affect your psyche or your mood. but it also influences your memory or inflammatory processes. The aim of this system is to keep your body in a healthy balance. The cannabinoids dock with receptors such as the CB1 or CB2. CB1 receptors are responsible for memory, for example, processing or your pain regulation. CB2 receptors, for example, take care of your immune system.

CB1 and CB2: Here the CBD cannabinoids dock

It is precisely this effect of the body's own endocannabinoids can be mimicked by the plant cannabinoids or even strengthened. Also in researching this Endocannabionidsystems science plugged actually still in its infancy. the whole thing was only discovered in 1992. Since then, scientists continuously at its exploration. There is preliminary evidence that a malfunction of the system can play especially in chronic diseases a role. CBD is next to THC, the most thoroughly studied cannabinoids. but the two most common herbal cannabinoids THC and CBD themselves act completely different with the individual receptors.

If you the topic endocannabinoids system code interested, check out our guide for many more detailed information to do so. Although science lies still in its infancy, we provide you with the previously known key facts.

CBD vs. THC - know the differences

Both CBD as well as THC is active ingredients of the hemp plant. Both have different applications and assist in taking very different. While THC has a quite intoxicating effect, it looks at the CBD quite different. Meanwhile, also THC for medical treatment used. Even in Germany, doctors may prescribe THC-containing cannabis. Only someone who has a corresponding recipe that THC-containing products may own and consume. Medicinal cannabis is now being used for pain disorders and other symptoms. The greatest disadvantage of this drug: One on the road or driving heavy machinery is no longer possible due to the effect. That is, a drug using the THC is no fun for patients. Often these have

a lengthy medical history, when other medications have not been successful.

CBD is the little brother of THC - without intoxicating Side Effect

CBD hand, has none of the above-introduced effects. It does not make you stoned or high. It makes you not on it and makes you not euphoric. It can have the little brother of THC, the positive effects on the body's system, you relax, you not knocks out like a punch. Between the modes of action and the application of the THC and CBD are worlds apart. But here, too, shows again clearly that it is very difficult because of the THC and its primary use in the past for the production of drugs for us today, get CBD from this topic. Throw a look in our THC vs. CBD -Ratgeber. As we review the issues again.

terpenes and CBD - only odor or helpful for aromatherapy

Anyone who ever classic marijuana smelled knows that medical THC-containing cannabis has a special odor note. Also THC weak industrial hemp and its flowers have a similar smell composition. This odor is caused by so-called terpenes. These are natural compounds give plants their characteristic scent. We know the terpenes usually in the form of essential oils. All have a common basic structure, but differ significantly in their odor. Simply put, lavender smells quite different mint. Terpenes are responsible for the typical smell of both plants. In nature, these terpenes have a natural function: they attract insects to pollinate flowers and to help so the plant in receiving. At the same time, the terpenes are perceived as unpleasant by other animals and insects. Thus, these also protect the plant from predators.

In aromatherapy terpenes are used. Cannabis is divided here as different terpenes with other plants. So the terpene myrcene was found both in balsamic as with cannabis plants, for example. Limonene is found in oranges and the hemp plant. It is believed an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. With linalool, which is found for example in the lavender and the cannabis plant, it is suspected that it has a hypnotic and sedative effect. They were now only three of the major terpenes: To date, approximately 20,000 terpenes are identified. In the cannabis plant about 200. At the same time these terpenes also have a supportive effect of cannabinoids. Experts speak effect here of the so-called Entourage.

CBD Legal position - Sun rules German laws your CBD consumption

We have now explained to you during our Hemp wikis a lot about the hemp plant and the different varieties. We have also brought home to you the differences between THC and CBD. We want all of that look from the legal point of view: CBD products you may be able to purchase legal and consume. We speak in this case, namely not about products that fall under the Narcotics Act. This assumes that the CBD products not exceed a THC content of 0.2%.

In short: Since we are talking about a plant genus in which it would be possible depending on the variety, to win CBD and THC, the legislature determines the THC value here as to when a product falls under the Narcotics Act.

Our CBD products are obtained from a certified for EU industrial hemp with a THC content below 0.2%. We use to produce our CBD products exclusively from the EU certified Nutzhanfsorten. These kinds of hemp are now also grown in Germany in large fields. They have no intoxicating hemp ingredients. If you're BEYOND about the topic CBD legal code want to inform switche times in our guide to the subject.

During the production of hemp extracts we use is the THC content even not lowered, so that our products do not contain detectable amounts of THC. That we check. In each batch of product Find out more in our article: Our quality promise

When terpenes being researched yet diligently

researchers assume that CBD products that also contain the full ingredient spectrum of the hemp plant, a better effect can develop. This is also the reason why we put our CBD products in a natural hemp extracts. So we can guarantee that you can benefit from our products not only of CBD, but also all important terpenes are included. CBD products are where only insulated CBD used to produce, do not have these terpenes. Our CBD products all have a pleasant smell of natural hemp terpenes.

CBD research

You know definitely if you smell corresponding next time that are here just terpenes at work that provide the scent and have positive effects. If you interested in the topic, it's done in our What are terpenes -Ratgeber on!

Does CBD intoxicating?

We've already talked a lot in this guide about THC and the intoxicating effects of medical cannabis. We have you already explained that it is the little brother CBD to a not intoxicating agent . You also know that this can support your in-house body system effectively. But as the CBD-effect

looks really?

The general CBD effect is perceived very differently by users. Everyone should find the best CBD-oil dosage for yourself. But while you should not exceed the recommended dose. In addition, the different products vary in the speed and duration of their action. Depending on the needs of the fast-acting Vape or even the slow and longer-acting capsule may be the right product for you sooner. If you have problems getting to sleep, perhaps a combination of hemp extract and melatonin is right for you.

Take a look at our article " Does CBD intoxicating? ' / a> "and comprehensively inform yourself there on the topic.

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