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CBD and sex: You need to know

CBD und Sex: Das musst du wissen

The Cannabis cannabinoid cannabidiol (Say that three times fast) has blossomed in recent years become one of the most important newcomer to the spa scene. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties of the ingredient in the cosmetics industry is just as popular as sports enthusiasts and fans of the dignified stress elimination.

CBD but can do much more, but still do not know a lot of people. We're talking about your sex life.

CBD for better sex?

Sure, sex is something great and we would all like more of it. Our stressful everyday life, crammed with appointments and commitments, deadlines at work and the dishes will be waiting home for you, but often leave little time for the most important thing in the world. If then even small children and constant fatigue come into play, it can be over with the desire quickly.
the Internet circulating lately more and more testimonials from couples and singles, which CBD has helped to renewed vigor. Let's look together at how CBD could perhaps help you too.

Less stress and performance anxiety

performance or fear of failure during sex can have many causes and affect all genders. Perhaps you have pain during sex, are too stressed to release properly, or simply do not feel comfortable in your skin. All of which can cause sexual desire disappears and an otherwise enjoyable night to the disappointment is.

Many CBD users report that CBD helps them to calm down and inside to relax. This is already enough to let go in order to better for many and indulge your partner. In fact, there are studies that reduced a connection between CBD and show anxiety code, but there are still too few studies on the subject, to a secure conclusion to be made.

Who CBD but can help to get inner peace that can perceive not only the time during lovemaking even more intense, but also the moments when foreplay. This is particularly important for women and can lead to an improvement of perceived intimacy and thereby also the sex.

pain instead of love


pain during sex are the reality for many women (and some men). This can have many reasons. but what is certain is that nothing is the desire dirty more quickly than if it hurts. In the worst case, the fear already spoils from possible pain vornerein any romantic mood. Many women also suffer under the frequent lack of foreplay.

CBD and even THC-containing lubricant is widely used in the US now and helps following field reports many women, finally to feel the full enjoyment during sex. Aphrodisiac massage oils for the intimate area use the soothing and analgesic effects of CBD , more enjoyable sex for women.
CBD may also stimulate circulation. The gentle massaging of, for example CBD oil can lead to a higher sensitivity and a natural lubrication and makes sex by far more pleasant and exciting.

How does the whole thing feel as at?

When used as lubricants can cause a feeling of warmth and relaxation CBD. The extra excited blood flow to the sex is intense and can lead to wonderful orgasms. but some women also tell that the sex with CBD lubricant can also be emotionally intense and recommend first to start with very small amounts of CBD-containing lubricant. If that really lies at the CBD in the lubricant but can not say for sure.

By the way, CBD lubricants are hardly absorbed through the skin, the effect is why the lords of creation largely missing - sorry guys. When anal lovemaking but all can benefit from it.

What products is the matter here?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find the vast majority of CBD lubricant in Germany either do or not. Many of the lubricants available on the Internet that go with hemp leaves and the words "cannabis" or "cannabis" the view absolutely containing no CBD but only from hemp seeds pressed hemp oil. So do not be fooled. Please review the ingredients of such products carefully and you will soon find that, although hemp seed oil, hemp oil or Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil's speech, but not of CBD. As an alternative, however, can be real CBD oils use. You can find them in our VAAY store as CBD mouth spray and CBD drops in the 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% variants.

Of course, not as a lubricant, but the oils are in fact absolutely not thought of. Even if you think that oil is the same oil, CBD oil do not use in the genital area. For one, different ingredients may cause irritation and also can destroy fats and oils latex condoms. So again for the more adventurous among you: CBD oil is not a lubricant
If you want to integrate CBD in your love life, is also a CBD-containing massage oil such as unser CBD skin & amp; Massage oil . This has been dermatologically tested and the grade "Very Good" award (for you only the best) and thanks to the present ginger essence you feel a pleasant warming and relaxing effect. Of course, in our oil actually CBD in it and helps to let your body and mind to rest.

CBD can be integrated also in any other application forms in your sex life. You can do it in liquid form, use it as a capsule or even as Badekugel code in an intimate bath for two. The important thing is that each user is a suitable method here.

sex with CBD and Toys

Even more exciting is the sex with CBD if you integrate into the lovemaking "Love Toys". Whether dildo, handcuffs or vibrating ball - let them all be combined beautifully with CBD. Our absolute favorite among the love toys for you is the " Womanizer code". With stimulating pleasure vibrations in eight intensity levels and the unique "Pleasure Air Technology" your clitoris is spoiled without contact. You will experience a whole new orgasmic feeling wherever you want - even in the bathtub! As yet provides a tingling dip with the "Womanizer" and our CBD Badekugel almost on. Or what do you mean? ;)

What does science to CBD and sex?

In short, not much. As with so many other aspects of CBD specialized research on the effects of CBD also lacks here quite simply. That is why more studies are definitely needed before scientifically sound conclusions can be drawn.

Despite the lack of clinical trials alone makes the mass of personal testimonials about sex and CBD curious for more. Many people tell how  CBD Lubricants code and other CBD products their sex life completely changed and have returned to enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world to them. A review by Anna Lee, co-founder and Head of Engineering of Lioness, can be found code on their blog.


The use of this code CBD massage oil or lubricants can be your sex life back relaxed and fulfilling will leave and help lessen the stress of everyday life to be someone else, some to reduce fears about sex and to control the mood toward togetherness. Our recommendation: try at least once


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