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When productivity becomes toxic and how CBD can help you now


Getting a lot done in a short amount of time its a pretty amazing feeling, right? And when on-the-job productivity is one of your many strengths, theres no question youll go over like hotcakes at your next job interview. After all, competition is on the rise everywhere, the startup scene is booming and most of the self-help books out there will tell you something about unlocking the secret to your own productivity. Unfortunately, when that erstwhile healthy productivity starts to turns toxic, it can also become a nightmare for employers.

But wait, whats the difference between healthy and unhealthy productivity? And what exactly is productivity anyway? Is there a mathematical formula we can use to calculate it? And what does CBD have to do with productivity? Allow us to shed some light on these and other questions.

What is productivity and when does it become toxic?

In the realm of economics, productivity is expressed as the ratio of output to input. For example, lets say a person picks 300 apples per hour of work. The formula to measure productivity in this case would be the following:

Productivity = Output / Input

The higher the productivity, the more a person accomplishes within a defined period of time. In other words, the higher the productivity, the more apples get processed, the greater the sales and, ultimately, the larger amount of money. Its ingenious. When were talking about machines, the following dictum applies: the more productive, the better. But since we humans arent actually machines, nor do we exist to be mere worker bees, its good to exercise some caution when making these calculations. A clear-cut formula for productivity simply doesnt work for us humans.

Bigger. Better. Faster. Burnout: Why more is not always better

We humans have a number of essential needs, including things like sleep, food, drink, exercise and social interaction. When we constantly strive to increase our productivity, and when were asked to accomplish more and more in less and less time, this can lead to a situation in which we neglect precisely these needs. It can also happen that our private lives enter into a competition with our work lives. Things like hanging up the laundry, calling grandma, going food shopping, making sandwiches quickly on the side and thinking you need to get everything you can out of every minute ...

In short, toxic productivity is something that actually leads to stress. And if that stress starts to get progressively worse, it can lead to a full-on burnout which itself can trigger a bout of depression.

Its red-alert time, kids! The signs of toxic productivity

If youre looking to calculate toxic productivity, theres actually no magic formula thats going to help. But there are some indicators you can watch out for. For example, the tendency to constantly prioritise your work and put your essential needs on the back burner is one of them. If you notice that your health and well-being are suffering, you should take a long hard look at whether or not youve succumbed to productivity mania.

If necessary, you might be able to find some evidence in your own social environment: Is work putting a strain on your relationship with your friends and family? How long has it been since you last saw your friends? And how successfully are you able to relax when you actually do see them again? If youve ever found yourself calculating how much work-time youre losing as a result of going for a beer with a friend, its time to give yourself a break from work.

Toxic productivity is also characterised by having unrealistic expectations of yourself and being convinced that everyone else accomplishes more than you. In this situation, it sometimes feels like increasing your productivity is the only way to be able to keep up with everybody else.

But when those alarm bells start to ring, theres only one thing to do: youre going to have to take it down a notch. This is the point at which CBD oil can help.

Can CBD help to mitigate toxic productivity?

First of all, lets be clear: If youre having health problems and suspect you might be on the verge of experiencing a burnout, you should visit your doctor immediately and get their expert advice before even considering taking CBD.

CBD is by no means a cure-all remedy and it is in no way capable of magically transforming toxic productivity into healthy productivity. Nevertheless, CBD can be a trusted companion on your journey.

For one thing, CBD has been credited with having a calming effect thanks to the way in which it interacts with our endocannabinoid system. After all, if youre looking to actually improve your productivity, one of the most important things you can do is simply slow down. Since its not so easy to just press pause on your life, engaging in rituals can be a very helpful way to slow down. And this is exactly where CBD comes into play.

CBD rituals to help against toxic productivity

Morning rituals with CBD

We all know the feeling: The alarm clock rings and we immediately start going through our to-do list in our minds. Whatever you do, just dont waste any time, we think to ourselves. But that very moment, when your mind is still reasonably clear, is actually the perfect time to pause for a second and put an end to the endless drive to get things done. This is something you can do, for example, with a CBD drink. Take your time at first, and dont do anything except concentrate on drinking.

Take a break with music and meditation

The perfect time to take a short break is precisely when youre convinced you dont have time for it. For example, taking a 5-minute brain vacation can be a true game changer. Just switch your phone to airplane mode, take a few drops of CBD oil, turn on a relaxing mood tapes, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Self-love rituals/

At least once a week, you should treat yourself to some kind of relaxing ritual in the evening, either alone or with your partner. As a way of counteracting everyday pressure and self-doubt, a dose of self-love can be a great thing: for example, a CBD relaxation bath, a massage with CBD massage oil or some other kind of relaxation ritual.

The most important thing here is that you turn your mobile phone off and stop checking what time it is, because if theres one thing you dont have to do in this moment its be productive.

FAQ: CBD for toxic productivity

Can CBD help manage stress?

Unfortunately, theres no scientific proof of CBDs impact on stress, but there are many reports from individuals who say that CBD has reduced their stress. It is believed that CBD influences the release of stress hormones by connecting to the receptors in our endocannabinoid system.

Does CBD make you high?

Nope. In contrast to THC, which is another cannabinoid, CBD has no psychoactive effect. CBD products derived from controlled European commercial hemp cultivation and that have received approval in Germany are not permitted to contain more than 0.2 percent THC. With VAAY CBD oil, for example, you can always be sure to be on the safe side in this regard.

Can CBD help with burnout?

CBD can improve your sense of well-being when you experience temporary stressful situations, but dont forget that its not an actual treatment nor does it offer any solution to whatever caused your stress in the first place. If you feel like youre approaching a burnout or youve already had one, you should always seek medical help first.

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