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Full and broad-spectrum CBD vs. CBD isolate: What is the difference?

24/11/2020 7 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
24/11/2020 7 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

CBD-products, there are now a dime a dozen: creams, sprays, oils and bath balls and that was still long not everything. Depending on the manufacturer also found a wide variety of information on the packages. Sometimes because of full or broad-spectrum extracts the speech, elsewhere it says CBD isolate. What does this but actually means, says one only times no. Is this a better than the other and what it is right for me?
We have the answers.

What is the difference between full and broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

The main difference between full and broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate is how the extract is produced. While the full or broad-spectrum CBD Extrak t the chemical profile of the hemp plants used is maintained, ie including the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids code is filtered out when they CBD isolate everything except the pure, isolated CBD molecule. Each of these forms of CBD has its advantages and disadvantages. More on this below. Another difference there might be the effect of the final product. So Evidence suggests that full or broad-spectrum CBD may be more effective than CBD isolates. One possible explanation would be the so-called Entourage effect.

What is the entourage effect? ​​

The term Entourage effect is represented by a theory which states that occur in the hemp plant compounds, ie cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, synergies develop and achieve a stronger effect so as a whole could could do that every single connection. Although the theory in the early 2000s confirmed at least partially was the existence of the Entourage effect has not yet been definitively established. The effect is more research so to be controversial and it will. So in the summer of 2020. study published that suggests that terpenes probably nothing to do with the entourage effect have . So the research on the subject continues.

What does Full Spectrum CBD?

Let's look more closely next total or broad-spectrum CBD. As already mentioned, full or broad-spectrum CBD contains (almost) the entire chemical profile of the hemp plant, which was used to make.

The production of solid and broad-spectrum extracts

There are several extraction methods to prepare full and broad-spectrum CBD. Nowadays, however, is the so-called supercritical CO2 extraction, the most commonly used method, because it operates the gentlest and most effective. For this purpose, carbon dioxide gas is subjected to pressure psi 1071 and brought to a temperature of 31.1 ° C. Under these conditions the carbon dioxide reaches the supercritical state, d. H. it is now either liquid or gaseous. Thereby, the carbon dioxide entering as a gas in the Cannabis plant material and to solve such a liquid compounds from the material. Supercritical CO2 is extremely efficient and at the same time gently in the extraction of all connections from the hemp. Therefore, contains extract which was obtained by this method, first, all occurring in the plant soluble compounds.

Once the extraction is complete, the pressure is released - the CO2 evaporates. What remains are extracted from the plant compounds, without harmful solvent residues. This makes the CO2 extraction to the cleanest of all extraction methods. Is full or broad-spectrum CBD produced, the process is complete at this point. The CBD thus obtained is a nearly identical image of the chemical profile of the hemp plant , from which it was obtained. This extract can then different products, such as CBD spray code, CBD-Kapseln or CBD oils are produced code.

The pros and cons of full-spectrum CBD extracts

The hemp plant has more to offer than "just" cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Hundreds of chemical compounds, many of them positive with potential effects. Since full-spectrum CBD extracts almost fully reflects the chemical profile of the plant, all of these compounds are also found in the finished product. Almost - and there almost never succeeds completely reflect that profile in the extract, we speak - in the sense of uniqueness - our products exclusively of broad-spectrum extracts


study published in 2014 looked at the effectiveness of full or . broad-spectrum extracts closer look at this code and came to the conclusion that these extracts in the fighting of inflammation and other diseases is much more effective than the CBD as a pure substance (ie CBD isolate). However, this comes at a price - literally, because high quality and carefully made full spectrum CBD is significantly more expensive usually as a pure CBD. quality has its price.
In less reputable manufacturers is also the risk that your CBD product may contain more THC than is allowed by law. This could in the worst case you your driver's license or even your job cost.

Who should resort to full or broad-spectrum extracts?

full or broad-spectrum CBD may be if you want to enjoy the full benefits for you the right choice that the Entourage effect may entails. Be sure to buy only products from reputable manufacturers to submit, for the corresponding lab reports. Only then can you be sure that the THC concentration CBD product than 0.2% of really small. If you like to take CBD as oil to you and like the typical earthy flavor of hemp, a full or broad-spectrum CBD oil is also right for you.

Although there are also flavored CBD oils in a variety of flavors - non-flavored varieties have but still a slightly earthy flavor. Even if you care about an entirely natural product, you should be full or broad-spectrum CBD access . As already mentioned, the extract remaining after CO2 extraction largely untreated and provides the hemp plant is the way it is.

Who should avoid full and broad-spectrum extracts?

full or broad-spectrum extracts are not for everyone the right choice. For many, this high-quality extracts are too expensive. Especially when you capture large amounts CBD regularly, it can quickly become expensive with such extracts. If you have a job, for example, where you have to make drug testing code, or if you with competitive sport your money earn, let's put your fingers of full and broad-spectrum extracts. It is true that the amount of THC is controlled by law in these products and negligible; but with regular use and sensitive drug testing you could still tested positive for THC.

What does CBD isolate?

The production of CBD isolates

CBD isolates begin life first as a form of hemp extract. Once the extract is present, all other compounds are removed in further processing steps until only pure CBD is left. In the winterization lipids and vegetable waxes are removed from the extract and by decarboxylation of the present CBDA is converted to CBD. The winterized oil then passes through a distillation process to chlorophyll, terpenes and undesirable impurities to be removed. Fractional distillation allows the separation of CBD of other small cannabinoids.

The concentrated CBD is then mixed with a solvent and the solution is heated and cooled so that the pure CBD crystallized. After a further purification process, a 99% pure CBD isolate remains. If the manufacturer works neatly and carefully, the isolate contains no more solvent residues. The finished product is then present generally in crystal form. These crystals can now be brought into any shape required by the manufacturer for its products. Commercially du CBD isolates can find mostly as a powder dissolved in a carrier oil or CBD capsules.

The pros and cons of CBD isolates

Since each manufacturer other hemp plants used with potentially different chemical profile, CBD products can various producers also slightly different in their effect. This is in CBD isolates different. So who is dependent on absolute consistency in its CBD products for which is a CBD isolate the best solution. In addition, manufacturers who use them in their products isolates guarantee that their products do not contain THC. That makes it easier for them to standardize the CBD content of their products. And that in turn lowers the cost of such products and makes their effect more predictable.

Who should resort to CBD isolates?

People who are looking for affordable and effective CBD products and want to avoid taking even the slightest amounts of THC.

Who CBD isolates should avoid?

CBD isolates lack the variety of full and broad-spectrum products that bring these additional cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemical constituents. so the potential for synergies special plant remains unused.

What are pseudo-full spectrum extracts?

In addition to full and broad-spectrum extracts and isolates CBD there are so-called pseudo-full spectrum extracts. As the name suggests, these are not true full spectrum extracts, but CBD isolates, so pure CBD, subsequently other components are added to mimic the more a natural cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant. The manufacturers take this cheap isolated CBD and other cannabinoids, add terpenes and other substances are added and thus create their own chemical profiles.

Whether these then have similarity with anything that occurs in nature so is questionable. To recognize these products are typically at their strikingly low price. Since the origin of the products and above all of the isolates used are often difficult to is not comprehensible, it is better to stay away from these cannabinoid mixtures, to apply for its CBD needs to the dealer of your trust.

What are broad-spectrum extracts?

The term broad-spectrum extract is to be found rather rare in Germany, in the English-speaking world but these products are very common. It is easy to full spectrum extracts which is almost completely deprived of the THC in an additional process step . So while you get all the advantages of a true full-spectrum CBD extract and need not worry make that could be included in it too much THC.

Should I use a CBD isolate or a full or broad-spectrum extract?

Both full and broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates have their advantages and applications. It mainly comes down to what you want to get from your CBD and how strong you want your wallet burden. If you Entourage effect is important and you holistic synergy of the hemp plant to think then cross on each case to a full-spectrum product. As considered by many questions about CBD here: try it out and listen to your body. So you can find it for you perfect CBD.

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