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Bathing with CBD - what do you need to know?

VAAY Hanf-Wiki Baden mit CBD

Perhaps the most relaxing way to bring CBD into your bathroom is in the form of a bath ball or bath bomb. It transforms your daily body care into a real wellness experience. Bath balls vary in composition, color, size and shape - but they all have one thing in common: They seduce with foam, bubbles and rich ingredients like lavender, herbs - and also CBD.

More than just an explosion of color and scent

Bath bombs are usually associated with colorful balls, which attract attention through eye-catching staging in perfumeries and beauty stores. They smell of luxurious aromas - from delicate and intense, sweet and fruity to citrus and floral. Have you ever wondered what ingredients make them so special, how best to use them and what other benefits they bring? Then here are ten practical tips for the best bath bomb experience.

Bath bombs with CBD: The best 10 tips

  1. The choice of the right bath ball
  2. Effect: Cannabidiol, short CBD, for that certain extra
  3. Aromatherapy Effect
  4. Can a bath ball run off?
  5. Cover the bath bomb
  6. Using the bath ball - What is to be considered?
  7. Shower or not
  8. The Bathroom Bomb as an Interior-It-Piece
  9. Bath bombs as scent dispenser
  10. DIY: Make your own bath bombs

1. Choosing the right bath ball: It all depends on the ingredients

Bath balls consist of compressed, dry mixtures of ingredients. The basic ingredients include a weak acid and a bicarbonate base, which remain unreactive in the dry state and characteristically bubble when wet. Other ingredients of bath bombs are fragrance components, herbs and (natural) dyes, which provide for appropriate foam, flavor and color in your bath water.dry flowers, herbs and glitter round off the ingredients of the bath balls optically.

High quality bath balls like the bath bomb from VAAY have various natural ingredients. It is perfect after a long day or a hard training - jojoba oil, cocoa butter and hemp seed oil provide an extra portion of moisture. Natural essential oil from real lavender leaves and last but not least cannabidiol (CBD) help you to relax completely.

The bathing experience is completed by a care core in the bath ball, which settles on the water surface immediately after dissolving. Now it's time to grab it! The core contains a special mixture of butters, oils and 50% of the contained CBDs. The silky core works best if you rub it gently on your skin during the bath and let it work in.

Do not wash off the rubbed-in areas immediately, but let the active ingredients soak in for at least five minutes, so that the CBD can have an optimal effect.

Naturally good for the skin

Be aware that synthetic bath balls may contain harmful substances, aggressive chemicals or irritants. Natural bath balls, on the other hand, provide lasting care for your skin and are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. High-quality bath bombs take your bathing experience to a new level and provide you with particularly intensive care.

In addition there is the pleasant scent. Only the bubbling and the foam make it better. What the tap water often cannot do, the bath bomb compensates. Our tap water is often hard and can lead to brittle skin. The natural essential oils - for example from lavender, rose, chamomile, tea tree, eucalyptus, almond and lemon as well as coconut, shea and cocoa butter moisturize, soothe and care for your skin. It becomes soft, velvety and smooth.

While repairing the skin, the natural ingredients ensure a more nourished and healthier skin appearance. Depending on the ingredients, bath balls can help you relax physically and mentally, switch off or reduce anxiety.

2. Bathing with Cannabidiol for that certain extra

Relaxation de luxe: Each bath ball consists of a unique composition that invigorates, relaxes or is especially nourishing for your skin. A CBD bath ball can also help you relax your muscles and mind. Make yourself comfortable in a bath and switch off.

CBD for bathing

Studies show that cannabidiol helps to relax your muscles. CBD can also help relieve anxiety and anxiety and help you relax your mind. In addition, cannabidiol can help relieve the stress of the day and promote sleep. More about the effects of CBD oil can be found here.

Perfect scent: CBD is not only said to have all kinds of effects, CBD also spreads a pleasant scent - similar to aromatherapy. It helps to relax and pampers the soul.

CBD? Will I get high from it? Does CBD seem intoxicating?

No - no worries! Cannabidiol has nothing to do with THC Both come from the cannabis plant, but CBD does not make you high or addicted. You can read more about this in our article about the CBD legal situation. The cannabidiol only supports your well-being. In combination with lavender, as in the VAAY BATH BOMB, it spreads its decelerating magic and can provide deep relaxation during a bath.

3. Aromatherapy effect: wellness at home

One of the main reasons why bath balls are so popular is their fascinating scent and delicate aromas. Moreover, the fragrant balls achieve an effect similar to that of aromatherapy. This is due to the essential oils that are contained in all high-quality bath bombs.

Tips for a bath in the morning and evening VAAY product recommendation

The morning bath

If your energy level is low and you are tired, for example, choose a bath with citrus scent. This refreshes you, helps you start the day better and has an invigorating effect. The citrus scent helps you to be prepared for the challenges of the coming day. The extra portion of CBD lets you approach the day relaxed and focused.

VAAY Bath Bomb Relax Lavender

The evening bath

The same applies vice versa. If you want to relieve stress and tension at the end of the day, lavender scent will transform your bath into a calming and relaxing retreat. Lavender can help you calm your nerves and then fall into a deep and healthy sleep. For additional relaxation before bedtime, the VAAY Night Melatonin Spray helps. The special combination of CBD, melatonin and vitamin B6 support the natural sleep function of the body.

Is sleeping already a topic with you? You can find out how you can get a better night's sleep under: Tips for better sleep.

VAAY Bath Bomb Relax Lavender

VAAY Night Melatonin Spray

4. Can a bath bomb expire?

Many people think bath bombs cannot run off. But in fact the durability of bath bombs is limited. If you want to achieve the maximum fizz and fragrance effect, use the bath ball optimally within the first weeks after purchase. You can be sure of this by checking the expiration date before use. If it is exceeded, the Bath Bomb can usually still be used, but it may no longer have its full effect.

5. Cover the bath bomb

Some of the bath bombs contain dry petals, herbs, glitter or other surprises that make the bath experience special. However, if you are worried that the components will clog the drain and stick to the edge of the bath, just put the Bath Bomb in an organza bag or similar. This way the petals and glitter will stay in the bag, while the other components will easily get into the water through the fabric.

6. Use the bath ball: What is there to consider?

Let the water in as deep as you like. You might even use a comfortable bath pillow to relax better. When does the bath ball go into the water? Very simple: When you have let the water into the bathtub. It begins to bubble when it comes into contact with water and then dissolves. The dissolving process usually takes a few minutes. You are free to take a bath in the meantime. You use the VAAY Bath Bomb with real lavender leaves, bath salts, CBD and Shea Butter? Then after the bath ball dissolves, a soft core floats to the surface.

Rub it gently on your shoulders, arms, neck and throat and let it soak on your skin for at least five minutes. Find your perfect position for relaxation. You can also meditate, read a book or listen to soft music to increase the relaxation effect.

7. To shower or not - that is the question

You are done with your session and get out of the tub. Now the question arises, of course, whether you should take a shower after use. Clear answer: Yes! If you have used a bath bomb with glitter or paint, it is recommended to rinse off the remaining particles.

But this is not necessary for a high-quality bath bomb with natural ingredients. On the contrary: it is even a pity for the caring ingredients when you wash them off your skin again. What you can do, however, is to rinse the tub thoroughly right away if necessary. Use a cloth or sponge to remove paint residues, stains and herbs from the tub. As long as they are still damp, this is quickly done.

8. The bath bomb as an interior it-piece

The new hit for the bathtub is available in all imaginable colors and patterns. Not only do they smell good, they make for a bubbly feeling in the tub, they also look really good - provided they are dry. So why hide them in the cupboard? Simply place several balls in a transparent, decorative glass bowl and place them on the shelf, side table or whatever else comes to mind. This will not only make your bathroom more beautiful, it will also smell even better.

9. Bath bombs as scent dispenser

Dry bath bombs smell as good as those dissolved in water. Also this smell lasts very long. So why not use the scent? Use the bath ball to fill cupboards, car or bathroom with a fragrant scent. The DIY air freshener is suitable for any place in the home where a pleasant scent caresses the soul.

10. Make your own bath bombs

You can't get enough of this new bathing experience and you are in good shape? Then let's go: You can make the bath bombs yourself. You don't need sophisticated tools or special skills to do it. The only thing you need are special shapes for the Bath Bombs to bring the mixture into a ball, a starfish or something similar. You can find the one or other Bath Bombs recipe and instructions with the right ingredients like lavender, CBD, honey, herbs, etc. on the net. Last tip: A bath bomb is a perfect gift!

You don't feel like going into self-production, but you still want a relaxed bathing experience? Then try the VAAY BATH BOMB RELAX LAVENDEL. Also check out our CBD-Shop, there you will find besides the bath ball with cannabidiol other products that can relax you with the power of CBD.

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