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Center + vaay = regeneration + relaxation ²

Mitte + vaay = Regeneration + Entspannung ²

Wake up refreshed in the morning and go to bed relaxed in the evening after a hard day? That's impossible? No! With Mitte's drinking water treatment and vaay's CBD products, you can help your body regenerate with a unique combination of magnesium, melatonin & hemp.

Mitte and vaay each offer products that are great for regeneration and relaxation. But the combination of the two here is more than the sum of its parts. Mitte, a company that offers innovative solutions for water treatment, and vaay, a pioneer in the field of CBD products, have therefore joined forces to further enhance the regenerative effects of their products by combining their active ingredients. The focus is on the vaay "DIVE IN Hemp Sleep Spray" and the Mitte products "Restore" and "Balance".

Mitte: Water in its purest form

Mitte is a company dedicated to the mission of providing water in its purest form and revolutionizing access to clean and healthy drinking water. Mitte's innovative water treatment technology effectively removes impurities and pollutants from tap water and replenishes valuable minerals. The result is a refreshing thirst quencher that not only hydrates the body, but also invigorates the mind.


vaay - pioneer in the CBD field

vaay is a pioneer in the field of CBD products and aims to harness the full potential of the cannabis plant to promote people's well-being. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant known for its multiple health benefits. vaay has developed a wide range of high quality CBD products, including the DIVE IN Hemp Sleep Spray.


vaay DIVE IN Hemp Sleep Spray - Relaxed sleep for more vitality

A restful sleep is crucial for our regeneration and our performance the next day. The vaay "DIVE IN Hemp-Sleep-Spray" is a natural and gentle way to improve sleep. The unique formula of.

CBD, melatonin and calming herbs can help reduce stress, calm the mind and promote deep, restorative sleep. Simply spray on the tongue before bedtime and allow the body to relax in a well-deserved way.

Mitte Restore - Gentle, relaxing, healing.

The Restore cartridge is an innovative product from Mitte that aims to enrich drinking water with magnesium, making a positive contribution to inner balance and health. The water that comes out of the Mitte water filter is already purified and freed from impurities. The idea behind the Mitte cartridges is that healthy drinking water should not only be free of contaminants, but can also add value to our health. By supplying our bodies with magnesium in a natural way, we can make an important contribution to regeneration and general well-being.


Mitte Balance - Balanced freshness in taste.

The Balance cartridge mineralizes water by passing it through a layer of magnesite and calcite rock. The Mitte Balance cartridge thus replicates the naturally occurring process by which rainwater is filtered through layers of stone of varying composition, absorbing a variety of minerals in the process. Like the Restore cartridge, the Balance cartridge also features a patented

Center Priming Technology, which dissolves microminerals in the water. Activated carbon and microfiltration thus achieve a high level of contaminant reduction. This not only achieves unparalleled taste, but also promotes health.


Together with the vaay CBD products, this results in an optimal combination for holistic regeneration

Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation and supports cell repair, while melatonin regulates the sleep-wake rhythm and enables a restful night's sleep. Together, they improve the body's regeneration processes for greater vitality and well-being.

Cooperation - More than the sum of its parts

The partnership between Mitte and vaay is more than a simple collaboration. It stands for the idea that regeneration cannot only happen on one level.

can happen. The combination of first-class water products from Mitte and the innovative CBD products from vaay creates a synergy that addresses body and mind on different levels. A match made in heaven.

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