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VAAY and MOЙ are joining forces

23/08/2022 2 MIN. READ Online Redaktion von VAAY
23/08/2022 2 MIN. READ Online Redaktion von VAAY

Pssst! We're going to let you in on a secret that we want you to pass on. VAAY and MOЙ (pronounced MOY) have fallen in love! The result is a brand new product that you can now find and buy exclusively in your trusted dm store or online at MOЙ is the skincare brand of model Stefanie Giesinger and what could be more natural than combining our good organic CBD from the cannabis plant with an innovative facial serum that Stefanie Giesinger personally helped to create? CBD is said to have various positive properties on our skin. Studies suggest that CBD has a beneficial effect on the skin, regenerating it and making it less dry. CBD is also said to counteract harmless but very unpleasant common diseases such as inflammation, acne or psoriasis. In the case of medical conditions, however, a doctor should always be consulted. 

Get the new MOЙ & VAAY Hydration CBD Face Serum now.

The MOЙ & VAAY Hydration CBD Face Serum contains organic CBD as well as valuable aloe vera extract and nourishing hyaluronic acid. The serum refreshes your skin, is quickly absorbed and is ideal as a preparation for further care products. 

The first fine wrinkles are gently plumped up from the inside out. Simply apply to cleansed face in the morning and evening and pat in gently. Then use a day or night cream as needed.

"In my job, I'm on the road a lot, I'm often made up - this also makes itself felt on the skin on my face at some point. That's why CBD is also the ideal ingredient for our serum, because it has an antioxidant effect, among other things, and helps to protect and strengthen my skin. I first became aware of CBD through VAAY last year and was immediately enthusiastic," Stefanie Giesinger explains about the collaboration with VAAY.

The skincare products of the brand "MOЙ by Stefanie Giesinger" come from Berlin, just like the CBD products from VAAY. Due to their high-quality ingredients and exclusivity, they belong to the premium segment of cosmetics at dm. Stefanie Giesinger is known from the ninth season of the TV show "Germany's Next Topmodel" as well as an influencer on Instagram. Together with VAAY, she combines for you all the beauty experience she gained during her career as a model. The main focus of her cosmetics line is skincare, which is especially focused on the face.

The name MOЙ comes from Russian and means 'mine' and is thus meant to reflect the focus on one's own 'I'. MOЙ intensively moisturizes your dry skin and gives your complexion a radiant glow effect. You can use all products daily and find your very own beauty routine.

Click here to go directly to the new product from MOЙ and VAAY and here to our new CBD Body Cream.

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