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Pre-performance routines for athletes: Develop your perfect routine

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Even though it sounds more like something for actors, singers, theater actors and professional athletes who are preparing for a competition - pre-performance routines (to German: preparation routines) can also amateur athletes an effective way to be their training bring to a new level.

This pre-performance routines are a physical and mental warm-up and can be used in any sport. They help you to bring you out of the everyday mental state to the BEAST mode, so you can crank up their right during training. The routine helps you defend optimal focus and thus increase the chances that you bring your best performance.


Start by thinking about your current routine: from the moment when you make yourself ready - until the actual start of the training. The sequence of all the steps that are among your training preparation, your personal routine. The idea is to reliably put yourself in an enable state of mind and to get an energy boost. And can make your training more effective.

When you create your own pre-performance routine, it is important that you set goals. What you want to achieve with your new routine?

  1. come from the everyday mental state to the BEAST mode build
  2. consistency in reaching your peak power
  3. body and mind to focus and increase energy levels


    The routine that we propose to you, has two pillars:

    1. Ghost Do positive and motivating thoughts. Think about days when you have particularly performed well. How was your mood, how does your body feel? Attempts your mind in exactly this state restore.
    2. body: Bring your body the right energy level. Find out how you can achieve an act building (for example, before the weight training) or calming (for example, before the yoga session) effect on your body.

      How you lead the routine:

      Step 1: Begin by a pea-sized amount of VAAY CBD active gel code apply to your arms, legs, or a particular, stressed point.

      Step 2: Rub the gel gently into the skin and pick up a few seconds in order to feel the cool and refreshing feeling.

      Step 3: collection you by you stop long aware of 30 seconds and do not move. Do not stand anyhow, but choose a "power pose" get out hands on her hips, chest, chin up. Think of something positive, z. As to your last great performance.

      Step 4: Activate your muscles by gently yoga. The virabhadrasana pose is perfect to warm up. Here you find a good video to do so.

      Were you recently injured or had an inflammation of the ankles, knees, hips or shoulders? Then you should avoid this pose better.


      Virabhadrasana strengthens and tones the arms, legs and lower back. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words vira (hero), bhadra (justice) and asana (pose) from. The pose is known that it strengthens the stamina and improve the balance in the body. This yoga position gives the exerciser courage and calm - perfect for a warm-up


      routines before training require regular sequence

      The order in which you perform each step is important and makes your routine. In addition, the repetition of the same order ensures that you forget any steps and to lay solid mental patterns. The routine will soon be as natural as brushing your teeth.


      Before starting this or any exercise program, you should contact your doctor or physio deny, to ensure that it is suitable for your constitution. This is especially true if you have a bone or joint problem that could be exacerbated by a change in physical activity. If you verspürst fainting, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at some point, you should stop immediately. This information should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are to your health thus have any concerns or questions should, consult always a physician or other medical professional.

      Individual routines

      If you fail to take the virabhadrasana position, you can also try out alternatives: Some athletes swear exercises like jumping jacks, energy drinks or listening to music at high intensity to bring in momentum.

      routines calm the mind and help you to concentrate


      routines before exercise your power by re-focus your energy. If you made your ritual before the session a habit that always the same succession of regular activities that no conscious attention may require more, help to reduce the internal "chatter" to experience the many people. This strong concentration can you help your training also follow through on a difficult day helps to calm your mind before the sport -. also, a routine athletes help to reach a certain emotional state by this acts as a trigger


      How relaxed I really have to be?

      If you're too relaxed before training, may lack the motivation durchzustarten to right. On the other hand, stress can lead to much thought and anxiety to poorer performance.

      As so often so is the optimum level in the middle. The goal is to center yourself in optimal stress level. That is the goal of the routines.

      Sports and superstition

      Even if it sounds for some more like Hocus Pocus - routines or rituals help athletes in bringing consistent good performance. Many rituals are even beginning first with wash real superstition: A certain auspicious pair of socks for example, which are worn during a game must, to be successful.

      Although we know that this is not the real reasons for winning a game (or maybe ?!) - "it can not hurt and maybe it even really helps yes," the principle, it can seem "logical" next time to do the same. So life are created.

      Research has also shown that athletes who firmly believe that a talisman or a ritual before the game helps them to victory, actually provide better services. Sun revealed a study from 1986 that basketball players who believed that brings them pulling at the ear before a free throw Fortunately, after completion of the ritual performed better. For the players who do not believe, there was no effect on performance.

      Other suggestions for routines before the game

      If none of the above proposed routines piqued your interest? Here are get going a few more suggestions that can help you:

      Say to yourself: Look in the mirror and give yourself positive feedback to what you have already reached or concentrate on what makes you happy. This can be in the form of a silent inner monologue. The positive thoughts and help you to focus on the important things.

      If you talk to yourself in the mirror the idea, oddly feels, just close your eyes and imagine your best performance. Visualizing a situation in which you are accrued to peak performance can put you in the perfect mood and bring you up to speed. Finally, the human brain is quite powerful.

      breathing and meditation: You have no meditation to be an expert to judge attention to your breathing and to benefit from the action. There are so many breathing and meditation techniques that help to calm the mind and the ego. Search for 2 minute breathing exercises on YouTube or test a mindfulness and meditation app. This all helps you up on the here & amp; to focus now and stay calm.
      read here how you after exercise routines by better regenerierst.

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