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Vape Pen Cartridge | FULL MOON

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Does our society really need another vape flavor? How are you ever supposed to decide with vaay? After all, one is better than the other. Isn't it enough that we spend many indecisive hours standing in front of the closet? Can't you guys launch a robotic lawnmower that can also cut hair instead? The answer is: No. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about robotic lawnmowers, but we do know an awful lot about the hemp plant and everything to do with it. That's why we prefer to stick to CBD and this wonderful Fullmoon cartridge. After all, there must always be room in life for good taste.


Cannabinoids, cannabinol, lavender aroma


Shake gently before use | Store in a dry place, cool and protected from light | Not suitable for children and adolescents | Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects | Avoid release to the environment | IF ON SKIN: Wash off with plenty of water | In case of skin irritation or rash: seek medical advice | Dispose of contents/container according to local waste regulations | May cause allergic skin reactions | Do not exceed the maximum number of puffs indicated (20 per day) | Contents are sufficient for approx. 200 puffs | If used improperly, taste may be affected and number of puffs may be reduced | Belongs in any standard handbag, trouser pocket or coat pocket

Laboratory analyses & certificates

In diesem PDF findest du Zertifikate zur Cannabinoide, Terpene & mikrobiologischen Untersuchung

Vape Pen Cartridge | FULL MOON
Vape Pen Cartridge | FULL MOON
Vape Pen Cartridge | FULL MOON
Vape Pen Cartridge | FULL MOON
no animal testing
lab tested
all products are tested
no additives
only natural ingredients

What is it and who is this cartridge for?

Fullmoon is, we will hardly surprise you with this, a CBD/CBN cartridge to screw onto a CBD pen. For example, this is our FULL POWER PEN. It contains 45% CBD and 10% CBN. So this is world famous vaping with CBD, the fastest and most effective way to share CBD with your body. In the Fullmoon case, it's specifically about a pleasantly floral, sweet-tart, rosemary-like flavor. We're going to try this one auzzzzzzzz ... To the question, for whom this is something, we answer totally sleepy: For all who have no desire for tobacco. For everyone who thinks CBD is great. For all who want to try CBD. For all those who like to go to Fullmoon parties. For all those who don't like to go to fullmoon parties. And definitely for everyone who likes to sleep.

How do I use them?

First of all, you need our shapely CBD vape pen, which should not be missing in any night out wardrobe. You can find it here. Then simply screw the cartridge onto the pen, switch it on, select the heat level according to your taste, take your time and draw 4 times for 1 to 2 seconds and then? Close your eyes (unless you are standing at a crevice, in which case please keep your eyes open) and enjoy. We recommend no more than 20 puffs per day. Stays in the mouth for a while after vaping as a very pleasant taste. Wonderful. Oh well: Shake gently before use. Store in a dry, cool place away from light. Do not let cunning magpies steal it.


Wie häufig kann ich an einem vaay CBD-Pen ziehen?
Unsere Empfehlung: 4 x ziehen, dann Pause machen und nicht mehr als 20 x ziehen am Tag. Nach Eva Riese kannst du also 5 x pro Tag mit einem tiefen Seufzer das Brausen und Pochen der Gegenwart unterbrechen. High 5.
Kann der CBD-Pen wiederbefüllt werden?
Ja, unsere neue Serie von CBD-Pens ist wiederverwendbar. Du musst einfach nur die Kartusche wechseln. Kennst du unser Abo schon? Damit hast du immer genügend Kartuschen in der Hinterhand. Oder in der Vorderhand. Das ist eigentlich egal.
Kann ich die Vape Pens an eine Packstation bestellen?
Nein, Vape Pens können nicht an Packstationen bestellt werden, da eine Altersabfrage von DHL stattfindet. Daher muss bitte immer die Hausanschrift angegeben werden.
Ist der Versand von Vape Pens nach Österreich erlaubt?
Der Versand unserer Vape Pens nach Österreich ist nicht erlaubt (Nichtraucherschutzgesetz).
Wann erhalte ich die Gutschrift meiner vaay-Club Punkte?
vaay-Club-Punkte werden 14 Tage nach Kauf gutgeschrieben.

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