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VAAY Diffuser Takeback Program

We help you to recycle your VAAY CBD Diffuser Pen professional and you even benefit from it.

Your VAAY diffuser pen has no place in the household waste!

If you want to dispose of your empty VAAY Diffuser Pen, you should take it to your nearest recycling center. However, we also offer you an attractive alternative from which you can even benefit additionally: Our VAAY Diffuser Takeback Program.

How does the VAAY Diffuser Takeback Program work?

  1. Collect 5 empty VAAY Diffuser Pens, it doesn't matter what taste.

  2. Place the empty VAAY Diffuser Pens in a sturdy shipping box and make sure you fix them with some filling material (paper or similar) so that they won't slide back and forth in the shipping box during transport.

  3. Enter your address details in our VAAY Diffuser Takeback Portal and print out our shipping labels. You will also find detailed instructions on what to do in the printed document.

  4. Attach the shipping label and the special label for the transport of lithium-ion batteries clearly visible on the shipping box. Don't worry, this special label does not mean that the VAAY Diffuser Pen can explode in your hand! We are only required by law to label these shipments separately.

  5. Bring the package to a DHL Packstation or branch near you. The postage for the shipment is of course paid by us!

  6. Our recycling partner ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH dismantles your empty diffuser pen by hand and recycles the battery and the remaining electronic components properly.

  7. After our recycling partner has informed us about the successful recycling of your VAAY Diffuser Pens, you will receive a 10€ voucher, which you can use for your next purchase in our online store!

Tip 1: It is best to keep the original packaging of the VAAY Diffuser Pen and put it back in the box before shipping. This way it can be fixed much better for transport.

Tip 2: The VAAY shipping box in which you received your delivery is perfect for transportation!