Your individual product set with the new set generator

Now it's personal! Create your very own individual set from vaay products! Discover vaay's set generator, create your individual set and benefit from discounts of up to 25% depending on how many products you choose.

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Chill evening

Treat yourself to a completely relaxing evening just for you. Create your "me-time" with vaay:

  • SOFTEN UP CBD Skin & Massage Oil
  • IN THE ZONE 10% CBD Oil
  • DIVE IN Hemp Sleep Spray

Hazy Phantazy

You just want to be deeply relaxed again? Or taste your way through the aromatic terpenes of our vape pen cartridges? Then this could be your choice:

  • FULL POWER Vape Pen Battery
  • Up to 3 cartridges.

Post Training Pleasure

You had a few intense sports sessions? And are now a bit exhausted and your muscles are crying out for relaxation? Then this could be in your very own personal kit:

  • KEEP MOVING CBD Active Gel
  • SOFTEN UP CBD Skin & Massage Oil
  • TAKE IT EASY 20% CBD oil
  • DIVE IN Hemp Sleep Spray