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Refer a Friend

How it works

Be a member of the VAAY Club

Members of the VAAY Club can collect points through various activities, such as recommending friends and acquaintances. These points can in turn be exchanged for free products.

Share your personal Referral Link

Every club member receives his or her own recommendation link, which they can forward to their friends and acquaintances. Share this link with friends and acquaintances who might like VAAY products.

Receive points for the first purchase of your referral

If one of your referrals makes a purchase at VAAY, you will receive 250 points. Your referral gets a 15% discount on the first order with a minimum order value of 30€. We will credit your points to your account 7 days after the purchase if your recommendation is successful.

Advantages of the VAAY Club


Our best selling CBD products are perfect for your everyday life, whether you want to RELAX, RECOVER, or get some hard-earned SLEEP.


Our CBD and Hemp products have been created so that you can use them at the different moments when you need them.

  • VAAY Club is our way of showing appreciation. You receive points for certain activities such as following VAAY on Instagram, writing a product review and purchasing VAAY products. Within the “your rewards” section find an overview of how many points you earned in relation to each VAAY product. After having collected the according amount of points you’ll be able to purchase the item for free.

  • Anyone who creates an account will automatically be enrolled.

  • Scroll up until you see the actitivties. These activities show you, how you can earn points.

  • Your points is visible on VAAY Club page, if you are logged in, and in your account at the bottom (VAAY Club Card).

  • On the VAAY Club page in the "Rewards" section you will find all the products that you can redeem for points. To add a product to your cart, you must be logged in and also have a paid product in your cart.